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What the fuck is this? I started up my computer and this shows up as the new logo for Nightly.

What the fuck is going on?
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>things that never happened
I'm not memeing senpai.

Where did that logo come from?
>no one on /g/ knows about this shit

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Post 'em

>decide to try [gnu+]linux, Ubuntu because /g/ told me it's retardproof
>right off the bat the installer goes to black and I should realize I've been memed
>lots of searching says it doesn't like my graphics card and decided to fail silently
>finally install, but can't boot; so have to fix again from the installer
>it's late now so the screen is killing my eyes and I need flux or redshift
>surprise they don't work
>try to install better graphics card driver to fix it
>can't login anymore
>go down hours-long rabbithole of fixes which each require several fixes of their own, and so on *sniff*
>eventually give up and reinstall windows
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>had enough of dweebs laughing at me on /g/
>decide to NOT get a Macbook Pro
>it's a piece of fucking shit
Wow, you are really bad at computers, aren't you?
>i dont know much about linux based distros, but i still give it a go and whine later
>i dont have the will to learn either
>i am unable to accept that some time must be given to learn about every new software you use
Sums you up OP

Who solus here?

Is solus + budgie the comifest combo?
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The package manger is a bit shit.
The software center gui thing or eopkg in general?
eopkg , never able to find the packages needed unless I spens 10 minutes searching around the internet for them.

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trying to get rid of systemd and i'm heading to college soon so the important question is

Devuan or Void (or anything else that isn't bloated and has good customization)?

pic unrelated obv
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>trying to get rid of systemd
Why not just use Windows then since you clearly don't know shit about Linux?
not literally get rid of it my man i was just exaggerating i just want to find a distro that doesn't have systemd

I noticed my resource monitor was reporting 100% CPU usage. I couldn't get it to drop so I did a completely clean install of a legitimate copy of Windows 10 and the only thing I've installed was Google Chrome. Even before I did that I've still had 100% CPU usage. WHAT THE FUCK?

Any recommendations for a fix beyond the things on the first page of Google?
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Install Windows 7 or install Gentoo
so this is what you gotta do:

install ramdisk cleaner and then clean computer

also install all updates
and your set
should work
Even more odd, the System Idle Process shows 95+ which should indicate the CPU not being used correct?

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What makes this better than Windows 10?
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something something botnet something
It's not Windows 10, for starters.
It's easy to de-bloat and remove telemetry
It has better DPI than W7

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Should I switch to Irssi? I used weechat for years but I'm considering switching clients.
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>using IRC
bitchx+ssl w/ cypress
weechat has better dcc. Irssi has better everything else.

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>Say the slightest negative about Threadripper, vega or AMD in general
>get rained upon by fanboys screaming memes and ad hominems
When did this board become an AMD propaganda site? You literally aren't allowed to say anything bad about AMD anymore. This entire board's sole purpose has become to encourage people to buy AMD products.
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Do people actually like freakishly long and skinny legs?
I do. Imagine putting one on your shoulder while pumping her.
>bone gets in your dick
no thx

Planning on buying this or the V20. Should i just end my life now?
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If you want a fuckhuge phone with no major advantages over the g5 so be it
what about the g6?
Get the V30 you idiot

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Hi /g/!

My friend bought a gaming laptop (Dell Inspiron 15 7000, specs below) and is pretty faulty (getting bsod). He's thinking of just exchanging it for a different laptop completely. Any good laptops around this range with similar specs?

CPU: 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5-6300HQ (quad-core, 3MB Cache, up to 3.2GHz)
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M (4GB GDDR5 RAM), Intel HD Graphics 530
RAM: 8GB DDR3L (1,600MHz)
Screen: 15.6-inch, 1,920 x 1,080 anti-glare LED-backlit display
Storage: 1TB 5,400 RPM hybrid drive w/ 8GB cache
Ports: 3 x USB 3.0; HDMI; SD card reader; headphone/microphone jack
Connectivity: 802.11ac; Bluetooth 4.0; gigabit ethernet
Camera: 720p webcam
Weight: 5.67 pounds
Size: 15.08 x 10.45 x 1 inches (W x D x H)
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i recommend you to kill yourself
The laptops you'll find for ~$800 will be cheap ones like Inspirons or equivalent HP ones with decent specs but cooling problems that'll get throttled or wont be able to provide smooth framerates at 1080p at high settings.

