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Welcome to /fag/ - Friendly Apple General

Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about Apple, macOS, Apple devices and share their experiences.

*** Please be civil, notice the "Friendly" in every Friendly Apple Thread ***
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iM Gay what's the best Mac for me?
I'm gald to see that finally apple fags are embracing their sexual orientation.
Should I wait for iPhone 8 or just go with the current newest 4s?

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>We were also told that AMD is going to enable the feature

Oh look, clickbait.
>We were also told that AMD is going to enable the feature
Only reading the titles makes Wikipedia browsing a lot easier.

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Has anyone here setup Nextcloud/Owncloud online to access their documents, images and other files from a central server? What was your experience? I'd be paranoid about security issues personally and I don't know if the convenience is worth the worry.
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>not hosting your own server that you can access anywhere
If you're worried about the code being unsafe, put an http auth password on the webserver.
Also Geo block maybe everything but your own country

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Roman slaves?

So now that we have proofs that google hates fucking white males, can we make Hiro to switch from captcha to something open-source?
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hiro is not a white male so he doesn't care
What company wouldn't fire him? This is bad publicity for any company so anyone with a brain would have fired him.
Why do compieniesgive a fuck about anything about money? By firing him they made me drop google services. Firing people for their opinions and skin color is racism and facism. The left should destroy google for that lack of tolerance.

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>LG V30
>Fingerprint sensor on the back
>Following Samshit and Applel

>Fugly dual camera bump
>Design looks like budget chinkshit
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Does LG still have knock code?

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>implying you can purchase either of those
fuck off poorfag
>inb4 intel shill
i could give a rats ass on either desu. /g/'s so fucking garbage holy shit.

How usable is this boy(and PowerBook g4) compared to thinkpad x60/t60? I want to use it with Linux. I'm using i3wm, emacs for some coding (not fizzbuzz), eww for web browsing, cmus and mpv. How fast this guy is in modern world? Are there possibility to use wifi 802.11n? Can I upgrade CPU?
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Any old shit Core 2 Duo chip will rape a G4.
And what about g5? Can you use double CPU powermac g5 now?
The dual CPU PowerMac G5 is actually slower and less efficient than the Core 2 Duo Mac Mini that came out one year later when Apple transitioned to Intel.

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How come mere glue triggered Intel so much?
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Glue is their special secret component. But they use glue as a thermal solution.
AMD used glue(MCM design)
intel used glue(glue)
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whats this S supposed to mean?

ITT: We talk about plain text as a medium for spreading information.

Gopher, Usenet, BBS, etc. all welcome here.
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>yfw all these ANSI graphics can only be seen properly now in emulated DOS environments.

Feels bad, man.
Is this the new screenfetch thread?
if you don't know, you better ascii.

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I want to ditch Google completely and the last thread tying me to them is their mailing service. What are decent alternatives to it?
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If you attend a university, chances are they are using Gmail as their internal mail service.

Is it possible to work from home as help desk/IT support?

What sort of qualifications/certifications do you need?
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yeah lots of people do it. Apple does a lot of tech support his way.
This. Just Google work from home for Apple. I think you can make $12/hr or so. It isn't a lot but you can get your foot in the door with some rudimentary IT experience. Easy job, too, if you can handle talking to people.
Thanks for the help my niBBas.

Should I self study and get CompTIA A+? Would that be enough? Or maybe enroll in some IT classes at local community college and go for my associates degree in IT?

Google's Biggest Flop Yet??

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Biggest flop? You've not got a very good memory anon.

Also the pixel is actually a pretty good phone tbqh famalam
>terrible camera (supposedly best Android camera my ass)
>Terrible audio (which is impossible to improve with an external DAC)

Literally the only thing I like about my pixel is the USB C. And that is it.
>Terrible camera

Nigger what? My pixel XL has the best camera I've ever had and even impresses my friends who do photography for a living

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With Intel moving away from bing bus and IPC looking like it'll not increase significantly any time soon, is the 7700K going to be the last good gaming CPU ever?
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for shitter games that run on a single thread, yeah, it is.
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Stop laughing at me for playing games, not everyone codes and installs linux distros all day.


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>be racist and sexist
>work at Google in the first place
Why? Sounds like he was looking for trouble all along.
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poor moot
cant catch a break

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