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Is this actually a viable browser nowadays on linux?
I've left it for chrome sometime ago when it was on 3.6x (iirc). Been thinking about using more free software on muh system.
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it lags on twitter dot com while scrolling. It is a dump taken by sjwcunts.

But 57 is faster and smoother but breaks all the essential addons and there are no replacement for them. E.g. Htitle. Especially if you are on Linux.
>reported 8 years ago
their best solution is to turn off windows decoration. lol
mozilla devs certainly don't give a fuck
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Uses less RAM for useless shit, slightly faster than chromium, but has no touch support.

Can't win 'em all so my T530 gets firefox and my X220 gets chromium.

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Hello /g/,
I'm about to pass the CCA 175 (CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer Exam) certification, what can I expect ? Did anyone pass this one ? How difficult is it ?
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buzzword bingo
Okay kiddo, what buzzword didn't you understand ? Is it Developer ? Certification ? Or "pass" ?
That's a cute cat.

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/g/ As a backend webdev which language is easiest to find remote work with? Python or Java?
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My company unironically hires tons of Pajeets to work massive hours on our projects for ~$400 per week

>serious backend work

python is good for small backend projects, for enterprise-tier business systems c# is the best

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>paying for a man in the middle attack
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> giving your https private key to a CDN
How is a hosting provider having access to your data and private keys any different?
>b-but no one ever uses a vps or aws/gcp/azure, they have direct peering agreements from their home and use only dedicated hardware 100% of the time
do you really believe that AWS, Azure or linode employees can log into your machine and read your data?

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My friends and I have a lot of books, youtube videos, lists and computer science related shit we want to share. Usually we just pass them on by normal social networks but then they get lost or forgotten. What alternatives can you guys recommend? I know retroshare might be one but it's far too bloated so I'm interested in something lighter
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"Normal social networks" tend to be more bloated even on smartphone apps. Not sure what you're complaining about with retroshare.

But eh, maybe just syncthing then?

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Why the fuck would ever waste so much money on a fucking phone.

Shit is getting ridiculous, feels like just a year ago I was thinking that way about 599$ phones.
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Because people are stupid. Sub-$200 phones like the 32GB +msd/3GB RAM is more than enough for 99% of people out there.
member when you could get a normal cell phone for peanuts
Meh, I paid $850 for my 64GB Note5 2 years ago on contract.

64GB Note 8 is $929 off contract aint bad, it's about $850 on contract as well, just like the Note5. Though there was a 32GB Note5 that was available for cheaper.

Even so, much better specs, etc. It's not a terrible price for a note.

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how does /g/ hide personal files?

>have a folder in the game SCP: Containment Breach called "Decal tools"
>folder is entirely made up and not even part of the game
>in folder are other folders to mislead people from the stash that i'd just started
>folders such as Map_decal, Map_ locator, GTL ect. that break off into more made up folders
>try to go back to saucy folder
>get lost in my own maze and can't find it
>been 2 years since

somewhere in there there is a folder of old pepe memes and probably some hentai.
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Why don't you just encrypt a folder or have a hidden volume?

Oh, that's right. You're a (Windows-using, gamerfag) dumbass and newfag.
Download folder size and use it on the decal tools folder fag.
>get lost in my own maze and can't find it
Shit thread, too stupid to be true.

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what do you think about android tremble? will this finally kill custom roms?
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Treble v2 unexpectedly not support your 2017 hardware.

screen it, nigger
How will Treble kill custom ROMs? It would seem that it would make custom ROMs easier to develop for more devices.
because there would be no reason to install any of them if only difference between original and customs was default launcher or music player

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What if you where stuck on a remote island with infinity amount of food and other essentials and all you can bring is laptop with a 1TB SSD (you do get a mouse, mouse mat, Headphones, keyboard, controller, monitor, etc.), What would you download, i'll start:

500GB For games like Minecraft, Terraria, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth,Garry's Mod, Kerbal Space Program and Civ V. And a lot of emulated games from NES to PS3.
5GB of software.
20GB for the OS.
300GB of very lossy compressed movies.
50GB of porn same as the movies very lossy compression
50GB of music @ low bitrate 128 kbps
50GB of podcasts and audio books @ 64 kbps
25GB of books
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forgot to mention that you'll be there for a year
fucking kill yourself and go back to >>>/v/
800GB of books
150GB of music
50GB of porn (no videos)
It's a fucking year, I think I'll survive with some books on a tropical island. You faggot.

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Firefox or Netscape? Internet Explorer feels too sluggish.
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>That resoulution
Are you using one of those humongous 28" widescreen displays like John Carmack?
After Netscape I moved onto Opera and never looked back until it became another Chrome clone.
Have you considered rendering a more appropriate page, such as http://www.fidonet.us/?

I highly recommend Firefox 2. Very nice, very... wonderful, in all ways really. Go grab Firefox 2.

Best desktop environment?
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I cant believe I thought that looked good back then

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guess who amd asia finally adopted
gfycat com/CarefreeSeparateFlatfish
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amada a cute A CUTE
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such a cute

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just got a model m. are they just a meme or are they actually fantastic?
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I use a Unicomp at work and Model M at home. Great keyboards.
At one point they where awesome, because you could find them almost anywhere for free, or very cheap. Now they are just overhyped by keyboard hipsters who identify themselves with the stuff they use.
yeah i didn't want to spend $98 on it but i'll be doing a lot of coding this coming semester so i'm looking forward to using it. sad i wasn't really into the computer scene until recently but hey

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I want a computer that is basically just a word processor and spreadsheet maker. No internet capability, I don't even need a GUI, text only OS is fine. It just needs a USB drive so I can get my documents off of it.

What's the best way to go about this? Buy an old laptop and remove the ethernet port/wifi antenna? Install some version of LINUX?

Admittedly I'm doing this because I'm a pathetic junkie who has tried everything to control his internet usage and failed miserably for the last decade.
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You could install something like Damn Small Linux (http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/index.html), download the packages you need but aren't there, then burn the LAN ports. Alternatively, you can do it the non-hacker way and install Cold Turkey Writer (https://getcoldturkey.com/writer/) on your regular PC.
>Buy an old laptop and remove the ethernet port/wifi antenna? Install some version of LINUX?
install some purist "no non-free software" gnu-slash-linux and your wifi will most likely be non-functional
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Install gentoo

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Would you trust JavaScript code on an embedded device?
>"The Language of the Web" is used everywhere - your laptop, phone, TV, and the servers that power the internet. With Espruino you can use it on a low power microcontroller too!
Right now it's just on Arduino but what would be the ramifications if manufacturers started using it in household or even industrial products?
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I don't even trust it in fucking Electron.
>Would you trust JavaScript code on an embedded device?
I don't even trust C code on anything.
Do You trust Ada in an Airbus?

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