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You ARE protecting your data from blackouts and properly shutting your PCs down in response, right?
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Nope because i'm not in some 3rd world shithole
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>he don't use real time off site replicated snapshot backups
nah, i live on the edge

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What's the best mobile browser?
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Firefox if you are muh privacy

Are 21:9 monitors a meme?

With a 1080 vertical resolution it seems like a joke.
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Depends how much you care about resolution, which apparently is more than me. I'm usually happy with 1920x1080 so having more horizontal space without bezels is appealing to me.
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Nah, they are pretty nice for youtube and multitasking. Also nice for programming because split 21:9 is life.
If you're programming, you have a ton of space to work with. If you're a student, you can use it to scroll through tons of info using it vertically or just view 3 windows at once, making it effective to comb through documents whilst writing a paper.

I remember using it to edit images I needed for my materials science class. Really helped to have 4 separate folders open as well as my 1920x1080 monitor to do the editing on.

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What happened to this shill?
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he tried to jew wendell, big mistake.
agreed, wendell is to fucking smart for this dude to gyp him
this. the real question is what happened to Qane?

What's Neo /g/ like?
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shills shilling
stop insulting my favorite megacorporations you fUCK it hurts their feelings
i only just watched the matrix for the first time a few days ago, i understand what all the hype is about

unrelated, im testing out a keyboard i picked up for a dollar for my IBM PS/2, its an old omnitech one with that european layout with the tiny backspace and all that, its fucking awful
the g key randomly presses sometimes, and im not use to euro layout in the slightest
it seems the dome for g is so sensetive that rubbing my finger over it makes it press g

contrarty to the belief of my ex girlfriend, i can find the g spot and it goes off the second i touch it, kek

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what is up guys?
tech nigger here.
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which one /g/?
Today we're gonna be looking at some phone accessories. I think this one is cool. Uh oh, looks like it wont work if I'm also using this second phone accessory. Thanks for watching guys, like and subscribe!
that one is dope.

>3 different consumer chipset in a year
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intel inside.jpg
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this is fine
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>AMD releases AM4 socket that going to last atleast 4 years.
>Oy vey, antisemites.A new chipset a year keeps the goyim in fear.
don't forget to buy the ultra special unlocked sku's - just don't overclock them, or you'll loose your warranty.
I don't get your statement and pic.
Are you calling intel kikes or amd kikes?

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Is Nord VPN any good? If not, what's a better VPN?
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Daily shill thread? Daily shill thread it is, then.
nice digits

but really, I don't visit here much, I don't know if this is a good vpn or not

please help
They have a free 3 day trial! Sign up at https://nordvpn.com/free-trial/ and don't forget to mention offer #4chinshacker for a great discount! Try NORD VPNĀ® today!

>updates to Firefox 55
>theme no longer supported

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tfw firefox edge broke
RIP my arcdarker theme
>tfw i dont need to use 3rd party themes ie darkfox because i can now use the dark theme provided

my retinas thank you<3

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currently at work
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What are you eating for lunch? Why are you by yourself? Why are there so many fat people there?
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The food they're serving there: Is it fresh, or is it frozen?
Are you a Jew?

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Do you use Taskwarrior or Orgmode for your task list?
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I just write what I'm going to do tomorrow on a flat file and then in the morning read(with vim) what I am going to do today. It's simple and efficient. I use the same file as virtual scratch paper for the day. You can use FIND to just search for keywords easy. Meetings are all done with email reminders anyway.
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I've been using Google Notes for a year.

I'd only ever use a system I could sync across computers and preferably my phone as well.

That said I really hate its shitty web interface.

Any replacements?
I'm really considering taskwarrior o orgmode; Is it possible to have phone notification/synchronisation ?

Which field pays more, software or hardware engineering?
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Selling your ass on Craigslist.
Doesn't matter, an idiot like you won't make it in either field.

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My wife has a 13 year old dell running XP. Both optical drives are broken, I maxed out the ram a few years ago, and have done a fresh xp install also, it runs like crap. I am looking for a value desktop for her. I have neither the time nor motivation to build a pc for her that I might use once a month. She does some photo editing and netflix watching, but no really graphics intensive stuff. What I would like to buy is a desktop under 500 that I could do some small upgrades to in the future (RAM, PCIE SSD, whatever). Anyway, is this lenovo a good starting point?
https://www.amazon.com/Lenovo-Ideacentre-Desktop-Computer-90DA00LPUS/dp/B01KLSMWVA/ref=pd_cart_vw_2_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=XBGPZR742XR0M60M4SS1, maybe combined with this monitor
Her current monitor is no joke, 17 inches
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you could aquire a much more powerful machine for much less money if you are not opposed to buying a used desktop on ebay
Your wife? What? You meant Chads/Jamals/Muhammeds wife, right? You are only her provider, you silly boy
i am strongly opposed to buying anything on ebay, and anything used.

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Le programming penguin
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second for C11 standard
Does anyone remember a linux game that was like diablo in the late 90s?

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None of the "Anti-Ransomware" applications were able to actually stop a single ransomware.

Why are the anti ransomware makers guaranteeing such a bullshit? Literally every anti ransomware claims to be the "SUPER DUPER TOP SECURITY APP"

Can i go and sue the shit out of them for failing to stop the ransomware?
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Is ransomware even a problem anymore? i thought the desktop was dead and everyone is on ipads and macbooks now.
There is only one anti-ransomware software that will actually work. It is called INSTALLING FUCKING UPDATES IN A TIMELY FASHION, YOU FUCKING APE. How in the fuck are you so stupid?

The era of ransomwares has just begon

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