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*blocks your path*

Is there any browser faster or more fluid than Chrome? Nope, I don't think so. They have been #1 for the past 5 years and I don't see that changing. Bravo Google. Feel free to name your Memefox forks, Blink engine copies, and broken IE/Edge browsers. Kek.
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Do you care about you being ina botnet? No, then use chrome. Yes, the something else.
>le chrome is a botnet memexD

hello r/pcmasterrace

How do we stop poo in loos from taking our tech jobs?
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get better at it :^)
By being a better engineer.
Nuke india.

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>ywn develop file-sharing software in the late 90s
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that looks like SHIT
>form over function
I used that to download some YKK archives. Fun times.

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Is Opera a botnet? Or any other reason not to use it? I'm not going to use Chrome, and it runs way better than Firefox for me (not to mention fuck Mozilla).
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I've only installed and used to cause I absolutely despise Chrome when I needed to run a website that would only load in Chrome. Luckily it ran fine in Opera.

It's Chinese now so I wouldn't give it too much love

Why hate Mozilla?
I heard the Chinks control it, so I'd be careful on it

>Why hate Mozilla?

One because they fucked up Firefox and it blows now. Two because they went full leftist.

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Your political views aside and considering only the technological possibility of having a machine run for office, would you vote for it, assuming it was programmed to rule accordingly to a set of unchangeable values and conditions (and it was open source to everyone could verify that there was no chance of corruption)?
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As long as I agree with its values and conditions, sure
If it did a good job, where would you draw your line? Such a machine would be a better boss than your human boss (or yourself), even a better parent.
>If it did a good job, where would you draw your line?
I wouldn't. If it's better at any given desirable thing than humans are, it should do it instead of us.

>AMD told attendees that the AMD and NVIDIA systems had a $300 difference in AMD's favor


Nvidiot BTFO, #redteam win
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For a 300w TDP 1080 performance they sure as fuck better price it around $300 or no one would bother.
In the article they say it barely had a slight advantage of like 5 frames and you're saying nvidia is done?
That's $300 including the freesync monitor which doesn't carry goysync tax. So it's at most $100 cheaper for the GPU.

I just got my fucking computer hijacked, why does windows has to have such an utterly retarded update system? Everything was going so nice and smooth using xubuntu until I had to boot up this fucking piece of shit OS, i knew turning on WiFi was a bad idea
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Better use windows 8 or 7 but 10 is utter shit, but i think you can still disable updates on that piece of shit
The only way I found to disable them was turning on the "metered connection" setting, it worked for a while, but after all the wannacry thing it seems like it just decided to force it anyway. When I was going to turn it off it said it would update so I just forced the shut down, but next time I boot up windows it started updating before anything else
It's not so bad I'd you don't fight it at every step like a big fucking retard. Setup the update window for a time when you aren't at the computer and you will literally never see it update.

What's her endgame?
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world domination.
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5GHz 7LP
To provide the best value for money.

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Can /g/ post their favorite attack methods? Could be anything.

Of course legal pentesting ;)
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Social engineering
none, I'm a moral citizen
You must be the hacker known as "4chan".

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>Languages accepted here
... You get the idea lol

>Starting guide


>Acceptable Topics
-Explaining your project
-Explaining your problems
-Exchanging knowledge
-Etc (anything not acceptable (see below))

>Unacceptable Topics
-Asking for help with an error before googleing it (see "googleing tutoiral")

>Googleing Tutorial

Client: rizon.net/chat
Chan: #/g/slg
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Cool, another general. At least its DOA
We don't need sub-generals for every miniscule topic
The only reason webdev is separate from /dpt/ is because it's so fundamentally different from regular programming, i.e. it's complete and utter horseshit and nobody wants to listen to 100 crybaby "beginners" try and wrestle with javascript
But aint nobody got time to wrestle with a quick and dirty perl script either

Wtf is this

Am i being monitored by the nsa
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that's kgb
talking about the little logo in the chrome logo
>am I being watched by NSA?
>using chrome
what do you think, OP?

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I have a spare notebook here. Want to give to my dad see news and talk with his old friends online.
The fact is, I'll travel to a far place in a few days and want to stay in the control of the machine, being able to solve any problem that may occur with the machine.
I changed all the OS to linux some months ago after being full /stallman/.
I'm kinda new to linux, still using Mint distro.
I searched the web and found some tools like ssh and xrdp but couldn't figure it out how to configure it.
When I was into windows, I was used to play with LogMeIn but they disabled so I moved to TeamViewer.
Could any /g/ brother and linux lover help me with this?
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For those who may have the same question, a anon recommended Remmina. I tested locally and its perfect! Thanks anon, if you are reading this.
However, I want to know if is there a way to open to outside connections? I can't use the IP because its a radio internet connection here (countryside of the state) and I can't open the proper ports, so I don't know what to do.
You know your dad is a normie that wants to do normie things, yet you give him linux. Retarded.
Vnc or teamviewer if its available for linux

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hey guys am kind of a newfag just browsing this thread. was wondering if anyone could share their experiences with programming. going to college soon and wanted to know if programming was right for me.
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Literally just watch one of the thousands of free programming courses online from MVA, edx, codecademy, etc.
>newfag just browsing this thread
I figure this much

Don't do school unless its MIT, Carnegie, Stanford, decent school. Join a bootcamp/trade school if you're dishing out money. They guarantee a job unlike most of these "tech schools"

Who else uses Brave?
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On Android, ofc.
It's just chromium with a bunch of ad-blocking bullshit

pathetic waste of time

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What's your opinion?
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I like this guy's channel, his videos are a bit samey 'today we're gonna look at THIS used GPU and show some graphs' but the fact he's a poorfag and only reviews used hardware is a breath of fresh air compared to shit like LinusShillTips.
Definitely, I remember when I first sub to him, it was around 10k subs then after a couple of months it suddenly shoot up to around 60k.
I like this guy, don't really know the point for this video apart from le upvotes

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