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Well hey fellas,

I'm upgrading from a traditional membrane keyboard to a mechanical, in lieu of the new PC rig I've got coming, and wanted some opinions/advice re: Cherry MX Switches

I've done a bit of research and settled for either Brown or Red. Obviously I'll be using the keyboard for gaming purposes, but I'm also a business student and an avid typist, so something on the more silent side would be preferred.

Models I'm looking at include:
Logitech's G810, G610, and G413
HyperX Alloy
Ducky Shine 3
Corsair K68

most of the videos I've come across are a few months old, are there any new/superior models available for what I need? Additional discussion on the topic is appreciated.
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It doesn't fucking matter.

You will not be better at video games. You will vaguely be better at typing if you care.

Just buy the shitty overpriced keyboard and leave me alone.
Get browns. If there were cheaper chink briwj I would recommended those but I could find one for the life of me so I settled with chink Blues for like 50$. Very satisfied with it.
Mechanical keyboards are a meme and they're not worth buying. I'm typing this on one right now. Also silent keyboards and mechanical keyboards don't go together, membranes are much better at that. Browns aren't quiet as this nigger thinks >>61243239

Why Did The Police Of London Not Use Colour Photographs?

Refer to this link. This link contains photographs which are not safe for work.

Notice that the photographs of the victims are in black and white. Refer to this photograph.
This photograph is not safe for work.

Colour photography was invented in 1861. The photograph of the victim was recorded in 1888. Why did the police of London not use colour photographs? I thought that evidence which had details was important for the police. A colour photograph has more details than a black and white one.
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Just because something is invented, doesn't mean it is mass produced or adopted.
Another quality thread
>color photography was invented in 1861 so everyone should have been using it by 1888!
Jesus Christ, Anon.

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No distro is safe from his eternal grasp
You just know this guy got bullied all his life and he is taking it out on the Linux community as some desperate grasp for power and acceptance

>make convoluted shite
>yah they will need me forever to fix it
>I am finally wanted

Can't believe the Linux community is willing to embrace a guy who wrote publicly about how the Linux philosophy and POSIX belongs in the trash.

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This probably belongs on /v/ or /sqg/ buttfuck it. I recently sold my Rx 480 and am about to buy a GTX 1080. With this upgrade I want to get a new monitor, so I need to decide on 4k or 1440p. Which would be better to make use of this card for an extended amount of time?(2-3 generations) Is downscaling a 4k panel to 1080p for gaymes really not intuitive as it might seem? Help /g/
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Stop using 1440p and 1080p as descriptors, all computer monitors are progressive scan. They can't even output interlaced. Use 2560x1440 and 1920x1080 like a real man.
Describing a monitor through an interlaced resolution would be denoted by the letter I after the resolution from my knowledge. For example my cable box says 720i for it's resolution. Unless I'm wrong of course
Yes, but describing a computer monitor as progressive scan is fucking retarded. They're all progressive scan, it's a given.

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im currently studying Python. what else should I study to be considered as a competant programmer?
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It always depends on your point
I'd like to make money selling proprietary shitware.
What is the name of that stupid thing
Redpill me on this s4s meme

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Why VS?
Is there really no other IDE of comparable capability for Winshit?
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vim with the right plugins
vs code? its fine as long as you arent using winforms and if you are dont

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would my computer refuse to be fully functional if I use Intel cpu in conjunction with Radeon graphics card?
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How can people be this fucking dumb, pls explain. Did twitch gaming ads made you retarded?
there's your answer
Yes, it's dangerous to mix brands, just like you shouldn't mix bleach with braking fluid.
The bleach goes into the engine cap, braking fluid goes into the fuel cap.
He's a well developed and well behaved boy in this time and age, embrace the new era of people that are Top 10 IQ ranging from IQ at 10 and down to 1.
This is an anime site.

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fuck am I doing wrong?
I is r3tard3d?
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your retarded for using codecademy
underage b&
brian = "Hello life!"

