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Why does this picture make my screen flicker?
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why are you using 1080i instead of 1080p?
you might have schizophrenia
go see a doctor
Because it's a giant noise map.

Guts Thread
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>Only 1 layer of shielding on that power cable.

Ur going 2 jail op.
This picture proves that backplates do jack shit against card sag.
what about this abomination made you feel like showing it to everyone here? just so we could call you a lazy retard?
also this >>61982551

Xfinity recently sent me another modem+router device right before I set up my own modem and router. It was never activated, and I have already returned my previous rented modem+router. This one isn't showing up on my account, as far as Comcast is concerned I don't have it.

Can I just... keep it?
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Did you "order" it?
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Nope, it was sent to me (I guess they didn't realize they had already upgraded me to the wireless AC unit because it's identical to the one I recently returned to them.)
its yours nigga

What are the best packages/plugins for Sublime text? I only installed emmet so far
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Stop using that proprietory shit.
Also, in my experience it's even less stable than electron-based text editors.
Kate or Notepad++ are the way to go.

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Is there a reliable way to completely block smart phone users from my web site?
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god i hope you're hiro
Destroy all the smart phones in the world.
>my web site
Fuck off nobody actually want to use your shitty site

What's the best non apple macbook air-like laptop?
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Asus Zenbook.
Xiaomi Air

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What are you thoughts on Facebook messenger, /g/?

>inb4 botnet

It's genuinely a very comfortable messeging app, especially the overlay feature, I'm having a hard time thinking of what could replace that for sms, not to mention all the normie friends don't use anything else for online communication no more.
Don't get me wrong, I don't use fb at all apart from messeging and calling sometimes.
Living in Europe I'm pretty sure they can't even read or store anything I write so its a win win
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Remove it from your phone and your battery will suddenly last way longer before dying. I just use basic Facebook to message my friends. Not as convenient but whatever.
This, but I use Lite instead.
I use messenger lite. It's very simple and comfy, a dark theme would be nice though.

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>direct link
has a "9s" at the end.
go to 0:09 seconds at the start.
you don't get it

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Does /g/ donate to open source projects?
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after i finished my bachelors and got my first "real job" i donated 20 dollars a month to wikipedia.

but i stopped the donations when i went back to grad school. i plan to start them back up again when i have a real income again.

i will probably also donate to openstreetmap because they are putting out some really amazing open source data that is in many cases actually suitable for real geospatial research
No. If you work for free you shouldn't expect to be paid.
Not much, cuz really poor.
Donated 1000 rubles (about 15 bucks) to Krita because I want more FOSS graphic design software (I hate Adobe).

I am installing Solus.
Asm me anything.
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Is there an easy way to disable discrete graphic card (nvidia) on solus? I would like to install it on my laptop.

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>he doesn't know how to make a thread without an image
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I miss that feature.
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blank image.png
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>installer takes control of the mouse
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This kills the frogposter.
Shit. Is it even sfw m8?
It's more than sfw, it's delicious. Turns out freshly butchered frogs taste amazing with soy sauce and lemon. I've had it a few times going to japan. A bit pricey though, I paid like 3,500 yen for one order.

We're all mindless consumers, always chasing the latest AMD or Intel release. Why do you do it, /g/?
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I haven't upgraded my core pc since 2014 and only put in a new ssd and gpu last year.

Gonna do a ryzen build very soon.

1600x is a great cpu
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>why don't you buy obsolete hardware?
You're not funny.

Why is it that a company like apple can be as anti consumer and anti "diversity" as they want, but SJWs decide to target free software groups instead and bankrupt them?
Apple is one of the few tech companies now that doesn't have a liberal agenda, and they're overall the least "progressive", yet the get a free pass.
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Because of Tim Cook. Or do you think he's CEO due to its credentials?
So if you have a gay CEO you get a free pass for not hiring women and all the other minorities?
Why would they even target free software in the first place?
Because SJW's are just glorified bullies who pick on the weak. The fact that these projects might have objectionable views is just a vehicle for their bullying.

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Give enough time, can you illustrate absolutely anything with computing?
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Today we cannot simulate accurately the entire universe. It's not a computation problem, it's a knowledge problem.

So... no.

But if in the "Give enough time" you count the research time, it's... possible? Unprovable question I suppose.
But we could try simulating the universe according to our known laws of physics and see what would go wrong or differently than in our current universe then study the part we don't understand to expand our knowledge of the laws of physics and universe
As I said, if "Give enough time" include research time (and if the human race does not fallout) it's... possible.

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