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Stupid Questions Thread
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From which blacked.com episode is this again?
that one where she gets fucked

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Post aby interesy ING scrptkid and blackhat shit will develop Basic faggotery pc skills to bring noce things and cash. Literally everything you think is worth to share
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Get a job

Can you word your question better?
are you black?

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In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon

>Discord link

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki

>Gearbest Deals Pastebin Updated Daily

>Chink Shit Infographic

• Anon picks up a cheap Chinese laser engraver from a carboot sale >>61765021
• AliExpress app refuses to show lewd products, not just for Germany but for everyone >>61765327 >>61771813
• Some autism goes down about a mousepad coupon, mods quickly cleaned up the place (thanks for that)
• Anon has new $1 mousepad arrive >>61767816
• Anon is tempted by cheap Moomin phone cases >>61770228
• MagicTrickAnon back with yet another webm of his Chinese magic >>61770998
• Sometimes coupons are restricted to specific product, so if it's for a blue so-and-so then it can't be the grey one >>61771324
• Anon is addicted to chink shit >>61771683
• Chinese tourists arrested for doing Hitler salute while in Germany >>61773370
• Anon is happy with his FX-Audio DAC-X6 >>61774184
• This controller >>61776092 is terrible according to this anon >>61776231 while his is fine >>61776442 >>61776502
• New haul from anon some SD2Vita adapters >>61776548 and a desk lamp >>61776592
• Anon gets a copy Tamagotchi >>61777288

Previous thread >>61764971
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What mechanical keyboard should i get for 50€?
No amazon

I have been thinking about these:
>JamesDonkey 619
>Ajazz AK33 RGB
>3LUE k751
JamesDonkey has Gateron switches Ajazz has Zorros, K751 has Outemu
Fucking new thread 2seconds after i posted

I was able to found acoustic foam for 5$/mq (5$/10 sqft) on my local ebay.

Density doesn't matter and anytying >=1cm depth is fine.
Is there anything better in terms of cost on aliexpress or similar chink websites?

>inb4 brainlets tell me i dont understand acoustics like last time i asked, even though they cant possibly know my use case

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I've had a GTX 750ti GPU for about 2 years now, and I overclocked it 6 days ago. It's been running well so far with the current settings, but I've been told this GPU can't be reliably overclocked, and that it will stop working properly after some time.

Are these GPUs actually reliable when overclocked or will it shit itself in 3 weeks like the prophecy told?

Pic related is my clock settings
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it will produce mustard gas in 3 weeks, i'd be careful, OP
Jesus christ even adding 50 mhz is already unstable on my 780Ti.
I'm surprised the card can still manage.
I've seen someone run +200mhz on the same card, somehow without blowing it up.

I tried running +200 but it was artifacting like fuck and it crashed my PC at one point. So far the current settings seem stable

So, /g/, what's the best anti virus program?

My favorite is Hitman Pro. I love the keystroke encryption, and the fact that its scanner is actually good.

>inb4 common sense
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>I love the keystroke encryption

>its scanner is actually good.
no way to validate

>inb4 common sense
Cannot inb4 in OP. Also, Common Sense 2017 (tm) LGBTWTFBBQ edition is still better.
Back to >>>/v/ kid.
Eh, I honestly prefer Common Sense 2014 edition, before all the flat design crap, just keep the definitions updated.

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>mfw running Firefox Nightly with multi-proc enabled
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Don't act like FF is suddenly any good, fa.m

The internet is no place for lying.
wow, does it only take 10 seconds to start now?

You should really try w3m then.

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Phones always come with these photo editing apps that aren't actual editing programs but just generic filters that make you look good after 2 hours of sleep. Anything like that available for Linux? No botnets please.
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Linux is just a kernel.
So I can filter an image with Linux?

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>tfw you know that you can't find any better linux than ubuntu, but you also can't stop distrohopping because /g/ says ubuntu is shit
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>unironnically taking anything /g/ says seriously
You done goofed
>taking advice from /g/ hipsters
I don't think it's possible to care about what /g/ says and be happy.

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Tell me about game development
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If Dante wrote his Inferno today, game development would be the 10th circle of hell.

idea -> development -> product
Why does he wear the mask?

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>Gender-neutral Chromium code

>Things to avoid:

>Gendered pronouns: he / she / him / her / his / hers, etc.
>Instances of the phrases “he or she”, “his/hers”, “(s)he”, etc. All of these still exclude those who don't identify with either gender, and implicitly (slightly) favor one gender via listing it first.
>“Guys” as a gender-neutral term, which has male associations. Usually in comments it implies anthropomorphism of inanimate objects and should be replaced with a more precise technical term. If it does refer to people, consider using “everyone”, “folks”, “people”, “peeps”, “y'all”, etc.
>Other gendered words: “brother”, “mother”, “man”, etc.

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Why do they even bother? Faggots won't look at the source code to check whether if it discriminates them or not.
1984 and the neolanguage
You underestimate SJWs.

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Are programming language certifications worth it?

I'm thinking of taking a semester off and cramming for a few certs. I already know the languages, just not certified in anything.
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I don't have actual experience in the industry yet (uni student), but from what I've read/heard, contributions to open source projects are more valuable for your portfolio than certs.
If you're doing anything remotely microsoft related, the MCSA certifications are actually worth something on your resume.
So if I'm doing C# I should consider it?

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1. Go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokyo
2. Post screenshot.
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Looks pretty blurry, mine's better.
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Here's mine you faggot
>All those soft blurry edges

Tch! Nothing personell but...

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Old thread: >>61770973

What are you working on, /g/?
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>he doesn't enjoy OOP
He sounds normal to me
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Pls help

>Captcha: THIRD Warning
I'm scared.

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Apple's products are fine. Microsoft's products are also fine. Everything's just fine.

Stop overreacting.
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Don't wanna.
Oh, OK.
Continue, then.
>rational thought

where the hell do you think you are?

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