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What can we do about the web bloat menace?
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Install ublock origin and umatrix
That wouldn't do anything...
Meme web 1.0 design back

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Demis Hassabis
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The KikeRipper NDA lifts tomorrow, how are you boys preparing for the asshurt that will follow when Intel fanboys realise their favourite CPU manufacturer is finished and bankrupt?
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>no clockspeed listed
Thats fake, at 4.1 GHz threadripper only got around 3300.
With shit memory.
Now throw some 3600 sticks...
I am ready AyyMD bros. However we must not let our guard down, for the Intlel shills will strike at full force.

For YEARS, Linuxfags have been clamoring for "the year of the Linux desktop" and now that it's finally here, you guys all hate it.

What happened?
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systemd. if it ain't /gentoo/ then it better be /freebsd/. no cucks allowed.
haha no fag
That's not a desktop you mongoloid

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Microsoft Edge and Cortana are not even open. lmao
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I don't have this problem :^)
lol ur a windowsfag. turn off cortana search and all the other stuff with this

>Windows fags will defend this
I don't defend this though. Windows 10 a shit.

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1) you don't own more than 1 monitor
2) if you keyboard is black and not LED gay garbage
3) if your PC is led-free too
4) if you don't have toys, amiibos or any other underrage pedo basement dweller shit
5) if you don't have anime or razer wallpaper
6) if you actually like comfy set ups without the gay stuff
7) if your place is clean
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i almost fit all the requirements but lost at 7 :(
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I'd call those dice "toys" you shitfiddle.
that pic only has 1 monitor, OP fails his own thread.

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>Google Distributed cheap computers
>Map Reduce
>Scalable Tensorflow for Large Scale AI

What's next in his master plan?
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>Uses a mac
>What's next in his master plan?
getting rid of fucking white males
did you expect him to use linux on a laptop? nobody is that retarded.

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What is the best VPN ?
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There's isn't just one "best VPN".
Isn't PIA based out of US?
Vpn should:
>not be in USA/UK/Canada/Germany
>have no logs
>decent amount of servers world wide
>be preferably in a 3rd World country

I want to go full libre freetard. what search engine should I be using? I would use duckduckgo but they are affiliated with amazon and RMS wouldn't approve of that.
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asking your friends if they know where to find "search term"
since their your friends you can trust them not to try to sell you something or harmfully fuck with the answers
If you want to copy rms, he uses google blocking all javascript, at least he said he used to do that

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Is Computer Engineering a meme like Computer Science? Is it worth the 5 years even though I wouldn't be a liscensed engineer after (no board exam)? Should I shift to EcE (Electronics and Communication Engineering) instead?

Also, we are going to learn C next sem, any tips? I'm thinking of buying a 2nd hand thinkpad for coding, should I go for linux although I need the MS Office?

>inb4 you just combined /sqt/, /dpt/, and /tpg/
>also, check 'em (hopefully)
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ok i'm a singlefag
If you want to go into Computer Engineering for you may as well go into Electrical Engineering for your degree and then pick up some coding to pad your resume (do some GitHub projects or find a entry-level coding job)

A good engineering program (of any kind) should include some programing anyways.

But yes, EE is the best choice.

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>notice that torrent I have has 5 people asking for it to be seeded in the comments
>decide to be nice to those guys and seed it for them.
>when I seed the torrent, I find out there's actually 9 people waiting for it to be seeded
>they all download it fairly quickly, within a few hours
>figure I saved the torrent and it now has 10 seeders which is pretty good for an old torrent
>go to sleep feeling like I did some good for my fellow torrent bros
>look at torrent client a couple days later.
>all the seeders are gone. I'm the only one seeding it.
>there's already another leecher grabbing it from me at 0.7%
>figure hey why not? Maybe he will be cool, right?
>he takes a loooooong ass time to download it from me. Like a whole day of seeding it to him.
>go to sleep.
>next evening I look at my torrent client.
>I am yet again the only fucking seeder.
> decide "fuck this" and deleted the torrent from my client but kept the file because the file is good.
>A month later, I get bored and look at the original torrent page on TPB.
>2 more guys are begging for seeders.
>I want to be nice but I know they won't even stay around to help me seed.
>I will probably be the only bitch who leaves his torrent client on while people just snatch it from me and run.
>decide never to seed it ever again.

