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So I'm in my second year of university, and this the required textbook. Is it any good? I found some ok deals online. What are your recommended /g/ books? Are books even worth reading?
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pretty much the gold standard of C textbooks
Also I've heard that this book is apparently a bible when it comes to the "science" part of computer science, rather than just being a code monkey. How true are these claims? Could these well intentioned profs be lying to me?

Well, my shit monitor from 2008 is finally starting to go out. I have about $200-$300 to spend on a new one. I wanted to know what everyone here prefers. Is it better to get the highest resolution possible or is response time more important? Was looking at these two but wanted to know what everyone's opinion is on resolution vs response debate.
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Too vague to answer. At least post your specs.
This depends entirely on your use case and as such is straightforward enough for the stupid questions general as suggested
File: Windows Specs.png (41KB, 956x498px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Windows Specs.png
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Sorry forgot to post.

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hey fags, time to finally buy a smartphone
- without google/android botnet
- cant be microsoft or apple either
so what are my options
-something actually productive where i can write, read, transfer data etc?
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wait, turns out i can use android without google, is that the best option|?
Any phone that has LineageOS available for it and then just don't flash Google Apps (GApps)

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Anything to do things in at the same time or distributed.
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Pragmatic aproach
Java Concurrency in Practice
theorical aproach

Concepts, Techniques, and Models of Computer Programming

Concurrent Programming: Algorithms, Principles, and Foundations by Michel Raynal

Nice read about real world system

University course
C++ concurrency in action

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Does anyone here uses zoho mail with custom domain? Is it safe?
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What do you mean by safe? Are you expecting it to stab you with a knife?
i use them with custom domain and their smtp server for sending confirmations mails to my users

works good

regarding privacy i don't know and don't care

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nice vm distro, I'm curious what they are going to do about grsec
Just that gpl h8tr tard.

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/g/ I fucked up something with my BTC wallet.

>Found my old multibit.wallet made with Multibit Cassic in 2014
>Try to import in new shiny ass wallets.
>They doesn't even see .wallet or .key files.
>Downloaded prehystoric Multibit Classic 0.5.15
>Sync, import private key and finally see my BTC.
>Sent 0,02 BTC to another address, paid 0,0001 as fee
>Closed the wallet, the transaction is gone and those BTC sent are gone too
>transaction not available in the blockchain.

If I check in the blockchain my wallet it still say that my balance is 0,07 something, that's wy I had before that transaction

Now my old Multibit Classic is in re-sync, what happened, my few satoshi are gone?
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Also this is my address if you can check something:



and this should be the transaction went grong, can't find it in the blockchain:


PS: Fuck, the system says my post is spam.
can't you import your private keys to any other wallets to check if your btc is still there? also I think 0.0001 btc is a small fee which can lead to your transaction taking a long time to process
Ok, I am a fucking idiot, you said

> If I check in the blockchain my wallet it still say that my balance is 0,07 something, that's wy I had before that transaction.

So maybe you just need to wait for your transaction to be accepted. As I said I think 0.0001 may be a small fee, check https://bitcoinfees.21.co for more info about fee amounts and the time it takes to process

Post old computer hardware you have.
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why not im fucking bored

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What are some good paid browsers?
>if you're not paying, you're the product
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you are product either way. you can pay for a vpn though.
Opera pre-5.0
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Boxed copy of Netscape.

Hey /g/, I've been to this tech expo and they had a ton of VR setups to try out and I got kinda hooked and just had a blast checking out all the demos on different hardware. So now I want to get my feet wet and mess around with the VR stuff a little. I took home a couple of the cardboard cutout DIY VR headsets to put my phone in but found out my phone doesn't even happen to have a gyroscope sensor so that won't work.

So I'm looking for kind of the cheapest way to experience VR in a way that's not completely crap, like, I was thinking get a used phone with a-okay ish resolution and put it in one of the cheapo plastic headsets. And I'm looking for the sweetspot where I'm not spending ludicrously much money but not end up with a completely unenjoyable experience. Got any reccomendations?
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I don't see how people buy these 600+ bucks headsets. That's just too deep of a plunge for me.
Do you think a 1920*1080 device will do, or should I be looking at 2560*1440 phones?

Best lenovo upgrades for gaming
> ffs where are all the Thinkpad veterans on this board these days?
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enjoy your superfish
>gaming on laptop
>can't even search catalog
>"""thinkpad veterans"""
>ffs where are all the Thinkpad veterans on this board these days?

ThinkPad veteran here. If you want to game, just use an external GPU.

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Is this brand a meme?
can't scan a fucking document when the cartridge is empty
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quit being a poorfag and buy another cartridge cheapskate
>bought a canon printer on sale
>cartridges cost more than the printer
>they don't even last long
The pinnacle of consumer goods.
Their single-purpose flatbed scanners are good enough.

Cloud services are bullshit. Most either aren't secure, or monitor what you upload.
What's the best alternative?
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i-drive works well for my home business since it offers branding
I still need some way to access files using a smartphone.

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>Trying to open a site whose https redirects to http
>Firefox keeps trying to open the https that just keeps redirecting back to http until it give up
How do I tell firefox to stop trying to switch to https ? When I write http it's because I want http.
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>installs https everywhere
>upset when browser forces https
>comes to /g/ to bitch
Fuck, disregard that, it wasn't https anywhere but NoScript that was causing this shit.
>use autistic extension that breaks shit
>automatically blame firefox
typical /g/

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This is LTE in Australia.
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i live in the middle of a suburb and they have no cell towers around, so shit signal at my house for 4g.

At work 4G speeds are ~25-35mbps both down and up.
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And this is NBN FTTN.
Supposed to get 100 mbps
Gets 6 mbps because shitty cables not made of optical fiber or whatever people call it

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