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I am a Solution Specialist for Verizon. A rebranding of the phrase "Salesperson". I work in the northwest market and have been working here 2 years. That is as much information as I can provide about myself.

Ask any questions you want and I'll answer to the best of my knowledge.
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Small bump and insight to the Verizon Unlimited plan

It is infact unlimited and at 4G LTE speeds besides 2 exceptions. There is a 10gb throttle for hot spotting. After you hit 10gb it will still continue to be unlimited but at 3G speeds. Sadly this also hold true for mifi/hot spots. 10gb is still a very healthy amount for mobile on the go hotspotting but it means you cannot use the unlimited plan to replace your home internet. Most customers will never even hit that limit but some business customers are avoiding the unlimited for this exact reason.

The 2nd exception is the 22gb "prioritization" cap. Every line on your unlimited plan will have 22gb of 4G LTE speeds with absolutely no slowdowns. After that is can be selectively slowed but isn't automatically throttled. What this means if if you use more then 22gb on a single line in a given month if the network is currently under stress and too many users are on the same network, you get bumped down and slowed.

This will only happen if there is actual demand by normal users however in most places this will never happen due to population vs. square mileage and for customers in major urban cities it simply means you will only see slower speeds if you are in a very densely populated area.

Overall it is one of the better unlimited options and very fair. We know our network can handle a greater load and give users ample space to utilize it and only slow them if they are making the service unusable for other customers.
Do you think the girl saw my butthole pics when she copied my pics from my old phone to a new one without asking me?
Will you post more nice feet

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Are they going to do it?
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Their case is shakey as fuck, and they know they can't win against a giant like Qualcomm, so I doubt it.
Microsoft has been emulating x86 on the x64 OS for years now, why did this only happen now?
That is not even remotely the same thing.

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Bipelines reactivated.

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What would /g/ look for in a new open source image editor that a group of friends and I (might) develop?

What features and methods of doing things are programs such as GIMP, Photoshop, Inkscape, or Paint.NET lacking?

It's ridiculous that Photoshop is the industry standard for image editing when it's not just proprietary -- you have subscribe to it in order to run it on your own computer!

Currently, in all well-known image editors, each tool is its own thing with its own settings, and each tool is used individually, one after the other. I think that an image editing program would be more powerful if you had smaller, more abstract tools that combine into larger tools. For example, instead of using a brush tool, you would use a tool that lets you drag your mouse around to make a line (with no width), and then use another tool on the selection to turn it into a line with a specific thickness, and then use the fill tool, erase tool, or whatever. It would run together, in a way, like a programming language. I guess it would work on a hybrid of raster and vector images.

Anyways, what functionalities would you want to see in such an editor to make image editing more powerful?
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gimpscripts.org top downloads might give you some ideas.
An intuitive interface.
Forget about layers or any exclusively layer based approach, like Photoshop or GIMP has. It's unintuitive and harkens back to a dead medium that is film photography. A digital layer should be nothing more than a group of objects.

Properly combine both vector and bitmap workflows. A single underdeveloped or non existent toolset forces users to shift between applications that often are not even compatible. This is an issue with all popular programs these days. Take inspiration from Fireworks in this regard.

High bit depth support. 8bits per channel is erroneous. Gradients turn out bad, other vector applications out there don't even support it. This could be a competitive feature there.

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Anyone been using this in there home server deployments? Seems like it'd be a nice way to help fight bitrot without having to go over to "alternative" oses. In my testing on a VM, my existing backup software (Macrium V6),sees the REFS volume and therefore can backup/clone it without problem. I'm testing Server 2012R2 for awhile before I actually install it and migrate all data/users over from old server os.
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Microsoft deprecated it a few years ago. Windows 10 doesn't even support it out of the box.
>Microsoft deprecated it a few years ago. Windows 10 doesn't even support it out of the box.


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I didn't know where else to ask, so I came here. I recently installed homebrew and and a custom ios on my Wii, and everything was fine until today.

I booted my Wii, and my Wiimote connected, but the cursor would not show up on the screen. While I was troubleshooting, I took the batteries out and put them back in. Now my Wiimote won't power on at all. No flashing lights or anything. Can anybody here help me out?
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Your batteries are dead.
Go to >>/vg/hbg/

It's likely that your batteries are dead tho, homebrew can't kill your Wiimote like this.
Maybe your sensor bar is fucked up? Hold a lighter up and point the wiimote at that (not a troll, light from a lighter functions similarly to a sensor bar's infrared light) to see if your sensor is the problem or not. You should see the cursor when you point the remote directly at the lighter.

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So what did you switch to after you left firefox behind like any sane person?

I am using chromium. It works pretty well t b h. Is made by a big company, fully open source so not a botnet, and I am no longer stuck with a shitty chromium clone like fagfox
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to Microsoft Edge
nothing wrong with firefox

I used chrome from 2011 until just recently and I prefer firefox again
It kinda sucks that is lacking some plugins though.

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I dont get it
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One of them is eldritch wizardry for estimating an inverse square root.

One of them tries to return the bigger of two numbers but if they're equal spits out an lol randum xD answer
The joke is that men always write code that is intentionally more difficult to read, and they avoid adding comments in order to exert their power over people who do not understand the syntax.

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ITT: We act like Indians on Stack Overflow


i am making android app for users post images on all social media
facebook twitter snapchat and others

unsure what to do. pls advice

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*detailed answer with links to multiple libraries and decent skeleton code*

comment: pls sir I do not understand what 'ArrayList' do. i am new to programming, please share full code for this task....
Reading this in pajeets voice.
I personally go through new questions on SO and always vote to close/flag questions from Indians.

I feel it's my duty to keep the world safe from their shitty, low res, Android apps

ITT: gimmicks you actually liked
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>owning a phone
kill you're self
Fingerprint reader
The IR camera on my phone is pretty fun.

Do you honestly trust anyone with your fingerprint?

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not here to shill any shit coins but I was told this is the place to go......do any based anons know where I can install Windows Server 2012
R2 iso. for free. thanks guys
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Find a torrent desu. Usually a guy nicknamed Gen2(Generation 2) makes trustable torrents
Install gentoo
thanks senpai do you have personal experience with this guy? do you think he has it?

HTML5 is a programming language.
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it's a markup language
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html5 is not, however HTML5+CSS3 is Turing complete and so is a proper programming language.

Good choice for a thread, OP
Anything that includes HTML5 cannot be a programming language, for the same reason that anything which contains organic materials (i.e. a desktop with a leaf in it) cannot be a computer.

Help a retarded new programmer out.
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here's a really dumb way

Forgot to mention this is a problem from Think Python, i.e python programming language.
hist[key] / sum(hist.values())

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Come sit down anon.

*pours drink*

No worries on the house.

Tell me about your troubles, anon? What do you hate about technology today?
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All thinkpads that are newer than XX20 series.
Proprietary bios and Intel ME due to simple reason of intel monkeys just being this retarded and not fixing the issue soon enough
The fact that you cant get security without compromising privacy unless you create your own system writtem in a custom language on a custom written OS using Internet from an ISP created by you
I hate that most laptops now have half-height up and down arrow keys.

I used to have a 14" laptop with proper arrow keys, somehow they were able to fit it just fine in 2005. What changed?

Is this a good watch to spend my sheckles on?
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i can tell by the color
Do you go by the name Pajeet?

Watches like that are only for non whites.
>not wanting to buy golden watch ironically for the shits and giggles
Get a load of this fag

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