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>implying implications
these threads aren't actually funny

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actually I made the thread because the old one died and I wanted to reply to the guy who hauled a lot of old hardware and asked about this laptop
first thing I found was this site
I don't read russki, but even with google translate it doesn't say much
notice it doesn't have a brand on it
the russki pic did help me with the FCC ID

next find was this album
which led me to this thread
which talks about white label systems (basically generic manufactured laptops which any company could stick a brand or sticker on)
one of the links leads to a pic of similar laptop with IPC brand on it (the owner of mediamagic)

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Let's seem 'em /g/
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im not even joking this set is the future

Hey /g/

I have a question i hope you can help me with.

I am building a large stereo for a festival next summer. My setup is as follow:

Amplifiers. 1 subwoofer amplifier and 1 amplifier for the rest:

2 of this one:

2 of this one:

1 of this one:

We have 6 x 90ah batteries.

Am i missing something?
Should i toss the 15'' sub for something else?
Are there any bottlenecks in the setup?

We will have acces to charging stations for the batteries.
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Why not buy a boom box?
Every day we set up the speakers up outside with the batteries inside a large tent with the DJ-controller and other stuff. So we need the corded speakers. Boom box not an option this time.

I was wondering if the setup I posted was good. Wondering if the amplifiers would be sufficient or if they are overkill?

Maybe someone with experience in this as there isnt a lot of material online os this specific problem.
Will you play creative commons free as in freedom music?

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Bravo Intel, Bravo.
Not only are you going to kill 90% of your i5 Lineup, but also start to hurt i7 sales.

Is Intel trying desperately to cling onto the poorfag market by making a "low end" processor like this?
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>Update: According to the poster from NGA, the original image is from Tieba Baidu, in other words, it might be fake.
>intel isn't competitive enough
>threaded i3 is bad
Are you OK, /g/, you sure you aren't just shilling?
It's not going to hurt i7 sales new i7s are going to be 6C/12T

Dumb retards will clear out the old stock just because of the i7 name.

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future is here!
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Nope. It's tomorrow.
>Wed, Jan 4

That's actually the past.
>That's actually the past.
is a new tech man.
just wait more phones uses tango and apple creates his own AR tecnology.

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is there a reason to read this in 2017?
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Totally man, but if you want to be spoonfed the foreword then here:
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Y-you j-just rustled my jimmies Dx

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What Android Browser should I use? Started to use chromium on my pc recently, but I really don't know what browser I should use on my Phone. I don't really like selling my soul to Google so I don't really want to continue to use chrome on Android.

Basically Android browser discussion Thread
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Orbot and Orfox. But not the versions from F-Droid because those are extremely outdated.

Any LineageOS users here?
I think it's great for Samsung phones since you can get rid of fucking Touchwiz and get clean, fast and useful stock Android.
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I see a lot of people complaining about touchwhis. Whats wrong with it(apart from being laggy in some cases)?
Fuck Lineage. The devs are not forgiven after the April Fool's prank they pulled. I am back to using CM.
what did they do? I'm not into ROMs so please elaborate

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How do they fuck up such simple things?

>dad asks me to put an audiobook on his Galaxy S5
>use usb cable
>literally spent half an hour trying to make my laptop to see the phone, gave up and uploaded the files to dropfile.to and sent the links over messenger. Was done in 2 minutes.

>dad asks me to figure out why is yahoo email wont work on his phone anymore
>turns out yahoo is beyond retarded with their security and locks and whatnot
>takes me half an hour of fucking around to finally get access to his own fucking email

>LG smart tv
>watch youtube video with phone sharing (play from phone on the tv)
>close tv
>watch youtube without the phone
>video is all black, only audio
>solution was disable phone bluetooth and turn off the tv and open again
>now it works

>phpStorm cannot update automatically
>have to go to their web page and download a new client to install over the existing one

havent used it in a while but I think its stil
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>there is a special sound codec called AC3 or some shit that won't play on most video players, Android or Smart TV

seriously what the fuck
Apple products don't have this problem

>remove headphone jack
>apple ID is so secure not even you can access your account with ease
>need special fucking cables for anything
>cant do simple stuff like transfer an mp3 file to your iPhone without iTunes installed

In what order will they fall, and why?
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Facebook -> Apple -> Microsoft -> Google
Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Apple
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They won't fall. Greater chance pic related will fall than any of those.

Any AfterEffects nerds here?

Why can't I use 100% of my CPU (it's only between 20-30% during rendering)?

Good CPU
A lot of RAM
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really difficult... have you tried to install gentoo?
Don't use windows
Get a great CPU.

I run a website called the Kiwi Farms. It has become very controversial. I am having issues finding VPS hosts willing to tolerate us. In particular, I have been stalked by a man for almost 2 years. He will harass any and all services tangentially related to my site. He has harassed everyone from my mother's employers, to the chief of police in my county, to the FBI, and every single VPS and merchant service I use.

The Kiwi Farms has the following content.

(a) threads about people,
(b) pictures of (a),
(c) dox (a),
(d) open ridicule of (a)
(e) creative content by (a) used fairly,
(f) content per (e) may be pornographic in nature,
(g) content per (e) may feature characters which are drawn to look like minors (lolicon/shotacon),
(h) content per (e) has included real-world bestiality,
(i) 'hate speech',

The site is completely legal. If it wasn't, I'd have been arrested by now. """""free speech"""" VPS hosts flake immediately when the stalker starts harassing them. It's happened over, and over, and over again. Even my recent attempt to put the site on Hatreon, a Patreon alternative so edgy it has nothing but neo-nazis and people like Sam Hyde as its userbase, has resulted in my account being placed 'on view' because of the stalker's engagement with that company and threats of attacking their business.

I need an American host with balls. Does it exist?
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>American host with balls


just bite the bullet and host in europe

sweden/netherlands for preference
I host lolcow.email in the Netherlands and that host has been fine, but I don't want to put my eggs in a basket in the stalker's jurisdiction because he is a vexatious litigant. He has filed litigation against Canadian hosts I've been with.

Moreover, the services I use are distributed. I use many different companies to sustain the site when one service drops us. If I move the forward nginx server out of the US, ping becomes insufferable. My recent attempt with hostkey (ru) resulted in page load times going up from 1s to about 8s.
how about you just stop being a fucking autist?

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How can I become a programmer if I can't type or speak for more than 30 minutes or so at a time without extreme pain?

I have some fucked up disabilities, but I want to make money at home somehow and support myself.
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Really you just have to be able to sit for long periods of time, can you manage that?
>or speak
What kind of fucked up disability is that?
ventilator I expect. He is probably on a trac&vent

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>Headphone purchase advice:

Please put some effort into your requests and questions.

If you dislike a suggestion, explain why and try giving a better suggestion to whomever asked.

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

>/g/ wiki headphone FAQ:

Previous thread - >>61698656
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reposting since old thread went down:
headphone cable wont stay straight and keeps getting tangled. how do i fix this? 3m cable was a mistake
Keep it short with velcro

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