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>press any key to continue
>press the power button
>it works
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>3 4
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what's the difference
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Not sure but I think the license is the difference
Both are shit compared to microsoft office
one is dead

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Hello /g/ retard here. I just got a new laptop and I just installed mint on it. Is there any good utilities that let me break into wifis? This shitty motel I'm in doesn't let me torrent and I'm do retarded for a vpn.
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Are all ports blocked or something? Usually your torrent client can randomise ports.
what port do you think they wouldn't have closed?
>Too retarded for a VPN.
You can literally add one onto firefox. Then just stream the torrent through the browser, instead of downloading it. If you are having trouble due to VPN speeds, you can get like 3 years of DotVPN's premium shit for about 55 bucks. They aren't the most private VPN, but they are based out of Hong Kong, so it's not like your info is gonna get into the hands of anyone who matters.

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Chrome or Firefox? Using chrome at the moment because it has a build in flash player and pdf reader...
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googebel crones is my favorite
firefox has pdf reader too, but chrome > firefox
>built-in anything other than the primary use of the program

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It's like you don't even like new technology. It's like you don't even want to evolve.
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>new technology for the sake of being able to sell something new
It's like you want to fall for the meme.
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What's the very best antivirus out there currently?
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Common Sense 2018 Pro
Not being retarded

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>installed new font(San Francisco) on my laptop(linux mint)
>display cable is no longer contact defective
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It must be your reality distortion field.
No, I am serious.
The display was all pink shaded and stuff, installed the new font and it fixed. I am honestly puzzled
It just werks.

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hurr durr you should install distro X on your home server
>implying normal people use or even need a home server
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No replies in the DB for this post!

Dudes i've been messing with electronics all my life and finally feel i want to get myself out there with a website-

Thing is i don't have a clue where to start. I know i need a domain, but where do i get one? What is hosting? Is there some step by step guide somewhere i can follow?

Also i'm poor as fuck, so what is the cheapest alternative?
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She's a very popular Koder, you can trust her.
I'd rather write my own website :/ That's not the problem. I just don't know where to start. Or what the necessary components are
Just use Wordpress, "how 2 get a werdpress site", put that into Google and you're off.

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I'm looking at building new PC soon (waiting to see hwhat happens with prices this fall with the new intel parts) and I'm trying to find all possible cases with Hinged side panels to make a choice there.

I had to go into my Fractal define quite a bit to add HDD and upgrade/ troubleshoot and I just am sick of having to eyeball the little prongs into their stupid holes.

So far I've found:

Corsair 400c (pic related)
phanteks enthoo evolv (can be had on sale for 100 bucks but you are basically forced to ignore top panel for exhaust or have mediocre cooling)

Are there any others that you are aware?

Sorry if I am in wrong place.
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>Sorry if I am in wrong place.
No problem.

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Would these two "system tweaks" really make any home pc out there faster?
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Yes but they are nowhere as effective as cleaning your registry or installing seven toolbars


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Why do people hate Deepin? What's wrong with it?
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Really tho, only /pol/ is able to spread FUD at such an astonishing rate.

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U rite u rite

/Chair General/

>not using an exercise ball as chair
lmao @ ur lyfe
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>not dumping the chair and using a treadmill instead
It's like you want to be fat.
>sitting down

Why shouldn't I get an iphone se, is there even a better alternative?
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not really, especially in the mid range
Its a great phone for its price tag
>/g/ - Consumerism

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