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Encryption on a general scale is fundamentally broken due to the NSA backdoor in AES. Avoid all NIST ciphers.
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Source on the backdoor in AES? A paper about it? Because if you don't have anything to support that claim then there's nobody who'll believe you. Show the proof.
this, show proofs pls
Why would they shit in the river they drink from?
They use AES too, fucktard.

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I want to be a code monkey professionally.
Where do I start?
Also please educate me on the command line and power shell.
I can't switch to linux btw. I have windows 10. I used to have a thinkpad as a teenager. Loved that little red mouse button. I see you guys like thinkpad but wouldn't it be too slow to code since it has a pentium (atleast mines did).
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Put Linux on your main workstation like a real man.
That being said, powershell is really cool and a good time. Read pic related for best intro to the course.
Do you have any actual questions about Powershell because I'll answer
>Put Linux on your main station like a real man.
One day I'd love to but I can't right now

What exactly is the powershell for? What else can be done with it?
Why the fuck you can't? is because right now you're not a little man you lil queer?

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okay so ive been seeing lots of info on how to evade the privacy invasion inherent in windows 10 and to a lesser degree windows 7.

i feel like privacy breach was literally coded into everything in windows 10 and my gut says that windows 7 had privacy invasion implemented some years in, so the source code did not DEPEND on the spyware aspects of these OS's.

given i will jump through any and all hoops
>which OS will give me MORE privacy?
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any that doesn't begin with windows
well i want to game and only have one computer, so i have to balance my requirements. i also have to do lots of CAD modeling for work
You can stop the botnet on Windows, just dont listen to these autists that demand you switch to linux. Try ancile along with spybot anti beacon. If you have to use win 10 use ltsb, and windows 7 just needs those programs to be run and you should be free from Microsoft's prying eyes. If youre still paranoid look for an open source firewall software and block all microsoft entries.

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Why you still using Android?
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because the only alternative is ios and that's no alternative for me.
Because it's the best phone OS
im still waiting for /g/ to pick up the pieces that firefoxOS, ubuntu mobile, cyanogenmod and replicant left behind. 3-4 years ago there were so many more choices for ROMs. now we've all been cucked by the ZOG

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So with the Vega launch being a success, is it the beginning of the end for Nvidia?
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I'll admit I'm an AMD fanboy and even I don't think so. AMD still can't touch the 1080 Ti and unless Raja has something up his sleeve with Navi the same will probably remain true for Volta.
t. redteam+ member
t. constipated redteam+ member

Alright /g/, cut the shit. Which GNU/Linux distro is the best, particularly for beginners. Mint and Ubuntu both look shitty.

>inb4 "install gentoo :DDD"
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for (lazy) beginners, Ubuntu. for less lazy beginners, Arch. for patrician beginners, unironically gentoo
Void linux is the final boss of GNU/Linux distros

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Probably tor or another network.
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nothing i post or look at on the internet will be censored, because i'm not criminal scum or a pathetic lolicon no lifer.
banning hate speech would be a great thing
we need to create the outernet. It will be 10 times better and more free than the internet.
That's all fine until what you say is considered hate speech.

User groups, sneakernet, and different WANs.

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>tfw I didn't buy bitcoin in 2012 when /g/ told you to
>tfw I will never have 10s of millions of dollars to spend on jetskis and cocaine
/g/ ITT we need to identify the next big thing in tech so we can all get rich and forget about wageslaving our lives away
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Where do you buy and sell them? Last time I tried to do this, coinbase required me to send them my national id card scan. This is just silly.
I sold about $800 worth at $1300 because I thought it was a bubble... fucking kill me

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The homophobia and your petty little hateboners towards Apple products is really embarrassing.
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Disliking something is not the same thing as being afraid of it.
stop thinking about my boners, faggot

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The fuck is her problem?
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Her mother kicked her out and she suffers from an unspecified mental illness.
She has big tits and gets false attention for having large tits.Also everything she wants its given to her with no effort other then having huge tits
my problem with her is that she doesnt have a benis

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My buddy is offering me this rig for $200 because he needs money quick. Barely used. Is this a good deal?

Sapphire Vapor-X R9 280X OC
Intel Core i5-4590 3.30 ghz
8gb RAM
250gb SSD
Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse
Corsair K70 Keyboard
Asus Z87-A motherboard
Thermal take case
Asia VE247H 23" monitor
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Now leave and never come back.
lol that shit costs $50 at best

fake news
That's a great deal for a mid tier PC.

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>Researchers use Macbook Pros(not Airs you fucking sperg, stop posting that photo) for their incredible displays
>Software Developers use Macbook Pros for their portability and Unix-like operating system + build quality + display. If you create software all day, might as well do it on a high quality machine. Also, you're guaranteed to get back to work after sleep, no forced updates + the battery life is great. If you need Windows badly, there's always Bootcamp.
>Rich people use Macbooks because they just work
>Designers use the Apple ecosystem because it syncs perfectly across all devices + you get a consistent design philosophy.
>Poor people complain on /g/ because they cannot afford one, so they create their own fantasies about how Macbooks are bad, based on some screenshots they've SEEN somewhere...
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install gentoo
Kys applefaggot
>Poor people complain on /g/ because they cannot afford one, so they create their own fantasies about how Macbooks are bad, based on some screenshots they've SEEN somewhere...

Here's the thing: non-autists on /g/ *don't* make this argument against Macbooks. My argument against Macbooks is not that their pieces of shit, but primarily that they aren't nearly as customizable as Linux. Another (less significant) problem is that they're very overpriced.

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At this point, I believe AMD doesn't give a shit about making a consumer grade GPU. They're just pumping out mining cards for dipshits who buy them in thousands and that's it.
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It's as if morons are a more reliable source of income than discerning consumers, or something...
Wait for drivers(tm).
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say it with me
>1070 performance

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are there literally any audio interfaces / vapes with thunderbolt 3 / usb type c ports? honestly it's somewhat ridiculous that new devices are shipped without them at this point
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USB-C is a meme, USB 3.0 and HDMI are all you need. Macs only have 10% marketshare so nobody is going to be arsed to make dongles for a company who's customers are mainly fruits.
>usb c is only found on apple products

consider suicide
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why the fuck should a simple device support a full USB-C or TB3 stack when you can just plug in the cable?
You're literally retarded and don't understand USB-C and TB3 at all.

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He's fired, right?
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He's dead after navi, no more excuses to hide behind/

That is if they make it though to navi.
Who is this charismatic poo?
While SSG exists? I kinda doubt it.
though if Navi will be as much of a disappointment on a consumer level he might be

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