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Think about this: If the mods did their job, this place wouldn't be such an irremediable shit hole.

What does Hiroyuki Nishimura win for letting this place rot to the ground? Isn't all political discussion supposed to never leave /pol/, yet it seems inevitable to DISCUSS TECHNOLOGY without resorting to talk anything remotely related to politics, be it degrading an individuals value based on their race and sex (themes that have nothing to do with technology and don't enhance discussion)?

Why does the other extreme has to be "It's shit and it will always be shit, nothing I can do about it."?

The current circulation of threads seems to be a running gag that was never funny and the people didn't get the memo.

What do I propose as a solution? Tighten the rule and put capable people as moderators, ban a certain range of topics from discussion and eliminate fire starters. Note, I'm not saying everyone should be nice with each other and we should hug and circle-jerk as if it were Reddit, but a zero tolerance rule about select topics is seriously needed (for example, let retards discuss which programming language is 'the best' as much as they like, but ban all discussion that have political/religious/moral standings).

We're all free, but nobody want to be responsible about it.

Don't bother telling me. I know this is useless.
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Why I do agree with you on moderation is a fucking joke here. I also believe it's only half the problem. The other half is how politics in general has seeped into the tech sector. Everything that tech companies do seems to have a political agenda behind it and then are afraid to be vocal about it, and if all tech companies want to do is talk politics it's kind of hard for other people not too as well.
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4chan is a /pol/ website.
Lurk more newfag.
I do believe your statement is true, but my solution should take care of it. After all there's still people on this board that would prefer politics out of their technology discussion.

Now, the problem (for whoever benefits from having a large pool of people on a single website exchanging tons of information, be it true or false) with my solution is that [if it somehow works] a lot of people are going to leave 4chan. Which you could argue it's going to kill the damned thing, but I hope it would just reform it.

We really don't know, it could go either way. But I do prefer that over the status quo.

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Why shouldn't I buy a $1600 Razer Blade Stealth or a $1750 XPS 15? I don't want to game, I just want a really good laptop that lasts me quite some time without any significative loss in performance. Also, keep in mind I run Parabola as my OS.
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You talk like a fag, & your shits all retarded
>gamer or dell laptops
>good laptops

mate those things will edge so hard and heat up so fast youll say good bye to 1k within almost a year to 3 years. Im also talking about dell laptops, they blow asshole. Try a good brand like samsung or another luxury brand thats built well not a meme top
My Alienware laptop from 2012 still works fine and is faster than modern mac books. My xps 12 inch laptop from 2008 still works fine is my media computer now. So shut the fuck up because you don't know shit

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6 Billion fucking dollars for what?

Open space development? How the fuck can apple justify / expect a return on this? How the fuck are people even going to commute to it?
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damn they could host some sweet monster truck rallies in there
This is actually the new Mac Pro
>How the fuck are people even going to commute to it?
the same way they do now
underground parking, public transit, and walking

post more it's beautiful

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Alright /g/, some of you are gods on this topic, but I just found a soldering iron and im wondering what could i do with this thing? I'm wondering if i can make a holder for this thing or if i dont have to use the specific tips for it. any ideas?
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Put it up your butt
this, but jump on a bathtub
Take a pic of the tip that is in it.

are standing desks just a meme or is it actually recommended to have one?
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I have one of the adjustable ones at work. It is pretty comfy.
standing for too long is bad
sitting for too long is bad
get some fucking exercise daily fatass
It's a meme. How many people actually use a fucking standing desk?

Sit on the exercise ball and work like that. Turns your spine into titanium.

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