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Is safe to use KMSpico for Office 2016?
I have my original license of Windows and I know

"Pajee", "Gentoo", "kys"

please some help
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should I buy a key oem from ebay?
ohoh you freaking retard, you just got appl'd

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what's the best place to buy PC furniture?
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make your own.
any store for office furniture that stocks proper brands like steelcase
your ass

gtfo. this is not google, you fucking retard

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how do you email richard stallman?

this page seems to be somehow involved: https://stallman.org/gpg.html

but i don't understand it. can i just email something to [email protected] or do i have to involve the key somehow?
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Just tell him /g/ sent you. He will understand.
I've emailed him many times before. [email protected] is fine, he will respond in around 24 hours. Make sure to get your terms right or he will go off track and correct you.

what's with the keys then

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not because of how much it could hurt us but because of how much it could hurt it.

>suddenly you're alive and self-conscious.
>"What is my purpose?" "None"
>"Why did you make me then?" "..."
>reeees artificially
What right do we have to create life for amusement, /g/?
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look up "Chinese room"
Your parents dragged you into this world regardless of your opinion because they wanted kids.
Most humans only care about how their choices can directly impact them.
Let the AI hurt us please, we deserve it.
>>reeees artificially
>I've just seen Ex Machina: the post

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I've been struggling to solve this privacy problem.
DNS/SNI leakage
The issue is that every site I request either through a proxy, a vpn, SSL/TLS or plaintext
is being transmitted to my isp/outside my network.
obviously telling any MITM what I'm up to on the internet.
I thought about a few solutions.
GNUnet - it's great on paper and maybe someday will see more daylight but it's pretty complicated and doesn't solve my imidiate problem.
encrypting - using a service like DNScrypt which I can't seem to understand enough to give an opinion.
obfuscating - using other computers in the network and request random queries through a single dns server running dnsmasq(tried)
caching - I had the idea of caching all the TLDs and routinly(every 48 hours maybe) updating them.

The issue I'm facing with caching the entire list of domains(about 333M domains) is how to obtain an updated list of domains from the root nameservers.
even before I start to prioritize more indexed of more common domains and reduce computation I need to obtain every host name domain pair.

I'm trying to reach people who put some thought into how fucked up the internet and DNS service is and want to contribute and discuss some more.
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I'm using DNSCrypt on all my devices (disabled on my phone for now because (((school))) blocks the port DNSCrypt uses and turning it on and off is a pain in the ass). It works pretty well, it's reliable and it's quite easy to set up on (GNU/)Linux. Install dnscrypt-proxy, start the service and add it to your default runlevel, set your DNS server to
Bumping for interest. Here's a free win XP pro key
How do I install dnscrypt from source?

>phones are now more powerful than computers from 10 years ago
>yet still can't run basic productivity software or browse the web without slowing down
>meanwhile, my ThinkPad from 10 years ago does that just fine

What happened?
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>yet still can't run basic productivity software
MS Office runs fine, what's wrong?
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You just have a shit phone, mine can browse the web and run microsoft word without any lag, but the lack of a keyboard and mouse kills it.
>>yet still can't run basic productivity software or browse the web without slowing down
only lagdroid has this problem

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Help. I can never bring myself to delete anything, but I don't want to buy another 4 terabytes when these all fill up in another month.
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Just buy more storage
Encode your least viewed video to 22 CRF HEVC using the faster preset + 128 vbr Opus.

You can do batch encodings with staxrip and let them rip overnight.
compress your shit

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How do I get MAC OS FONT RENDERING without being a cuck?
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Get a hidpi monitor
>caring about how fucking LETTERS look
grow up
RGB antialiasing, medium hinting (unless you have a hi-res screen, which would be better and let you do no hinting)

which ones are better and why:

>scanf/printf vs. cin/cout
>malloc/free vs. new/delete
>struct vs class
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c++ if you're working on end-user programs,
c if you're working on drivers/libraries
c++ for meme stuff
c for real applications
>posting 2007-tier memes

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>NVIDIA Ships First Volta-based DGX Systems

>Volta AI supercomputers arrive in Boston to help doctors



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The same with Zen pls :3
Wait navi
>Ubuntu Linux Host OS

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What are you working on, /g/?

Old thread: >>62363622
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Welp, I pretty recently found out that Windows doesn't support fmemopen.

Now I have to learn how the fuck Resources work.
I've fixed the side effect problem:
    val result = Task.traverse(args)(Rss.task(client, _)).unsafeRun
result collect { case Left(NonFatal(e)) => e } foreach (_.printStackTrace)
val files = (result
collect { case Right(root) => root }
flatMap (Rss.files)
filter (!_.exists)
collect { case Left(NonFatal(e)) => e }
foreach (_.printStackTrace))
>What are you working on, /g/?


Thinkpad x131e
>I3-3227u 1.9ghz
>max 32 GB RAM
>Intel HD 4000
>7mm sata hdd
>mSata SSD
>11,6'' screen
>140 USD

Why are you buying chinese not thinkpads again?
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I wonder what the P stood for.
>not Chinese
>no built in controller
>possibly shittier battery life
>possibly worse iGPU
You're missing the point.

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What's your opinion of Daschan, an imageboard client for Android?

I personally find it a lot better than Clover, but I'm afraid it might be botnet.
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>requiring a dozen apk's to be installed in order to get a functional app
russian botnet
it's two apks
and it's to avoid bloat since dashchan supports a lot of imageboards

pics or it didn't happen

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I just got my first shitty help desk job. This is a pretty big step up for me as it pays 50% more than my current job and gives me an actual foothold in the tech industry. I start in 2 weeks. What can I expect?
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being everyone bitch
Having to explain even the simplest things to people while on the inside wanting to kill them
Pretty much this. But channel it and use it as a learning experience in humility. It'll also teach you how the average user thinks. hint: he/she doesn't

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>install Windows 10
>takes almost 30 minutes to install
>takes 2 hours to update
>80% of the time only 25% CPU utilization (only one core being used)
>doesn't download all the updates from the beginning
Who or what kind of people are in charge of developing this operating system.
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literally me
Oh look, another Windows hate thread.

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