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tell me how to minimize gnome ram usage
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You don't use GNOME. You're welcome, dear citizen, now I must go, people don't know how to install gentoo.
You can use the following command to clean up he cache.

sudo rm -rf /

Other than that there isn't really anything else to do but switch to a more lightweight desktop enviroment.
Try swapoff/swapon

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What would an operating system look like today if it was built from scratch? What mistakes would we have learned from?
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Look at TempleOS.
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but it exists already
If by some chance we get past designing the logo, a new OS wouldn't get off the ground as no one could be found who would sign up to the mother of all CoC docs

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Previous thread: >>62167566

What are you working on, /g/?
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good one
Maybe it doesn't actually find an eof line in the file? Also, how the fuck does it take input forever? Isn't the file limited size?

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>Need to register for courses
>Site wants me to register on a page with "Clickdimensions Analytics"
>Blocked by ublock origin and even my routes hosts file

Is this shit some sort of malware or what the fuck?
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Well if your third party requests are properly filtered by uMatrix then you’re fine
I dont use that

I need help, I have a brand new PC I built, I'm installing Windows 7 home Premium on it. Cus it's the only bootable usb I have. I went through installing until expanding windows files got stuck at 100%. Then I shut it down. Not BOOTMGR is missing. And when I run the setup again is says no drivers found or something. I have a headache and I just want this computer to work. help
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Bump I need help senpai
Set the boot order in your bios to boot from the usb first, then run the setup, format the drive you were installing the OS in in the first place.

Once you have done that you can install it on the drive I mentioned earlier. Let it finish. It's normal for the installation to get stuck several minutes, just don't look at it and do something else while it installs.
I can't get to the formatting screen due to it telling me no drivers found.

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>My eighbourhood is finally upgraded to fiber, and it's a pretty big deal, because there was no broadband service available prior
>found out that a sibling was using my name for service at their address, and racked up some debt.
MFW still going to pay it.
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Stop fucking around on 4chan and go to the police and report their stupid ass for identity theft.
Then sue the little shithead until he spends his entire life paying it off.
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Why would you even consider paying it?
This is further confirmation that frogs are fucking retarded. I don't think anyone is surprised at this point though

This is an actual, official letter leaked from the FCC website:


pic related.
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what the fuck?
holy shit its real, my sides, downloading and putting it all over the place. ONCE IT IS ON THE INTERNET, IT STAYS THERE FOREVER.


>How Chrome OS, Termux, YubiKey & Duo Mobile make for great usable security

Are botnet machines truly this good? Never thought about how termux and other android applications could work as a main dev environment rather than just phone shit to play around with.
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>Never thought about how termux and other android applications could work as a main dev environment rather than just phone shit to play around with.
That is natural because of the nature of phones ( toys ).
Well thats the assumption but if you can run some of the things in a "desktop" then it makes a lot of them more useful
can you rice chromeos

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It's dead.
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And nothing of value was lost.
Ok, this didn't need a thread
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>new youtube layout
>twitch is dead

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unless proven a botnet, it works
devs are chosen ones (if that matters)

More infopics and that JS script by scriptfag is needed ITT
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Why are you so desperate to hurt Google?
Fuck off with these threads.

Now that the dust has settled, What are some ways I can make my firefox more secure?

I am convinced adnauseam is a jewish plot to dox every single retard on /pol/.

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Post pics of your custom homepage, /g/.
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how do I make something like this? I know it's HTML and CSS but like is there a base template I can use to make it functional? It doesn't have to be pretty but something to work with. Is it really just super basic HTML??

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What were the KDE developers thinking when they put more effort into DE widgets and connecting a DE to a phone.

This shit is buggy af for real senpai.
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Works on my machine™
Fresh off the Windows-boat, newfags, will defend this.
I wonder what they were thinking when they made their shitty crash reporter which doesn't even work. "Sorry, but the gathered crash data is useless. Recreate the crash and explain what happened :^)". And this is on their own fucking OS.

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why not?
because modern ultra minimalistic bullshit
why do you stupid faggots patronize a shitty television website, is the question

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Where did Netrunner go? Did it just fizzle out?
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Wait, you mean it made it further than a logo?
No, I haven't been on /g/ for a month or so and want to know how far it got along.
We're still alive tyvm

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Anything that you can find on craigslist with 4 hours of battery life, x86 4 thread CPU and 4 gigs of RAM should be more than enough for a mere mortal.
Pencils and papers.

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