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I'm compiling Wine while listening some keygen music.
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Installed xfce and I'm trying to make this not look like ass
Compiling Firefox Nightly
Trying to streamline my Win10 performance. I know telemetry is a bitch to purge but that's no excuse to keep other cruft. Gotta go fast.

Background sound is news podcasts.

before you ask, YES - I MAD






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Never had this problem.
Windows insider program?
Automatic Update Background Tasks?
Install gentoo

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Is it logical to steal software that doesn't financially benefit you? i.e: Premiere after effects guitar effect software...
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The world of computing will be better off if you invest some time into checking out related foss software first.
Why don't you just buy the software? Wait...don't tell me...are you poor?
I'm talking about a way to test it out first, shit-for-brains

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You guys like emulators?
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I like emulators but not video games.
he's a cool guy i guess
wasn't there a native PC version of this game.

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>as you would prefer we do not use Google Analytics at all, many Mozilla Staff and users are either happy we do or ambivilant


Aren't you happy /g/ you're contributing your data to Google? you should be, because everyone at Mozilla is happy.

>there are many open bugs around Mozilla using GA and it seems something we have evaluated and are comfortable with.
>I'm locking this issue to contributors so it can return to its focus of implementing GA changes.
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OP here disregard that I suck cocks
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>t. tofumatt
OP here, I made a mistake. How do I delete this thread?

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>having a JewBook
>having a Jewtter
>having a JewedIn
>having an InstaJew
>having a JewTube account
>having a SnapJew
>having a Jewggle account
>having a JewSpace
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Are you perhaps a jew OP?
>having difficulties clicking on your containment board's link instead of /g/
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Which cool things can I do with a lot of GPU power?
Brother left country, I got his mining rig of 6 pic related

>Inb4: shitcoin mining
yeah, I'm not comfortable getting paid net 2$ a day for having an airport simulator running in my room
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Shove them up your asshole.
Sell them and buy drugs.
OP here, Disregard that I suck cocks

Why is this such an underused feature of smart phones?

Now that USB-C is in all the flagship phones, why is video out still not a thing for anyone besides Samsung? Does anyone else do it in their flagships?
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Samsung did that in like 2004 and it didn't catch on.
Yes, but that wasn't an open standard. MHL was crap and almost every third party cable didn't work. Video out over USB-C is a standard. This isn't the same.
>Video out over USB-C
So I can plug this into my Huawei Mate 9 and it will output video?

Why does Ubuntu look so damn good
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because the acid fucked your retinas abdul
You spelled orange wrong.
That fucking taskbar is ridiculous and a waste of window space.

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If I eat this will I get gainz?
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Yes but you have to blend them first
You have to activate them first
you will gain electricity and death

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Is there a way to turn off the liberal news feed in Windows 10.

>Why Trump Jr broke the law
>Opposition research is normal except from governments of enemy countries
>Don jr admits to collobrating with The Russians to get dirt on Hillary

All opinion pieces in place of actual, important, real news
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of course not

it's M$. They are going to shove anti-republican news in your face all fucking day
Is this real?
Holy shit just git gud and install gentoo

why is niconico so shitty? I can't find shit on here. Does anyone use it? How do I use it?
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no problems here

but porn isn't allowed on nicodou so I'm not sure it makes much sense searching for porn stars
wtf how?
>Search using English on a Jp website
>Get no to 0 results
>Search using Nip on a Jp website
>Get results


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WTH is perfmon.exe doing? This is Windows 8.1 so I can go trade stock. I blocked it with windows firewall but it bypass the rule. What is it and how do I stop it?
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Sending performance data back to 'soft, hidefag. Settle down. It's anonymous.
Perfmon is your resource monitor.

>Using the Windows firelol for anything

Block it at your network's firewall and stop wasting everyone's time.

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>Using encryption when you have nothing to hide
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>having nothing to hide
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>Sageing a sage comment in a sage thread
Your credit card details
Your password
Don't hide them and show us

Hello /g/uys, I'm looking for a vape to start, and I want pay less than 30$. As I'll need to ship the vape to Brazil, I'll need some site that allow shipping to my country. I'm thinking about buy one of these 2
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Fuck off Mexican
You seems to be retarded
make sure it runs on gnu+linux.

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