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Does anyone know python and can edit this code:
https://pastebin.com/3YW3g9Lv to write the lines in IP:PORT format to a text file? instead of all the info to terminal.

It's a proxy scraper. Not for bad activities; I enjoy other countries Netflix :-D
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This thread will expire so if you could help id open up a bloochat.com because it'd probably be gone by the time edits are done...
I can't edit the page, it's read only.
Then you're obviously not the person I'm looking for ;-) by the way this is technology not /b/

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>Type "()", then go back one, and fill in the parenthesis [MASTER RACE]
>Type "(", write the text, and then type ")" [SEXUALLY INEXPERIENCED, LOSER, PROBABLY NOT LOVED EVEN BY MOTHER]
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I have a half decent text editor and I don't need to do either.
I'm neither because I'm not an oaf who uses a text editor without automatic bracket insertion.
I type ( and then whatever I need to go inside of it and then I'm done, because my editor has already appended )
A is a bad habit that I need to deal with. B is more efficient.

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>be me
>fat af and girls never liked me
>spend time programming instead
>go full sperg on proprietary software
>people like this
>gain notoriety for some reason
>girl notices me
>she wants to Netflix and chill
>tfw no qt3.14 succubus will trick me into using proprietary software
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his page reads like a bunch of one-liners of what neckbeards would stereotypically say.
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He is the king neckbeard, clearly

>Usenet archives
>26,000+ hosts
>Pseudo-Unix CLI


Also you're a bitch if you play it in browser, because if you use a terminal you can adjust the baud rate to get the authentic 300 baud rate 1980's experience.

For those of you that don't know, all the BBSes, robot users, hosts, text files, and games are all archival material. The guy that made this "game" did a really neat thing in using all this old archival software/text and integrated it into a hacking game. It's fun shit, try it. It feels more authentic to me reading old Usenet posts in a terminal compared to looking at Google Groups archives.
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Seems interesting, any tips to start?
read the initial text files, especially telehack.txt which gives you a primer. type netstat to see which hosts you can connect to from the home host. telnet into other hosts, use ftp to download exe files like porthack.exe to look for vulnerable ports on these hosts and gain account privileges. i'm still working on finding hosts that someone hasn't rooted yet so i can use the oskit and rootkit exploit exes i have to take over something. basically, just get familiar with the commands, if you're familiar with unix command line programs/input it's the same stuff but simplified. read the text files for fun, play games, and try to hack shit. if you get stuck someone might help you in relay. type ? for a list of commands.
But I do.
Egroj is badass.

DJ technology thread. What's your setup? CDJ based? Laptop based? Vinyl? A mixture? I'm interested in /g/'s opinion on this topic. I would personally love to see more DJ controllers that work as standalone units (they don't need a laptop to play and mix). At this point I think that would be an ideal setup for a lot of people. Pic related it's the Denon DJ MCX8000, a standalone DJ controller. I would love to see Pioneer make something like this.
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yea imma give this a bump rn senpai
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I used to play with virtualdj quite a lot. It was fun.
Have a bump OP!
cheers, i appreciate it!

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You can have this Steam key if you can figure out how to decode it.

Share your methods if you figure it out.
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"OP is a faggot"
now give it
Assuming this is SHA256 or Base64 based on the equals, to no avail can't decode.
Thanks for the game

So uhh
I'm not that good with computers, but
Is it normal to have around 55-59 C° on my GPU just by using chrome?
I've been having some issues with my GPU lately and i think it's giving enough power to the fans
I think i have to change the PSU
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I mean, i think it's NOT giving enough power*
best thing you can do to see if anything is wrong is change the psu, princess.
Clean your PC for once. There's probably enough dust in there to make a sweater.

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Can /g/ recommend a home camera system that meets the following requirements? This is to be used for insurance/security purposes in a high crime area. I live in a shit apartment, make shit money

>Under $100 investment
>1 camera is ok with wide angle or mechanical movement
>Otherwise 2 camera minimum
>720p or better
>Free storage options. Flash storage ok, phone app storage ok. No paid cloud services
>Decent quality night recording
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>Free storage options. Flash storage ok, phone app storage ok
What do you mean with this? Do you want the camera to save what it records on the camera itself? This is pretty stupid.

Check Dahua cameras. You may need a small PoE switch, but they can connect directly to your pc and use the Dahua's software to use the PC to store the recordings. Then you can check the recordings from your PC.

Dahua cameras can be seen from your phone if both are on the same network, or you can use a DDNS or P2P protocol to see the cameras through your phone outside.
viva south korea
comfy image can I steal?

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how embarrassing...also encryption general /eg/
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Is there any valid reason to use anything other than AES?
I still don't understand how do I need to have my own profile or at least email when I sign the the result the of encryption.
Fuck I just want to give you a key and encrpypt shit but pgp seems way too complicated.
Currently using encfs crypted folder in my server that I mount with sshfs and then locally decrypt the ecrypt directory.
If somebody could read my server files they would only see ssh encrypted stuff that was crypted by encfs.
pgp is not very hard, in that I know very little about encryption and dont know the rest of the stuff youre saying in your post.

you just make up an email/name if you dont plan on using one then you can just give out your key and encrypt shit.

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Who is the final boss of /g/?
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a woman who's not your mother.
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My Q A Z keys are not working. I think it happen last night (but they where working on the same day until much later). I didn't mess with my keyboard so idk what's wrong. Help please and ty. pic is not about this.
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Please help me.
My laptop had the same problem (if it is a laptop). I opened it, reseated the cable and it was good as new.
Yeah it's a laptop. Thanks.

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Is there any reason why I shouldn't run just Linux on my computer?
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None at all, really.
No games.
Games are life.
Therefore you don't live if you use anything else than windows
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Why have you not migrated to primarily console and ncurses based computing? Do you still need the crutch of a "window?"
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because computers are cheaper than consoles for the same perfomance and their few exclusive titles arent good enough to justify the purchase
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retard alert.gif
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You bought it, also it has better colors
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If this had a mat 1080p panel and a trackoint.
I would pay for it 500 bucks no problem.
how does matte screen even work lmao it's just glass nigga haha like it's a screen my dude

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Specs thread.

Also, know any good GPUs <$100? I'll even take used.
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Nigga I'm still running a X4 620.
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At least you have more l2 cache/core than I do.
>cpus under 100 dorruru
Amd 6174

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