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>it has taken apple 5 almost 6 years to add face unlocking
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I love my Nexus 4 ^^
>Google and Samsung have had almost 6 years to create secure face unlocking
>they failed
imagine being served this trash year after year and STILL giving these companies your money
But seriously, kinect style intel realsense
Maybe Iris scanners? Whatever the last windows phones used

The newest iPhone is top notch.

Prove. me. wrong.
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>a fucking widows peak
and you fucks shitted on the essential phone for having this shit
fuck all you apple shills
well what can you do, pajeets man
These are $2k in Australia. I'll be sticking to my xiaomi while normies will buy this junk.

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Is 2018 going to be year of the Linux?

Recently microsoft have been dropping .net framework and moving to .net core which is cross platform.
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For me, the year of linux was 2009
nobody cares about .net core apart from some indian population

>tfw you need a 1200$, outrageously high-spec, extremely unnecessary resolution screen device for browsing Facebook all day, but can't get it until a WHOLE MONTH after it was announced.
life problems amirite
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>browsing Facebook
Nah man, kids these days use snapchat and instagram.
Snapchat is really really popular with teens
>t. https://youtu.be/Kppx4bzfAaE

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You fucking niggers can't program shit.
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says who, huh?
dum frogtoasters

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Is Tim Cook creating a new generation of furfags? And is this good or bad?
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>You actually went to /g/
It's bad. This didn't need a thread
I always listen to my /pol/ pals desu

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I've just noticed that every thread on /g/ can be used to mine data and profile everyone. Every thread that elicits a response from you is just another point for the algos to put together your psyche. Even this one.
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really makes you think........
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jokes on them, i lie every single post even this one

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What are the best schools for CS /g/?
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Fuck off, we're full. Pursue another career path; there's too many programmers already.

> but muh 2020 statistic

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Why don't you use the best instant messenger of the century?
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It's hard enough trying to maintain good social standing without outing yourself as an autist with a message invite each of your contacts to download some stupid app every time you message them
Because hangouts + google voice supports sms on every platform so there is literally zero reason to switch.
bc imessage and hangouts works just fine. why does allo even exist?

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And that's not including all the different storage options. What is this mess? How is grandma going to navigate her way round all the choices when she goes to the Apfel store?

Whatever happened to Apfel's laser-focus on simplicity? One of Steve Jobs first acts when he returned was to get rid of all the extraneous models and options and simplify the range of macs
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shareholders want moar gainz
This exactly.

That is the only reason apple even came out with the larger iphone in the first place because their own research showed customers wanted a large screen.

Apple is just trying to capture customers across many price points and preferences
desu the older model options are only a matter of budget choice.

The iPhone 8/X really slim down the options.

64gb or 256gb?
Black, White, or Gold?
(Black or White if you're getting the X)

That set of options is really simple.

Hey /g/ :)

How to find the link of a video from Jwplayer on a website ?

Find this in a js file from the source but no link to mp4..

"aspectratio": "16:9",
"autostart": false,
"cast": {
"appid": "00000000"
"controls": true,
"displaydescription": false,
"displaytitle": false,
"flashplayer": "*****/player/v/7.12.6/jwplayer.flash.swf",
"ga": {
"idstring": "title"
"height": 260,
"key": "ssRALdDsE393EO+fxemkw0D2yI+UVnsCragi4zF+CFPcw2Tdsi8FjOBeYJg=",
"mute": false,
"ph": 1,
"pid": "CKandwYt",
"plugins": {
"ping": {}
"preload": "auto",
"primary": "html5",
"repeat": true,
"skin": {
"name": "roundster"
"stagevideo": false,
"stretching": "uniform",
"width": "100%"
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use MPV dumb nig
?! Thats not my website , i just want to get the direct link to the video i paid for ;)

But my guess is they are using the Secure Token thing from Jwplayer so i don't know how to get the link it's not in the source of the page

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>all these fucking iFags
Why are we allowing these people on /g/? I demand the mods ban every last one of them.
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I second this motion

> poorfag

12 yo. Go outside and play
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hey /g/, what do you think about this CS learning path?
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Go to university instead
I'm 24 years old, I already went to university but it wasn't CS related
Then go back?
If you're gonna invest this much time into learning CS, do it properly. I started at 23

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Sup /zen2/men, how do I into editing code for open source programs? For example, PyMol, a molecular visualiser I use. Not asking about technical details, but how do you figure out what to improve? Any good forums to use to look at common misgivings that can be improved upon??
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They will usually have tickets open on their repository. Have you checked those out? If you want to introduce new features, make a ticket and get feedback first.
Collaborate in a web browser >>62398246

All devs will help you
I checked their sourceforge, there's a bunch of tickets, with different status'. I assume accepted, means the program will become updated with that change/new feature next time? I assume open, means the ticket is undecided as of yet.

I actually saw this, I've only begun to learn Python, sorry /g/.

>The ShadowBrokers released the manual for UNITEDRAKE, a sophisticated NSA Trojan that targets Windows machines:

>Able to compromise Windows PCs running on XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, Vista, Windows 7 SP 1 and below, as well as Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, the attack tool acts as a service to capture information.

>UNITEDRAKE, described as a "fully extensible remote collection system designed for Windows targets," also gives operators the opportunity to take complete control of a device.

>The malware's modules -- including FOGGYBOTTOM and GROK -- can perform tasks including listening in and monitoring communication, capturing keystrokes and both webcam and microphone usage, the impersonation users, stealing diagnostics information and self-destructing once tasks are completed.



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The actual story is that older windows OS are literally insecure as fuck and yet the focus of your post is windows 10 even though Bruce states absolutely nothing about it?

Damn you're really desperate huh...
Not this time ms

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