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does anyone have any good win 7 ultimate product keys?
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it's literally 20 bux on kinguin, faggot...
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op is a faggot.gif
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get a load of this faggot

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i just spilled my fucking guts on omegle.
how do i stop doing this and where do i do this instead.
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What do you mean?
You what on where?
He had an autistic fit on a video call and now he's embarrassed

How to reach tech nirvana
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You can't. Tech nirvana is a lie. You can never be calm with so much proprietary software out there, and almost no viable free alternative.
install gentoo

>try switching from Kali to vanilla Arch with BlackArch shit installed on top for penistesting because BlackArch out of the box is ugly as fucking sin
>fuck it, install it all
>download 7GB worth of packages
>hack some CIA niggers with my phone in the time it takes to check integrity of 3,000+ packages
>1 single package is broken
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Shit thread.
-i could save your life

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Can we get a technology thread going? Does /g/ even talk about technology anymore?
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I found this in a locked car.
Fuck technology. This is the best board for shitposting. Thats why I'm here.
I bought an Axon 7 a few months ago and it's still working better than expected. Does that count?

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I've been working with .vbs in order to create a spam macro. The way it works is that I have to put my cursor in a text box and it will loop a message and enter it for however many times I want it to. The thing is, it can only work for one application at a time. I can't have multiple accounts spamming various messages. If anyone knows how to allow it to use multiple applications at the same time, please let me know.

My current script is:

Set wshShell = wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

Dim index

index = 0


wscript.sleep 1000

wshshell.sendkeys "Sample Spam"

wshshell.sendkeys "{ENTER}"

index = index + 1

loop until index > 5
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>My current script is:
I think you mean MY script

Global rule 4. Enjoy your ban :)
Fucking winshit pedobear poster - hang it up until you're out of 8th grade at least.
Or else the pedobear will getcha!

alright /g/ im asking a legit question here. i know a lot of you use linux over wangblows so obviously you dont game much. if not gaming what do you do when you boot your machine up every day. i feel like my computer use hs gone stale i need something to do
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>i need something to do
get a job
i have two but i mean what d peoople do on teir computers i feel like i do nothing
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I do web basic browsing, I manage my home server, I do spreadsheets, I listen to music and audiobooks, I do hobbyist programming, I run virtual machines to test my programs, I read and respond to emails, I hang out on BBS and IRC, I read the news, I play GBA games in an emulator, I make shitty frog memes in Krita, I chat with friends on Telegram, and I view the photos that I take with my phone as a hobby. I do this all in Debian or Fedora and I haven't used Winshit in years. The PCs at work run Windows but I use Fedora on mine and just boot off an external hard drive and nobody cares. Living the GNU life is great. If you can't find something productive to do, that's no the computer's fault.

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Not even BH is safe from this. you would think whoever does the job well gets it, and that security is the focus, but no, we need a more "diverse" group. Do tell what you think.
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>my safespace is being overrun by sjws
how come no one ever uses the diversity meme in sports? you think anyone cares what race an athlete is?
hire the best person for the job. disregard colors
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I think these "people" automatically forfeit their rights the moment they try to take away other people's rights, and that they should be forcibly removed from society due to not only their lack of contributions towards a sustainable future, but also their active role in fucking things up. I care less about race and more about how society functions, and SJWs make society non-functional and utterly broken. Just take anyone that's a mentally unstable, "diversity" promoting faglord and put them in the oven where they belong. I've had enough of this shit.

There's my two pennies.

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Why aren't you using the qutest browser around, /g/?
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for some retarded reason takes too much ram, and doesn't have too much privacy options
If you're going to recommend good browsers, don't do it by shitposting.

>not patching dwb
It would be my only browser if it had 4chan-x. It doesn't.

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>hosting your own email

Is there a worst meme advice that /g/ can't stop spouting?
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c++ is a good first time language
python is a good first time language

Name a better tablet

You literally can't
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the surface pro 4
>doesn't officially support windows 8

>requiring official support
what are you, a cuck?

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if you are on your laptop in starbucks from time to time, is it safe to have a pepe sticker on your laptop?
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You'll get a few dirty looks, probably, but you'll be safe enough. Antifa is too alternative to visit something as corporate as starbucks. Stay way from indie coffee shops and you will be fine.
I don't put stickers on my laptop, but if I did, I'd still go where I want, and give zero fucks about antifa, alt-right, whatever else.
I don't carry my laptop with me anywhere to begin with. Just responding to OP's question.

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>Learnt and mastered HTML and CSS in one night

What's the best scripting language to learn so I can start tomorrow?
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Mastering HTML is something anyone can do, mastering CSS in one night isn't doable unless you show some of that amazing magic it can do.
Just learn nodejs, you need to learn JavaScript anyway.
You should try a noose, it'll work out a lot better.

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So I'm trying to mod my unupdated original Xbox to play both Xbox games and retro emulate. I have Halo 2 if I need to offline update if the file isn't available, but what do I do next? The hard drive is one of those 50k+ blocks ones (unlocked I've been told). Looking for whether to hard or soft mod for noob.
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Any mod will remove your ability to connect to the Xbox service. If you are able to connect with your gamertag, it's going to be the security gateways monitoring just how modified your console is, so that it can be bricked.
My bad I said xbone in the thread title but I meant I'm working on an original xbox.

Aware of that. Moot point because xbl went down for original Xbox 2 years ago. Not sure it it still let's you update, but all game servers went down then. I was just talking about like playing swkotor and stuff if I wasn't emulating. Guessing I'd need to partition or something for what I want to do
I'll be monitoring this thread too since I have an xbox that I'd like to do the same with

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Why is bullying so prominent in technology nowadays?
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stfu bitch
Because humans.
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Because you're too stupid to finish that chess AI brainlet. Don't use python.

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