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> install anything from source
> "wooow you shouldnt do that, this isnt a supported usecase"
> "stick to the package manager"
> "dont edit any configs unless you wanna brick your system lol"
> "wooow you installed a driver and didnt read the source code? dummy alert!"
> "well if wireless isnt working then just fix it yourself, pull request dude. Give something back to the community lol"

I could go on and on
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> well if wireless isnt working then just fix it yourself
What else is there to to if there's no fix available?

throw linux in the garbage where it belongs
t. brainlet

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how do learn the html??
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view source
Such low quality bait... damn, is /g/ even trying any more?

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Hey, so I'm gonna pick up an Elitebook 2170p and I had two questions if anybody has ever had one

>How good is the battery life? (6 cell version)
>Will I notice a difference between the i5 3427u and the i7 3667u?
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I'm guessing that's his self reported height?
no, that's actually how 5'8" manlets look like.
badum tssss

(My boss is running GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components on top of the Linux kernel?)
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Tyrell wasn't his boss.
Somebody post the one with the zoomed square face
Ollie wasn't his boss

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Why do mods, especially Troid (he is yournamehere on IRC), encourage threads, especially generals, that is not related to technology or /g/'s board culture to be spammed day and night here?

Please explain to me how garbage shit like
>Ny*aa Pantsu shill thread, a general dedicated to advertising a tracker website that nobody ever uses
>Chink merchandises general
>Desktop/Speccy/etc generals
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mods are so lazy they cant even put a filter on obvious bait words like "jew", "poo", etc. they cant force a sticky for big event that will draw hundreds of shitty bait threads like the iphone release or the vega.
dont expect anything and just use your own filters.
>Why do mods, especially Troid (he is yournamehere on IRC), encourage threads

Explain how they are encouraging the threads. Allowing their existence isn't the same as encouraging them, it's just not active discouragement.

>to be spammed day and night here?
Explain how the examples you mentioned get "spammed day and night" on /g/ when they typically have a single active thread at a time. Desktop threads sometimes get spammed but more often than not those are deleted. There aren't people "spamming" private tracker threads.

It amazes me what people choose to complain about. Open the catalog view and look at the 35+ obvious shitposting iphone troll threads or pepe image threads, yet a single threads that are absurdly easy to filter and auto ignore are whined about.
bring back desktop threads

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I hate Chink companies so much. I fell for the EVGA meme because of their 10 year warranty and the power cables to my hard drives is literally too big for a full tower's backplate. I had to bend the cable to make it fit in the back for the back plate and it almost broke my hard drive's power connector.

My last PSU (Corsair) had normal, flexible and decent power cables to SATA but you can't use a different brand's cables on a different PSU.
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i love this blog
nice blog
Why did you buy a case that requires you to route the cables in a little cubby? That's just retarded.

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Your face when a mid range Vega 8 iGPU on raven ridge demolishes both Intel Iris and UHD.

Meanwhile there's still R7 2700U with Vega 11 iGPU out there.
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bump for general awareness.
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tfw a stock clocked a8-7600 igp on ddr3 1866 smashes uhd 620.
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more benchmarks please

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What did they mean by this?
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they meant they'd take the best chinkpad so far and give it a better screen with a 16:10 ratio and a better keyboard along with some funny colors
I'm okay with this
The keyboard with colors is very functional.

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>talking to my japanese professor, need her email but she doesn't remember it
>she opens her windows vista laptop
>after 20 minutes of loading a malware riddle desktop page greets her
>she opens up VMware and spends another 15 minutes loading into windows 7 for some bizarre reason
>opens Internet explorer and goes into outlook to get her address
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Its a dumby OS and she's a leet hacker
Is she using a compromised system as a smokescreen for her working virtual machine?
This is a level /g/ could never even hope to reach.

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> it's annoying when you meet a girl on Tinder, and she texts you, and it comes up green. You just think, Ugh. it's not worth it?

Green bubble pleb race
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Is this an american thing? In europe most people use whatsapp

t: iPhone owner

That article seems to interview people from the UK, so I don't know. In AU we tend to use FB Messenger
It's a US thing.

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>Although small, and yet to be “officially” presented, the leaked image gives fans of the laptop line plenty to lust over.


>Arriving in October, the Retro ThinkPad is being released to mark the 25th birthday of the influential (and dare I say iconic) ThinkPad laptop line.

Is Lenovo going to fuck this up?
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Considering they believe that we like old thinkpads because of the aesthetics, yes, they are fucking it up.

Old thinkpads are good because they're solidly built.

Is there one where you could customize the hardware?
>NSA firmware

No thank you.

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gamer rage.jpg
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I just got it working now so this isn't tech support. So my computer was acting funny when I was doing some gaming earlier, I figure "ehh let's just reboot", and while I was rebooting I wanted to go into BIOS for a second.

So I tried that a few times, and it didn't work. Eventually, after like 5 resets, it DID work. But then Windows wouldn't boot. Uh oh.

So I grab my [spoiler]Windows 10[/spoiler] recovery disk. After trying automatic repair, it locks up on me. Every time I try to do something with it it tells me that there's no BCD and I need install/repair media. Hmm. Grab a Linux distro live CD. That works, but when I double back to actually wipe my hard drive, my hard drive is gone from the device list...

At this point I was frustrated as hell. Grabbed the flashlight and re-affirmed every connection between my motherboard, PSU and hard drive.

And then it suddenly started to work. Does anyone have any idea what happened here? I went from having entire USBs not recognized along with my hard drive to having no issues. I don't want my PC to shit out on me like this when I have a deadline to meet.
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Nice blog
I'm just trying to figure this out and maybe help someone else, anon.
Could be nearly anything.

Could be failing PSU - try swapping it out for a know good one
Could be bad RAM - run memtest
Could be failing SSD - check SMART

You running any overclock?

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>Build PC
>Can get to BIOS
>restart with windows 10 usb stick
>Install 64 bit windows
>Fails on install with 0xc000021a

Tried restarting in safe mode, resetting bios, etc.

I think the usb stick with windows is fucked. Any recommendations on how to fix/asses?
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your ram is bamboozled
have luck with that
OP here

Have two sticks of RAM
Tried single sticks and swapped them
Still no dice
Why do you think RAM is the issue?
Have you tried a different ISO or used a disc instead of a USB?

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I dl/d a game yesterday, farcry primal from a dodgy source and got a virus
I lost a heap of programs but think i managed to get rid of it except this
the pic is some sort of screen saver that pops up randomly showing the correct time but what is this?
im on win 7
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Install gentoo
looking for solutions not problems
>he can't into torrents
hearty laugh

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>Access to computers (and anything which might teach you something about the way the world works) should be unlimited and total. Always yield to the hands-on imperative. All information should be free! Mistrust authority. Promote Decentralization!
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fuck off commie
No i'd rather whine and let Google SJWs ruin my life thank you very much. Communism is worse than social justice.
>Communism is worse than social justice.

Communism is a form of social justice.

It's also the exact opposite of decentralization, fuckwad.

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