Can anybody relate to this?

Why should I have to share when nobody else wants to even share? If I had even 1 guy seeding with me, I'd be inclined to seed, but they all stop seeding as soon as it downloads.

>inb4 somebody says "just seed bro, it's sharing, sharing is good!"

It's not sharing if you are the only one who seeds. It's being a cuck.

I'm thinking of looking at the private tracker general after that incident.

I can't be the only one who has experienced this shit.
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What's the file
Nice blog I just subscribed
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Get in, get out, quit fucking about.

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pc shit.png
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Hey /g/ , I wanted to upgrade my computer,I went to a local store and they told me to buy these, I was wondering if these would run things like H1Z1,Overwatch and Rust at good graphics,60 fps?

Gigabyte GA-Z270-HD3P
Intel® Core™ i5-7500 Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.80 GHz)
GeForce® GTX 1050 Windforce OC 2G
Fuente 700W

Pic related,it's my PC now.
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700w power supply would be a complete overkill for these parts (if it even is 700w because off-brand psus lie about wattage).

the motherboard is also an overkill for those parts. you get z270 for the extended ram speed support or for overclocking. you have 2133 ddr4 (which is base speed that all motherboards support) and a locked cpu.

DO NOT get a 2gb gpu. it's not worth it. get a 4g version of the card.

If you plan to upgrade you can keep all of those parts. but for the love of god don't get a 2gb card.
depends how much you have to spend. h1z1 and rust are quite cpu intensive but the i3 is still ok.
gpu is utter trash however.

also they recommended you a overclocking board for a cpu that cant be overclocked. the gpu they recommended is w3ak and the ram is retarded.
cpu is a poor choice in that price range
motherboard is mediogre
ram is whatever
gpu is shit
PSU will blow up in your face

play better games

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What languages do you know and how much time did it take for you to learn them?
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Dutch (native)
Very limited understanding of the spoken German language.
I fucking knew someone would make that joke. I should've said "programming language"
Yes, you should. In that case:

Basic (first love)
ASM (microchip mostly)

And some shit tier stuff like:

I think someone knows something about RX VEGA that we don't. Otherwise why would there by a flash sale just before RX VEGA is available?

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This is the same guy who was claiming 70mh/s hash rates. He definitely knows some shit.
>it's just stock gathering dust

Suuuuure it is.
1600x + vega when? i need a new pc

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If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what carrier you will be using it with, along with wanted features, budget and size.

Good resources:
>Reviews, specs, comparisons

>Frequency checker

>Chinkphone news

>Recommended Chinkphones $80-$300 as of a long time ago (outdated)

>Post a mini-review of your phone
>Discuss upcoming and current models
>Ask for help related to phones
>Tell us how much shekels you spent on good/bad phone
>PRAISE THE CHINKPHONES unless you live in America you shits

Unlocked Moto G5 Plus at Costco for $179.99

Moto E4 Plus review: Dangerously close to the perfect budget phone

Lenovo K8 Note debuts in India with a 10-core CPU, stock Android

Xperia XZ1, XZ1 Compact leak

iPhone 8 to launch alongside the 7s in three colors with limited supplies, new rumor claims

Sharp announces the full-screen Aquos S2 in Beijing

LG sends out official invitations for V30's August 31 unveiling

old >>61795866
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SD820 is still a very capable chip, it's only marginally behind the SD821 and that was good enough for the G6.
At least the G6 is priced accordingly, whereas the SD820 XZs was $235 more than the Mi6 with the SD835.
I'm thinking of getting an XA1 Ultra...
Talk me out of it, /g/?

Why I want to get it: huge screen, I love the brand and design of Sony, I assume it won't contain bloatware as it is by Sony, it's very affordable at around 340€ unlocked, and I don't use the camera a lot so I don't need it to be great... also don't need high end specs as I mostly just browse. Battery = decent is OK as I don't leave the house a lot : )

Will I be disappointed or is it a decent purchase?

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