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Guys I need your help.
If you are using a Raspberry Pi with Pi-hole installed do at least one of the following and post your results please.

Visit ekasovi.com/admin from your raspberry pi


Visit a.ekansovi.com/admin/index.php from a PC in your home network


On linux
nmap (raspberry pi ip)

You can get the raspberry pi ip from

More info about nmap: https://nmap.org/
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Fuck the correct link for the raspberry pi is
No. Unless you tell me why
>also why is 4chan giving an error: upload failed message on this specific thread
Well, I cant even open the side

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>using linux on the desktop
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Short on money eh? Pajeet?
>all windows users are morons and they should all be purged
>I'm a smartass
I think Linux is okay, but it lacks good software.
GIMP should fix it's GUI and make it compact.
LMMS is less advanced than FL Studio.
Ardour is claimed to be free, but is behind a paywall.
>running an operating system on you are desktop

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Reminder that Font Awesome 5 is a scam that raised $1,000,000+ to release a shitty icon font by May 2017 and it's already July
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>A fool and his money are soon deported

If it wasn't then it would have been someone else.
What the hell?! I hate font awesome now!
You can raise $1,000,000+ for this kind of shit?How?(asking for a friend)

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What vpn do you use for your phone. Currently ruining Nord which has proven effective but also looking into other options.
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What is the one you are using like ?
PIA or Mullvad

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Post your simple/small/stupid questions
Take at least 10 seconds to google first

Old Thread: >>61225451
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I fucking hate myself. Unrelated but does anyone know how to keep a Linux distro installed on virtual box. Every time I do an install of one, it'll reboot but put me back at the installer. Help?
Best free IDE and compiler for C++ on Windows 10?
Visual Studio Express requires an internet connection so I'm thinking of installing MinGW and Codeblocks.
Can someone explain to me why overclock CPU?
Unless it's old one and starts to run slow, otherwise, what's the reason for it if higher clocks wouldn't change performance (specially if CPU is more than 4 cores)?

Does anyone have a good reason why phones were allowed to film in 9:16?
You can very easily turn the phone to watch whatever 16:9 video, and that would have been the standard if they'd just locked out filming unless the phone was horizontal. Anyone?
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Because then niggers who want to film vertical wouldn't buy the phone you stupid nigger, welcome to capitalism
>Because then niggers who want to film vertical
I doubt they even know what that meant when they bought the phone.
If it was advertised as looking like shit on every other screen in the world, it would be listed under 'con' rather than 'pro' I feel
I guess this place really is full of phoneposters. What a shame

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I fucking did not notice this morning about this!


>SAN FRANCISCO — Suspension of production at a Taiwanese DRAM fab owned by Micron Technology will further disrupt an already tight global DRAM supply situation and lead to price increases, according to a market watcher.

>Micron (Boise, Idaho) suspended operation of Micron Technology Taiwan's Fab 2 in Taiwan's Taoyuan City July 1 due to a malfunctioning nitrogen gas dispensing system, which led to the contamination of wafers and equipment. DRAMeXchange, a market research firm which tracks memory pricing, said it estimates that Inotera suffered a production capacity loss of about 60,000 wafer starts per month.

>DRAMeXchange estimates that the disruption will cut about 5.5 percent of the world's global DRAM capacity in July.

Great, now DRAM prices will keep staying high. No wonder Micron stock prices were down today.

RIP anyone wanting to build a new system/upgrade RAM going into the latter half of this year/next year.

Also wondering if I should sell my 400 stock of Micron on margin.
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Every time I want to upgrade theirs a fucking problem. HDDs, DRAM, and miners.
>I fucking did not notice this morning aout this!
Learn better English grammer, Pajeet
>also thank God i bought my system parts in May before Memethereum mining hit 1070 prices
Hello high SSD prices. Fucking hell I was looking forward to cheap 1TB SSDs in two years at 1TB HDD prices, looks like it's another 5 years of waiting.

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