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>hurr durr my phone is so customizable I can change it to be however I WANT
>can't run iOS

How do android people live with themselves?
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>>can't run iOS
but ios is pretty much the worst part of the iphone, why would i want to install it on my android?
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>How do android people live with themselves?
Quite happily
enjoy your poor battery consumption and shitty optimization, I'll take iOS.

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brave browser.png
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When are they going to fix it so it doesn't run like shit on PC?
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When they stop rendering the UI in HTML5, and remove adblock plus integration and replace it with the more efficient uBlock Origin.
seems like the fastest browser to me
Let me save you the trouble, sell you BAT/gs

What VPN do you use?
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my country has freedom
i got hotspot shield for 2 years but i don't trust it so i never use it for anything other than getting around geoblocks

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>explain to my family that I don't want a state ID card or wide spread government spying on our emails
>they all think I'm crazy and start saying stuff like "who are you speaking to online" and actually insinuate im a terrorist

It's over, isn't it? They won?
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What do you have to hide, Anon? Are you that much of a shut in that you don't see the convenience of an ID card?
Good for you recognizing """realID""", most Amero losers from the early 2000s slept on the fact that it happened.

That said, who knows man. Stay woke.
The government already has your info, nothing on your ID they wouldn't know about.

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Because I'm running Windows on it, and libreboot doesn't support my thinkpad anyway.
I don't want crazy people behind the software I use
>using software made by a mentally unstable tranny
no thanks

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What is this thing?
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A pen drive
a 4gb micro cruzer
usb stick

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Where were you when /g/ ceased being a meme?
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it was never a meme just a dream that will become sentient reality one day
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it will stop being a meme when shit gets fixed

Make sure to watch the entire video.

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I'm going to buy one.
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Make sure to get the one with the emoji bar, how will people know it's the latest model otherwise?
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Sure enough retarded summer fags will call you a shill and ass blast you for this weak bait when in reality your just a bored troll trying to invoke reaction
the early 2015 13" is literally the best laptop Apple has ever made. Get the i7 with 16GB RAM and you're set bruh.

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I'm sick of waiting! I've been waiting and waiting on my build for prices to come down but they just won't! GPUs are High, RAM and SSDs are high as fuck. It's my birthday at the end of the month and I really wanted this before then. I know I'm going to spend it alone, at least let me have my games!

FUCK! When will GPU Prices drop?! Give me my RX 580 8gb! RRREEE!!
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lmao cucked
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>He didn't buy a PS4/Xbox One.

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What are some cool things you can do on GNU/Linux that you cannot do on any other OS?
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Be free (libre)
go further and further into social isolation

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does AMD also have this cool remote maintenance service like INTEL has?
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No, but at least AMD isn't run by a bunch of jews.
I hope not
AMD has IPMI and has had it for decades.

Write a cli /g/ feed using watch+curl.
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When this context menus and shitty UI will end?


Is Fluent Design our last hope? Fuck Crome looks like shit on Windows 10. One thing I like about macOS is everything looks the same between programs.

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When you install Gentoo
But I NEED Windows
no you don't

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>It's GNU/Linux! Linux is just the kernel!
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>GIMP is a good alternative to Photoshop
it is if you have more than 60 IQ
Then it stops being after you reach 3 digits.

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How do we solve the man problem?

I am so tired of all this mansplaining!
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Feel free to use GNU info
I tried this today and see if evince was much better manual reader but mee still sucks, maybe i run an mantohtml or something and read them through a decent css template.

function eman() {

manual=$(man -t $1)
if [ "$manual" == "" ]; then
echo ""
#echo "$manual 2"
echo "$manual" | ps2pdf - /tmp/$1.pdf | evince /tmp/$1.pdf

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