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Apple(tm) is getting into Microsoft's levels of not-giving-a-fuck design

just a look at that alignment and margins
you can't make this shit up
any design major could get an F showing that statusbar
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Is this legit?
it is an official screenshot from the faceid setup
Looks good to me m8. Maybe "UX" is just bullshit

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How to make /g/ less shitty

Share your filters anons
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All you're doing is letting them multiply because nobody will be there to tell cancer to fuck off and they'll think their shit is acceptable
I don't know but I'm adding *filter* right now to filter out all threads asking for filters because they're too stupid to use their own brain
if noone is there to tell them to fuck off then there is noone to bump their shit

I’m sorry, LagDroid.
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Terry is alive and well. Living the ultimate NEET dream. He got himself a NEET van to live in.

I actually envy this man now.
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good for him
Can someone give me a quick rundown, I haven't been following Terry's adventures in months. Did he get kicked out of his parents home?

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>Jamal turns your phone off
That's why
Jamal could just remove the battery to do that.
>not having soldered batteries

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Holy Fucking Shit. My Arch Linux fucking shit itself again and I am done.

Can I just have a fucking:
>Stable Linux
>That doesn't look like complete ass
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Debian + XFCE4
Mine died too.
Pacman -Syu was a mistake.

What does /g/ think of nixos?
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Is not Source Mage
One of the hottest memes of 2017 2bh f4m
I think it's a fucking excellent idea, been too busy to try it out lately

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>Open source is the best and most sec-
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*breathes in*

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I'm sure open source must've played a big role here.

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What VPN are you using?
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I use PIA when I don't care anything but speed (200mbits/s) trust.zone when I get tired of getting blocked from websites (they throttle @ mere 50mbits/s). Both sucks, still looking for an alternative
I have set up my own on a vps. Its pretty good and not blocked on 4chan.

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Any tips for a new perl user?
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Get out now
Related, how do I install a dependency? I need this netscape thing from cpan. And is pinto really a package manager?
If you are on Linux, you can just enter a CPAN prompt in your terminal and type "install <module_name>".

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>he still uses a phone that lets advertisers spy on him


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>buy applel
>cant even access sadpanda
whoops, wrong link https://archive.fo/qWnBF
I think this is the first thing I heard that actually makes me want to buy a mac.

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CSG Halloween.jpg
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In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon

>Discord link

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki

>Chink Shit Infographic

• Anon takes the first step into mech keyboard autism >>62416017
• Anon makes a hamster appear on his new chinky display >>62416156
• Anon received a metal spinning top >>62416290
• Anon rates his Headroom MS16 as awesome >>62416424 >>62416443 >>62416461
• Another anon confirms the Headroom MS16 as pretty great, but has one complaint >>62419965
• @!#[email protected]! >>62420458
• Anon tries out the Mi6 at a Xiaomi store while in China, still considers going back for it >>62423830
• Anon just got his KZ ZS5's >>62424959
• Anon gets a SATA power splitter and HDD sleeve >>62426860 for his microserver >>62429156
• KZ ZS5 for only $15 limited to 100, expect this to go out quick >>62426925
• Anon receives a case for his Galaxy Note 5 and gets a Chinese knot as a gift >>62429543

Previous thread >>62415728
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Best Halloween goods you've purchased?
What's a good chink UPS? Need it for a small server
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Memedian owner reporting in after full year of use, it's still going strong, hope it will continue for another year.

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Why does noone mention this distro?
>Good beginner distro for windows users
>Doesn't make gnome look like a mobile desktop
>Alot of easy guis and functionalities out of the box
is it because they offer pricing for support?
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maybe because its obscure as fuck
i never heard of it until now
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>i never heard of it until now
Also fucking elementary lost to Solus. kek
oh yeah also it a ubuntu fork
so into the trash it goes

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How the fuck can this OS even exist???
NOTHING works! No hardware gets recognized! If it even STARTS a program, it runs slower than my 2003 computer runs the same application. This is the biggest bullshit I've ever seen in my entire life...
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>How the fuck can this OS even exist???
Because it's pre installed
>beeing this butthurt


How fast can you type?
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Switched to an Ergodox around a month ago.
Dropped from 130 WPM on regular keyboards to around 80 on both.
11/10 would switch again.
very fast at an incredible hihg speed
>tfw you only use the two pointer fingers to type
How do I uncuck myself lads?

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