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What's a good laptop that can multitask and play games around the xbox360/ps3 Era relatively smoothly.
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Pocket gpd with kde neon
Forgot to mention that I have a $300 to $400 price range
show cooked pic and I'll tell u

Are 2-in-1 laptops just a meme or actually useful?

I'm thinking of getting one and using it in tablet mode to take notes in class. And then use it as a laptop for programming/running simulations.

Anyone used one similarly?
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I bought a 2:1 laptop in my first year of university and still use it now. Honestly it's a neat trick but you won't usually find the need to flip it outside it's traditional laptop format. There's a reason laptops are still used over tablets, they're more ergonomic. Having a touch screen is neat sometimes though. A few times I've used the stand mode but then you end up getting dirt on your keyboard from the desks ect

tl;dr Don't buy one simply for the flip feature, it's overrated.
>Don't buy one simply for the flip feature, it's overrated.
I agree. I have a yoga laptop and I rarely use it in tablet mode. It's not that it's bad, but that it makes no sense to leave the keyboard hidden away when trying to input data. Tablet mode is a nice feature for when you're watching movies in bed or just plain browsing, which happens to be when you don't need a keyboard.

That's not to say that the touch screen is a gimmick. Drawing formulas is a lot easier with a stylus, you can easily highlight and draw on documents on modern office suites, and making drawings in general is a lot nicer than just using pen and paper (if you're not using a cheap rubber stylus).
I had been using X series Thinkpad tablet. Was pretty cool, took my notes with the digitizer. It was too bulky to use as a regular tablet, but being able to use a normal operating system was a huge advantage compared to Android tablets. Later the screen broke and I replaced it with regular X series Thinkpad and an Android tablet (I also wanted more battery life). It was really annoying switching to it, I think Android shouldn't be present on devices bigger than 7". Also, I use it almost exclusively as a digital notebook because it's so fucking annoying to navigate with that shit. I expected that though. I'm constantly on the lookout for a good 2-in-1 to replace those two, but all of them lack in some aspect. They either
>can't be really used as a laptop (who needs hinges?)
>have terrible aspect ratio for notes
>don't have a digitizer
No clit-mouse is another downside usually.

From what I've seen all those new 2-in-1s feel pretty clumsy. So far I'm convinced that carrying around a solid laptop and a separate tablet is much better if you really want to make notes with a digitizer (which I personally like, copy-paste and undo are very comfy when writing).

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What is the VIM of a dishwasher?
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Your mom
>using proprietary dishwashers
Your post is deeper on more levels than you might think. However, a mom or any other human unit is just like an organic dishwasher~ not an expansion of the capabilities into uncharted dimension. A human unit could be easily called a dishwasher without generating any confusion, as in the case of a job title.

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>Have old Wangblows laptop.
>Can't remember logon password.
>Need files on it, and to delete/re-write over those files after copying.
>No money for an HD docking station or anything like that to read the drive externally.
>Factory screws are so tight that even attempting to unscrew them makes them stripped, so can't remove HD anyway.

What do?
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the arch install iso is your friendo

also give it back jamal
Boot from Linux via USB
Copy files you need from internal drive to usb or transfer via network
Tower? I'm confused.

Arch is too complicated, even to install, I'm sure. You're talking to someone that can't even use command line, BTW. Also, maximum overkek at:
>give it back jamal

How does this work, in short? And what distro? Debian? How does one mount an .ISO installer to a USB? Yes, I'm that dumb.

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One of them is more edgy.
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Ignoring the added stealth features of the 1080ti I'm actually glad they changed from the standard titan shroud. It was getting a little old and dull. In my personal opinion I rather like the way the new shrouds look. They remind me of the new standard sports car designs of added edges everywhere and to me they feel really high quality although I've never owned a founders edition card.
I know not everyone shares the same opinion, some people prefer just a simple rectangle as a shroud or the standard heatsink view but I rather like it.

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What's the best study plan to go from self taught to a job?

Learn a framework?
Learn JavaScript?
Learn algorithms?

Any advice?
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Instal Gentoo
Learn Mobile/web dev
Do freelance work then get reputation
I went CompTIA A+ => low-level IT support, and it's going well. If you're definitely set on being a programmingfag, JavaScript => webcucking is probably your best bet. Every company in the world wants someone to do that these days.

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I was watching a video on youtube and suddenly Firefox started doing a bunch of random actions with the inspector tool and console tab so quick I couldn't really see what it was doing so I force closed firefox.

Any idea wtf just happened? Isn't Firefox a /g/ tier web browser? Should I just switch to Chrome?
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You've been hacked, a rootkit is being installed as we speak.

Take the machine, and smash it. Then purify it with fire. It's the only way to protect your freedom.
anon is right, you probably got infected with some malware.
I'd reinstall the machine before opening anything sensitive such as banking or shipping again
Whats an HHD cost? 20-70 or so, just get a shotgun and blast it, in fact any time you think something's going on, take out your hard drive and shoot it. (oh wait most of you don't have guns, despite having money for like 6 hard drives a week.)

What's the best WIFI card /g/?
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they are all bad but this one is the least bad: https://www.asus.com/us/Networking/PCEAC68/
Maybe a wireless router with repeater mode?

What's the best way to prtscr an entire page? The ctrl p (saving as pdf) cuts off parts of the page.
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In firefox developer tools you have an option to take a screenshoot of whole webpage
I use Opera... I thought firefox and chrome didn't respect privacy.
Using a Chinese botnet sounds like a good solution

Hey could anybody help me I have a browser hijacker the default search one and I cannot fix it despite doing all I could.Thx
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Install Gentoo
What to do with it?
Tech support is for 4chan gold members only.
Buy a pass and submit a ticket.

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What if we rewrite Windows or at least patch the system files to remove the hidden botnets?

With as many people on this board, we could do this in one week.
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>what is reactOS
>these summerfags

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>Applying for Job
>See this

What the fuck I thought this was a meme??
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>if applicable
well it's clearly not applicable so leave it blank
I can't see how they're applicable for most jobs. Maybe if you're applying to be a social media shill or something.
Sue them for not having a way of providing a link for your 4chan account

hey /g/ what would you suggest doing about an iphone5 with a broken home button and that has the searching for signal problem. i cant activate it on startup and cant press the home button. thank you.
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you got three options:

>replace the broken parts
>take it apart and sell the working parts for money
>throw it in the trash
Give it back, Tyrone

Whats the scoop on brave, is it good? Also is Firefox going down the drain since the CEO got fired?
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We have this thread every single day nigger
my bad if i don't stalk 4chan 24/7
Fuck off with your shitty browser shilling

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Why does it take 7+ seconds for me to load any 4chan page?
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shitty ISP, look at your ping
fix your ping
tracert to see what hop along the path is fucking up your internet.

Most likely your ISP or whoever your ISP is peering through has some server throwing a bitch fit for whatever reason, most likely configuration or hardware issues.

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