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What would be a fun VR game that hasn't been made yet?
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Kill muslims in VR
A game that's kind of like a choose your own adventure kind of thing where you get to choose how to fuck OP's mom.
goat simulator

Why is this allowed?

just put two 8 pin already
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To make you talk.

That is why it is allowed.
literally doesn't need it
you do know that extra 2 pins do nothing right?

ITT how long battery normally lasts
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My moto g3 has a really good battery life. It can last for weeks
>pretty average battery life
>charges as fast as I cum
>manages to stay with most battery throughout the day

OnePlus 5 quite satisfactory
If only you won't touch it.
Also, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Global 18h non-stop shitposting masterrace

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I am in the US and my cell carrier is Verizon.

My phone is Android, but it is not fully free from the bootloader to the apps!

How do I remedy this situation?
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use free hardware
open source ARM board (NXP and TI make ones with OSS bootloaders) with a FSF approved GSM module.
You don't. The cell phone baseband, which is usually a powerful ARM SoC running L4, is proprietary by federal law. Thanks, FCC.

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How many of /g/ does it? Thinking of trying it but worried my Intel P8400 will slow down to a crawl.
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its useless don't bother unless your some kind of pedo hiding cp
Everything except /boot. I have nothing to hide but also don't have anything to show.. LVM+encryption
Yeah, don't really have anything incriminating on my drives so it's not that important to me. Just figured it'd be worth trying if the performance hit isn't too bad.

will this shit work in my car using the smartphone as gps?

working ofc meaning that the gps instructions are played through the cars speakers
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Yeah but you gotta download YouTube first
If the GPS voice plays trough headphones it will play trough a cassette adaper
If your car has a cassette player, yes.

What is the best android music player, /g/?
Bonus: its free (libre)
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It's hard to customize, hard to patch for full version but the results after doing it well, are amazing

device: Alcatel Pop C3
Don't think it's free, but I think there is a free version. Pulsar. Best one I have found, and I've tried or bought a lot.
Odyssey is what I use

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A lot of people on /g/ seem to heavily advocate open source software whilst decrying Windows as being a proprietary botnet. Yet I almost never see anyone mention or pay attention to ReactOS -- which is what should be the perfect solution to both issues, and should therefore be more heavily supported.

Why are you not talking about ReactOS, /g/?
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If you won't even commit, why should anyone else?
I personally am not interested in the windows stack, unices work for me
Wait so this can run all windows software?

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bought a new MSI Gaming M3 motherboard, ram, and Intel i-7 7700k CPU.

Plug it all in. Everything fires up, my leds light up, my graphics card fan spins, my cpu fan and liquid cooling is running. Just can't get display on monitor

But by the ram sticks the red light indicating cpu problems (which i guess is a pretty common issue), I rewired it and all and still get it. Any solutions? (I tried redoing the wiring and made sure the cpu is positioned right.)
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i had the same issue. i tore the whole thing down and reseated the CPU cooler and it fired up just fine. try plugging the hdmi cord into the motherboard instead of the GPU
I'll try that now and see how it goes

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It's over, homOSeX queers and lincucks are on suicide watch.
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Why are you using an outdated version of emacs?
This is pretty retarded and pointless even by /b/'s standards

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I saved up to buy a fucking videocard that should have been under 300 bucks and its now at 500+ USD
When do you expect this meme to crash and all these autists to have their investments crash with them rendering everything useless?
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what card was supposed to be $300?
unless there is some sort of huge flaw with bitcoin and digital currency as a whole, there isn't an end in sight. just buy a gtx1080
Also if all the dormant coins in cold storage find a way into the market the entire meme coins economy would crash.
There's multiple whales hoarding enough BTC to crash everything several times over

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This is going to sound fucking retarded but here it goes:

I built a PC today and nothing came up on the monitor. I began to panic when I had realized I put the cpu in upside down so I removed it. I noticed a corner was a little bent so I managed to bend 90% of the corner back to its original shape. I took the cpu out of the motherboard multiple times following this but here's the thing: the fans, leds, and the gpu are all working fine except nothing is coming up on the monitor. Did I fuck up the cpu and should consider getting a new one or is it something else? Possibly motherboard related?
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>I put the cpu in upside down
>This is going to sound fucking retarded
You are correct

>Everything turns on but no boot
Either bad RAM or you actually did manage to fuck up the CPU
If you have multiple sticks of RAM try booting with just one at a time to check them
If that doesn't work then RMA the CPU you complete mongoloid
Specs btw:

Motherboard: Asrock Z270M Pro4
GPU: Asus GTX 1060 Strix 6GB
RAM: 2 sticks of 8GB DDR4 Team T-Force Vulcan RAM
CPU: Intel i5 7500 3.4 Ghz
PSU: EVGA Supernova 550 G2
I tried with one stick of RAM and it still didn't work

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I gotta say, why the hate against gaming laptops? Anecdotal shit coming in

>brother wants me to bring up my gaymen PC on vacation so he can meet us and bring his Rift to show us VR
>right before we meet, he says nevermind and he found a solution
>he bought a Razer laptop with a gtx1060 and an i7
>no problem running Rift games/apps
>sounds like a jet engine under load, but whatever

I expected it to catch fire, but it never once started acting buggy. So why does /g/ hate them so much?
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For laptops it's less about the performance and more about how the wear and tear of lugging them around will affect them in the long run.

Most cheaply made ones will fail in … interesting ways after a while.
Because they would rather spend the same money on a better desktop and a business grade laptop such as an elitebook or thinkpad.
you misspelled latitude

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Hopefully this is the right place to ask something like that.
I decided to start learning how to code. Let me start off by saying I don't know anything about coding and have 0 experience in it. On the other hand I am a quick learner and quite dedicated when I start doing something.
So I am looking for any advice to help me start learning, such as good YT channels, websites, forums or even your personal advices.
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What do you plan on using your code at? Videogames, web, desktop applications, mobile, etc.
Probably for making some apps for starters, nothing too complicated for beginning.
talk is cheap. also fuck off nobody here cares about your blog

Sup /g/, post your app collection.
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>mxplayer pro AND mxplayer
wtf u doin niBBa

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