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Please refer me some links where I can learn linked lists completely , thank you
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Its just a structure with some information and a pointer to somewhere, what else do you want to know?
Any intro to datastructures book/course/lecture notes should have it. Look for the ones that use C, not java.
I actually want to know how it's code works in C/C++ or python . How insertion happens and scanning happens . Concept about what a pointer is clear to me . Can you provide a link to any web materials ? Thank you so much for the above replies anon .

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Could I take the lock off this thing by changing the serial #
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Give it back

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Reminder that Floens has graced us with a great open source 4chan app. All this while iOS only has a paid closed source russian app.
thank mr floens
You're welcome

>Use zar to extract nudes from smartphone sd card

Who else here absolute devilish
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I read the entirety of EULA's and lecture people on them

Hey Guys,

Do you guys know Python, Digital Image Processing and a little bit about Hough transform? Good... here's the challenge.

The image attached to this thread it's a satellite image from a farm, this big circles are, let's say, irrigation pivots sites, it's basically a giant set of sprinklers that keeps rotating around the center of the circle, irrigating the area, it's just for this example.

Using Hough Transform, efficiently detect such pivots. You can't use machine learning to simply take a huge dataset and train a NN to do the job, this is too slow and can be quite unprecise.

I'll be posting more tips...

> Tips
> Use Thresholds
> Use Mathematical Morphology
> 2D Filters with inexpensive kernels
> Python is preferred, is easier to create and test your code
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This is an example of segmented image with poor results, 2 circles were falsely detected. 1 Circle wasn't detected
I'm not doing your homework faggot.

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How does XHR SOP interact with HTTP 302? That is, if I do an XHR on a local URL which returns a 302 redirect to another domain, will it work? Or will there still apply SOP?
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How about try it out yourself fag
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because it is possible to test over9000 browser versions, and have at least 3 domains, at the same time, and it totally makes sense to set up this test before asking and hoping somebody might know it.

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I'm buying a new board and I'm torn between these two.
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Those don't even feel remotely similar
>Layout is 60% or less for the hhkb
>Browns are the closest tactile switches to Rubre Doom ®
They have some things in common, with the poker you get a more standard layout. With the hhkb you are forced to adjust your keyboard usage (non standard layout). And you get the premium (personal preference) topre feel.

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>imageboards vs ircs

Which do you guys prefer for actually getting some tech know how?
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No reason not to use both.
I use irc a lot
nice and helpful communities
besides that I use image board a lot too just if I had to choose I'd go with irc
my irc config is quiet long while my imageboard browser config is just very basic

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>memory prices have been increasing constantly since 2011
What is going on
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phones suddenly need 4 gb of ram, and the samsung-hynix-micron nand cartel.
remember, with jews, you lose.

Have smart phones made the <pre> tag and pre-formatted text files obsolete?
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Are you mad? It's the best weapon against them!

Was ransomware invented by big businesses like Microsoft to scare people away from tormenting/pirating?
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Most people get ransomware by falling for that "Hello I am from microsoft and you have virus, please good sir install curr- teamviewer so I can help you with virus. "
Nope, it came from NSA.
Ransomware has been around since before eternal blue, dumbass.
And besides, MS17-010 was a CIA exploit.

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Anyone ever tried virutal box by orackel? It's highly ironic to see how Steve brought on the founder of orackel in the late 90's to be on the board of executives at abble


I'm not going to say it was easy, and had about 20 to 30 issues that I had to search for help online to finally get snow leopard running on my winduws 7 pc

I haven't had a macc since the early 90's when using my dad's abble 2

This gives me a good chance to try out mack not just at the store free from abble tards or a friends where there's not enough chance to concentrate
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It's spelled "Oracle".
Good, you've managed to use an old ass version of it over a virtual machine. Do you know you can actually run the latest version on bare metal without much trouble anymore (unless you have an AMD processor or some audiophile dedicated sound card)?
I worked an entire summer with a VM running Windows 10, on a 2013 MBA, because the company software was windows only. Worked like a charm.

Snow Leopard is fucking old though. Try El Capitan for a more up to date experience.

Can we have a discussion on download managers for Windows?
Bonus for those that can download videos from thumbnail.
Extreme bonus for being able to schedule them using thumbnails and then reliably download them all in one click.
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Holy fuck! What year is it?
>download managers
Imagine being an under-age loser that needs a download manager

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Does /g/ still use an antivirus? I just got my first windows machine in over a decade, and I haven't touched an antivirus since then. I still use mint for everyday use, but i want to keep windows for games and other programs.
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Antivirus? You mean those malicious apps that monitor everything you do and send all your files to the cloud for analyzing?
The default Windows Antivirus (MSE/Defender) is ok. Just get an adblocker for your browser and you should be fine. I honestly don't understand why people are still getting viruses these days.
Oh and I forgot, make sure your Windows is updated. People got hit by the recent ransomware mostly because their systems are not updated.

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"Hi anon, this is the US embassy. We are currently processing your Visa application, but we can't access your profile because your passport number is the same as somebody else's UID number".
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Two equal UIDs cannot exist by definition. You're either lying or the passports aren't using unique identifiers.
How the fuck is this kind of software bug even possible? I smell SQL or hashmap key shenanigans.

Apparently, whenever they try to fill in anything related to me, the other guy's account shows up for them.
(Swedish) Passport number =/= UID number. They are different identifiers.

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