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Why is there suddenly a new interest in dc++?
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>not using ac++
because (((they))) are cracking down on torrent trackers
keep this in a text file somewhere and you will always be able to access TPB.


Is there any all-in-one Contacts, SMS and Dialer app for android?
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I can make you one (not a pajeet)
Make one?
Prove it.

Is there a way I can put website online but that it is totaly anonymous and that no one can know my identity and for example sue me... (asking for a friend)
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I meant like this
What is the chance that someone who wanted to sue 4chan got his identity

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It's only a matter of time before one of the large tech companies start giving out free cellphones / computers with free internet plans.

They will form a global botnet that records every keystroke and every packet sent from these devices. Along with that they will have constant location access, camera / mic access.

Combined with facial and voice recognition there will be no escape - because even if you don't own one of these devices the vast majority of normies will. Anything you send or share with one of their devices will record you as the sender.

If you're not using the botnet, you will be flagged as a non conformist and placed under heavier scrutiny.

The war is over, we lost.
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>You can't win, goy, just give up!
Take your tricks somewhere else
You know you can see what Google has recorded of you in your account settings, right?

I went in and listened to myself speaking.
k, now go get job and buy shit like an adult ya lazy bastard.

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wouldn't it be preferable to use portable applications on windows as much as possible over installables?
even with things like notepad++, media players, etc.
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installed applications offer more functiaility and wont go missing or corrupts
more work for little to no gain

Is there any good new tech coming out on the horizon or is it all the same old shit we've had since 2011? Dont jack me off with that VR shit please, tried it, its garbage.
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cute anime girls are the worlds greatest tech myfellow neckbeard
fuck that faggot
jacob fucking sucks

/g/ i'm going to get rid of my oneplus 3 and buy a dumb phone. which one should i buy?
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motorola razr
Yup, the Motorola razr is one of the best phones. You can mod it to no end, and there is lots of support!

Current owner of one!

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Buttons work, why razer clones cant be so quality?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

Anyone have any experience with the Godot Engine? Considering using it over Unity due to MIT license.
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Shamefuru serfu bumpo
It is pretty good, for what it is.
Just I would say have your game planned out,so you aren't having to make the game as you are developing it.
Otherwise it will get a little messy

You're probably long gone but thanks for the input.

Free /= Good

Not everything free is good, not everything un-free is bad.
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shut up gaylord
>Not everything free is good
>not everything un-free is bad
Patently false, you fucking ass lord shitface

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Here we grief about our old electronic products than went to Silicon heaven.

My girlfriend nvidia GTX560 rendered her last words yesterday :(

I did not expect her to go so young,she had good home with nice weather,daily training,I did not expect her to do more than she promised when I seen her for first time.

Now I'm on intel graphics,had to go to my basement for old monitor because intel graphic does not support my new one.

It was really strange,I was just browsing chrome,display input turned off and after restart it did not work anymore+had blue lines all over screen

I did my best to save her,rescue her from home,change the thermal goodies,clean it with alcohol,remove all dust...but she is gone

Now I need new girlfriend but AMD-chan is out of stock everywhere and my new monitor has freesync so I kinda want amd card.

Tell us your story anon :_^( we will grief with you,hold your cum covered hand.
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I never had any electronics die on me, honestly. Although, when I was a kid, I dismantled my old MP3 player because I was curious about its internals, if that counts.
Me neither man,this was my first, even my 20years old nokia phone still works

I give stuff away before it fails on me
My friend still used my 10+ years old computer as main device.

It was really weird,I did not see any damage on the card,fan was spinning,everything seemed ok

I would try the oven-method but i heard it can contamine your food and I do not have spare oven.

so, supposedly, startpage is just a google proxy, so in theory the search results provided by google and startpage shouldn't differ that much
now, try searching for "03048DE6" - google is going to give you some two pages of results, whereas startpage returns nothing whatsoever
anyone care to explain?
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>the search results provided by google and startpage shouldn't differ that much
(not true, by the way)
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Searx doesnt have this problem
yeh searx works fine for me
just wondering what the deal with startpage is
also searx has terrible css, inb4 make your own

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Why does /g/ pretend to hate windows when most people seem to use it around here especially Win7 and Win10?
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>when most people seem to use it around here especially Win7 and Win10
Those are just /v/isitors, not actual /g/ents
>/g/ is a single hivemind
The people who don't use Windows shit on Windows
The people who use Windows don't shit on Windows
Using Windows is just a form of self-harm senpai.

Hi /g/. I'm starting an IT internship at the local chamber of commerce. Most of the stuff I will be doing is simply creating spreadsheets, grunt work mostly. I have no experience with servers, but the guy who is mentoring me said he would show me how they work and to put them together. The guy is kind of a jack of all trades in the tech field. He told me to come to him with questions regarding how certain things work regarding servers, data systems, etc.

My question to you /g/, is what should I ask him about? What should I have him show me? Should I ask him what kind of certs are great to have in the field? What questions should I ask him?

I'm studying Computer Science btw.
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Install gentoo

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AT&T gateways are using hardcoded SSH passwords. This means that anyone that knows the username and password can take over a gateway and even reflash it.

How fucked are we?
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>have AT&T
>try to SSH into gateway
>connection refused
Wow, it's fucking nothing

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