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Hey /g/ my comp just took a massive fucking shit on me, during a csgo match it suddenly stated that csgo was blocked from using the graphics card I have no idea what the fuck just happened but csgo would not show up on screen even though i could play and hear my character moving around. I also was able to get through the loading screen and menu and into a match before my computer deciding it was blocked from the graphics card
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you have a virus, download and install ByteFence antivirus to fix it.
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Consider suicide.

Can you guys find an even stranger command than this?

echo "Hello World" >| echo "Me" > out.txt
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that's a pretty strange command
:(){:|:& };:

not original in the slightest but aesthetic af

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>he spends more than $200 for a laptop/smartphone
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Thinkpad T430/Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 masterrace
Mac = $2k
iPhone = $1k
Ability to impress minimum wage qts at work and fuck them = Priceless
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>he's a poorfag

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*blocks your path*
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*ups voltage till fizzes out*
Gen z Kids weren't around when white leds didn't exist

i think you mean *keeps you awake*

fun story i bought one for like 15 dollars when they first came out in the late 90's to add to an amp i was building....then i went to listen to it a with lights off and was blinded

suddenly they started appearing in all electrical gear ... i knew how horrible things would turn out long before anyone else...

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When will AMD become a suitable alternative for laptops? There being no alternative seems to be a shitty justification for ripping people off. Some of these processors are the exact same chip allowed to run at a higher speed.
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What are you doing with that laptop that requires a top of the line cpu?
>When will AMD become a suitable alternative for laptops?
Raven Ridge is coming out this year.
Development, for one.

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Hello /g/!

The microphone male plug on my headphones has snapped and I need a replacement. I have a pair of Func HS 260s so the replacement needs to be like pic related. A 3.5mm male to a split mic male and headphone male. Unfortunately the item pictured is not available and I'm wondering if anybody here knows where to find another.

Help is appreciated :)
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Check monoprice.com
Nothin mah dude :(

I don't even care what else you'd use, I just want to know who the hell think any part of Windows is okay?
>still have to wait 60 seconds to get past the boot logo because some hack MS put in to speed up boot didn't actually work
>"Installing Updates... Restarting..."
>does it again because some of those updates didn't install the first time for some reason
>managed to get to the kitchen and reheat some pizza by the time the actual login screen appears
>can't contact Microsoft account server, can't actually log in until I go reboot the router
>finally get to desktop
>wallpaper got reset to default because my profile settings got corrupted or some bullshit
>decide to fix it later, open firefox
>gpu spins up to 75% usage because a beige background and a single png apparently need to be hardware accelerated now
>open newegg because i wanted to buy a bluetooth speaker for my phone in the car
>gpu driver crashes over some obscure directx call, bluescreen
>boots back up
>"Installing updates..."

as opposed to say, linux or mac or whatever:
>power on
>login screen in 20 seconds, and only that slow because i have a platter drive
>enter password, get desktop
>open firefox
>open thunderbird
>absolutely everything is normal
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>Windows sucks bla bla this error that error
What's new?
having to rely on an account server in redmond is a new one

used to be that reliance on account servers was optional and you could at least self host them
Windows 10 from Microsoft doesn't have this problem

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What if we make websites that are difficult for Google robots to understand or easy to misunderstand as something else?

Can we create a web server that generates a shitty document out of a nice semantic one?

Has this been done?
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just ban everything that has an odd user-agent, that comes from google/bing/.. IPs, etc

of course it's been done, some websites used to show content ONLY to google IPs/bots, so that they would show lots of stuff in the search results... and then, once the user enters the site, it would ask the user to register
I thought so.

The idea is to send bad or vague data to google to devalue their results. That's why I thought an easy for babby server side tool might be useful. Maybe something for analytics too.

who uses the regular macbook here ?
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I'm just a regular everyday normal guy
I'm straight
i dont use macbook
i use mibook
is better

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/g/ i got this weird code i couldn't understand.
i mean it took me about 4 hours to solve but i have no idea why that is.
i have some tables and am trying to display one of them on to the server. the error is shown on the left, i can only see the last record repeating itself. cont..
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and the solution is just this one line.
i put it inside the whole loop and everything got better. i don't know why that is.
'Variables' is a getter/setter class, and studentList is an ArrayList i declared earlier ( List<Variables> studentList = new ArrayList<Variables>();)
one bump
First of all, nobody who knows what they're doing writes servlet code for this type of thing. Stop wasting your time learning raw servlet and jsp. If you want to learn something that will get you a job in Java learn Spring MVC.

I am not endorsing Spring MVC. But what you are doing does not even rise to pajeet tier.

To answer your question: in the first case you are only declaring 1 single instance of the object. Your loop sets the data from each row over and over into that same object, overwriting the old data each time.

In the second instance you decide declare a new instance of the emp object for each row. Your data does not get overwritten and produces the expected result

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Who remembers using this site?
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It's like a consultant but cheap

it was the best places on the internet.

if you wanted to know something or get research done, you could post a bounty question.

if you needed some shekels, you could answer them, build a reputation.

if you wanted to troll and shitpost, genuinely funny trolls never got banned for their answers

if you wanted to read any of the above, it was all open and free without even making an account

it was the perfect website for what it was

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So i have $680 i want to spend on a PC, i go to pcpartpicker and pick everything and I've only spent $500. What kind of things can I buy for $180 that would compliment it nicely? I considered a thinkpad or maybe a Unicomp M keyboard, a nice C textbook seeing as I want to learn C on this computer. I could also get a webcam because I want to livestream stuff too. What do you gentlemen think?

>pic related
its how i feel trying not to spend the remaining money on a poor choice
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Spend the extra on a better processor or more ram, get 16 gigs of ram, it's worth it. Or you can buy some decent peripherals with that extra money

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What did he mean by this?
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He means that microsoft hires incompetent retards
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What did he mean by this?

what year did he say this?

Where are the Raven Ridge APUs AMD??

I'm literally just waiting until they release to throw my money at the screen.

Also, laptop thread I guess or /W4APU/
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Q4 2017 for laptop RR (SP5 BGA), Q1 2018 for desktop RR (AM4).
I need my passively cooled ITX Ryzen APU system ASAP

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Why does mozilla make it so difficult to use a different profile for stable, beta, and nightly
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because you touch yourself at night
What? Firefox is the only browser where this works flawlesly. Invoke the browser with "-p" command line parameter to manage the profiles. And use the "--no-remote" one to be able to use the profiles at the same time.
>developer edition is beta with a separate profile by default


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