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>/g/ consoles have stupid huge power supplies

>/g/ is pic
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You are smalltime.
>Define C
You realize this is a shroud powering not only the PSU, but also a HDD cage, right?

Is it finally dead?
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shit that explains the error i was getting
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Well these fucking assholes pulled a bait and switch on us, didn't they?

I've been using multiple OpenMailbox accounts with Thunderbird for 2 fucking YEARS, and now they want me to pay 49 euros a year for IMAP access?

And they pull this with no previous announcement or anything, all while the service has been plagued with errors and downtimes recently.

Why the fuck would I give them 49 euros a year when FastMail is so much better AND cheaper?

I am in the same boat as you. This is disgusting.... First I was upset that someone hosting something as important as email can be down for this long.. then to come back to getting shut off? Welp moving email providers I guess. I can only imagine how many users are upset about this.

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ITT: post signs that someone is technologically inferior

I'll start

>owns Apple products
>doesn't run Linux
>doesn't program on a daily basis

ok your turn
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Doesn't know that the purpose of tech is to accomplish a task.
Posts on /g/
>doesn't practice a strict 8/16 intermittent eating schedule

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Why is DuckDuckGo a meme again?
Something something Jew witchcraft?
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>trusting a duck
>using something with a retarded name
Is that a young Eddie Guerrero?
because spicky retardo it's run by reptilians

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Daily reminder to counter the Windows 10 shills claiming you need to upgrade


>Microsoft had been saying for quite some time that it would stop supporting Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 on machines running an Intel Kaby Lake or AMD Ryzen processor. The company made good on the promise a week ago when it actively started blocking updates. Users of such systems were met with an error message when attempting to fetch security patches through Windows Update.

>A GitHub user who goes by "Zeffy" uploaded an open-source patch that gives users a workaround. The patch alters a pair of functions he discovered in the file wuaueng.dll that checks for compatibility. They are IsCPUSupported(void) and IsDeviceServiceable(void). The patch alters these two flags so that Windows skips over the entire CPU check.

>"This is essentially a giant middle finger to anyone who dare not 'upgrade' to the steaming pile of garbage known as Windows 10. Especially considering the extended support periods for Windows 7 and 8.1 still have a few years left, and will be coming to a close in 2020 and 2024 respectively," Zeffy writes.
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Wow didn't see this coming
When I saw this project for the first time, the dev made it clear that SFC will blow this the fuck out
Enjoy it while it lasts because microsoft will update the checker to counter this

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Anyone doing this?
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I hope im not misinterpreting the context of this image.
> wants to escape urban life and go somewhere rural
> proceeds to constantly post shit on social media/use electronics
Nobody truely needs modern amenities and most would truely be hapier without them.
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>a top rows his bottom merrily down the stream in Libhell, CA.

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>distro recommended by stallman physically block you from installing "proprietary" software
Hmm... That doesn't sound very free.
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The ability to decline a recommendation is.
At best he forked/ported, and is probably into Asimov. Ive always idolized Bruce Schneier myself :^)
>physically block you
Except it doesn't do that

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>You will never be able to afford an OLED monitor
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>(You) will never be able to afford an OLED monitor
They're not even a thing yet you retard. Unless OLED can fix its burn in issue it'll never be used on monitors.
So CRT's will still be king?

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What are you working on, /g/?

Previous thread: >>61732327
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First for Go.
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>No anime image
>Posts POO instead
nth for go needs to go

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FFMPEG, FFPLAY, FFPROBE are all you need. Don't fall for the MPV meme.

Thank me later.
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mpv is just a thin frontend to ffmpeg famalamadingdong
nty. I like the layout of mpvs bottom bar

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>Buy Ryzen they said.
>It's on par with Intel they said.
Why are these idiots on forums buying 1080 tis and vega gpus when Ryzen holds back all gpus. The only thing Amd has going for them is for sever and rendering. That's it even in Vulkan doom which was supposed to be Amd's answer to life it still sucks ass. I'm returning my Ryzen CPU and just going to get x99
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>more than 60 fps
Enough for me.
Find me a 1440p 240hz display.
It's a +9% difference in FPS for +14% on price. I'm sticking with ryzen.

Fuck Linux.
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>Fuck systemd
systemd is a part of linux
then fuck linux
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Whats the point of covering your webcam? All they're gonna see is some dirty neckbeard.
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yeah i stopped giving a shit about that years ago, CIA niggers must have terabytes of videos of me jacking off by now
I want to look like a complete schizo
What's the point of locking your doors? All they're gonna find is your old Thinkpad with cum stains all over it.

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Here's a dumb one that's been perplexing me all day, and it's based on the definition of "dial". If you push buttons on a phone, isn't it intrinsically wrong to say you're "dialing" a phone number?
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shut up and install gentoo
No, because the buttons you push make a very high pitch and the pitch are cycles per second (Hz), this is dialing already.
technically its called touch-tone

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fringe linux distros that surprisingly aren't bad
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the better gentoo
captcha: calzada hosta
fringe as in obscure?

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