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I got a new iPad and I can't seem to find the calculator app, Did I buy a fake one?
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what logo is on the bakc
Take pics
iOS on iPad hasn't a calculator app.

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Is there any reason to use jewindows if i am not into gaming?
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Doing your job
Just check what you need/want to do and pick accordingly


Also could be "doing your job in team" or "doing your job in form usable by everyone else in team insted of just you".

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Is the Moto E4 plus the best phone for people who only want to watch anime on their phones?
>5000mAh battery
>Micro SD Card
>5.5 inch 720p screen
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Garbage phone.
Lenovo P2 is better.
Thinkpad shilling not paying the bills so they told you to diversify the advertising?
I see no reason to the Moto E4 plus
Who the fuck uses garbage mediatek chipsets
Along with a shitty 720p screen.

The Lenovo P2 has a Super AMOLED screen 5.5 1080p
5100mah battery
Along with microsd support

what os do cute anime girls use????
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mec OSY

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Invested my time learning python. What next?
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Anyone else like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux without necessarily hating the other OS's?

I like how most applications are available for Windows.
I like how OS X looks very nice, plus the sandboxed applications really help make the system more secure than Windows.
I like Linux because it's free and you install it on almost any PC and it's open source.

Anyone else not give a shit about the hate thrown at any of the 3 main operating systems?
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>Anyone else like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux without necessarily hating the other OS's
yeah, it's called not being a retarded sperg
I used to, but windows 8-10 got me to start genuinely hating windows.
I don't mind win10
I used to like mac, but had to sell a lot of my stuff when moving
only tried linux in the form of Mint during a short college course, and it was only 2 sessions of about 2 hours total, so can't say whether I like linux really
I don't care for other people's choice in OS. as long as they have a use for it, it's all good.

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if analogue discs carry more audio information then would an analogue computer also be better than a digital computer?
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When storing continuous information, yes.


>Carrying the tradition of delivering the best computing experience, the XPS 13 now offers up to 44% more performance with the latest 8th Generation Intel Core i7 processors and Dynamic Power Mode7. With the new 8th Gen processors, with four cores versus two, experiencing exceptional performance while multi-tasking and running multiple applications is possible

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>4 cores at 1.7GHz

ULV is garbage
this, that thing is a fucking joke, 100% more cores for 44% more performance

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Please roast me but not too much because I'm sensitive. How do I make it look good, am I missing some amazing application or some non snake oil tweaks?
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That shit in the middle and that shit on the bottom right of the taskbar needs to go. Also if there is a way in windows to remove that shortcut indicator from desktop icons.

Looks comfy otherwise. Honestly there's something nice about a "plain" looking windows desktop with icons on it. Not everything needs to be i3 floating window minimal /r/unixporn entries.
Thanks anon you're right it's actually ugly and annoying gonna get rid of it now and remove the shortcut indicators while I'm on it. Just wondering if I missed some amazing windows 10 trick everyone except me knows about
Install gentoo.

Where can one find a full version of " Sony vegas pro14" nowadays? Is there a /g/ ftp up with basic resources like these?
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>Sony vegas pro14
no such thing

also, piratebay

Vegas is trash, use Premiere
It's very hard to move onto anything else once you've used Vegas for a while.
Most other editing software feels clunky compared to it.

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Hypothetical setup:
Let's say I run a virtual machine on top of Arch Linux to play games. PC contains two graphics cards specifically for that reason, one for the host and one passthrough for the guest.

Now I download all my games from shoddy russian torrent sites, so my question is: How secure is the host in case of a fuckup inside the guest? What are possible attack scenarios, and how can they be prevented?
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Depends if you use shared folders also your entire network would be vulnerable not just the host.
It really depends
There are some classic Windows LAN exploits that'd fuck up your entire home network if the VM has access to it, new are found every few months.
With shared folders then probably an attacker could mess up your shared folders, that's all.
I don't know of any exploits that allow an attacker to get control from inside of a VM and VMs are too niche to get ones developed anyway.

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Why do you overclock?

>shortens lifespan
>more power usage
>have to buy better cooling equipment

I understand using the power that's there but I really don't see the point when all you get is maybe 5% extra on average
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my framerate on Zelda Breath of The Wild went up by 4 FPS. thats a lot in emulator terms, trust me.
Does BotW have stable framerate in Cemu? It's inconsistent as fuck on the switch
Does overclocking shorten the lifespan of a cpu by that much?

Those are the two techs that are now hyped.

Whoever mixes those two technologies into a single idea will get rich no doubt.

I'm still trying to figure out how to compile the bitcoin wallet source code with visual studio community.

Soon I will get the neural network source code and compile it too.

Then I will copy and paste one to another and see what happens.
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Don't Anon, it will create mustard gas.
This is how skynet starts
>How can I use a blockchain and neural network on the same project?
>Whoever mixes those two technologies into a single idea will get rich no doubt.

Then why would I tell you how to combine them?

>startup splash screen
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A nice confirmation that a large application is busy starting and I should wait a few secs.

Without this feedback one could think his/her double click failed and accidentally start the application for the second time.

Also, some splash screens are actually nice to look at for those few secs.
Splash screen in LibreOffice literally makes the start up slower. It's like 1sec vs 1.5sec. Not much, but annoying.
Why can't developers into common sense?
Let me guess. You timed the start up with splash screen first and then without and found a difference of half a sec?

What are some good resources for learning how to use the Qt framework? Absolute beginner here.

I do know how to program in C++ though.
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I fell for the Qt meme too and then I realized gtkmm is actually better than the POS Qt is.
gtkmm allows you to write code using normal C++ techniques such as encapsulation, derivation, and polymorphism. As a C++ programmer you probably already realise that this leads to clearer and better organized code.

gtkmm is more type-safe, so the compiler can detect errors that would only be detected at run time when using C. This use of specific types also makes the API clearer because you can see what types should be used just by looking at a method's declaration.

Inheritance can be used to derive new widgets. The derivation of new widgets in GTK+ C code is so complicated and error prone that almost no C coders do it. As a C++ developer you know that derivation is an essential Object Orientated technique.

Member instances can be used, simplifying memory management. All GTK+ C widgets are dealt with by use of pointers. As a C++ coder you know that pointers should be avoided where possible.

gtkmm involves less code compared to GTK+, which uses prefixed function names and lots of cast macros.
gtkmm developers tend to prefer gtkmm to Qt because gtkmm does things in a more C++ way. Qt originates from a time when C++ and the standard library were not standardised or well supported by compilers. It therefore duplicates a lot of stuff that is now in the standard library, such as containers and type information. Most significantly, Trolltech modified the C++ language to provide signals, so that Qt classes cannot be used easily with non-Qt classes. gtkmm was able to use standard C++ to provide signals without changing the C++ language.
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Comparing "Hello World" on GTKMM vs. Qt and I see what you mean.

What did you use to learn more about gtkmm aside from using GTKMM itself?
GNOME developers library, and I took helps from many anons from various forum

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