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I'm not even talking about Android users, I mean why would any Apple buyer go with the 8 instead of the X?

Isn't having a status symbol the most important part about owning an iPhone? What bigger status can an Apple user have than owning the company's 10th anniversary edition phone that's basically implied to be 2 generations ahead of the 8?

So who is the 8 marketed towards? Who wants to be that poor scrub in the Apple group who passed on the hottest phone of the decade that's been explicitly presented as superior to the 8 in every way?
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No Apple user will buy the iPhone 8. The target demography is Android users who up until now were too poor to afford a new iPhone, so Apple made an affordable new phone for them while consumers with more disposable income can go for the X.
I mean honestly who the fuck will buy the latest Samsung or Sony shit when they're essentially the same price as a recently released iPhone?
Literally no one is buying that regardless of price.
They didn't make an affordable iPhone. It's just as expensive as previous ones. They just made one that's even more unaffordable on top.
>inb4 poorfag

I mean, this is huge! Yes, 4K digital is nothing spectacularly new, but THIS is the big news:
UHD movies the SAME price as HD movies ($19.99)
iTunes users will get automatic upgrades of HD titles in their existing iTunes library to 4K HDR versions when they become available.

Apple is crazy!

VUDU offers 4K movies for about $30-$39, that's going to put a strain on their competition, considering major 4K labels will be $19 on the Apple store.
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Who in the fuck pays to own a digital copy of a movie.
And 20$ ? The fuck.
>Always available on every device
>Easy to skip through/pause/go back
>Free upgrade to higher resolution version

Call me when your DVDs turn into 4k Blu-Rays
>4K digital
>4K digital
>4K digital

This is the actual level of an iFag's technological affinity.

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>Bashware: Malware Can Abuse Windows 10's Linux Shell to Bypass Security Software
>In a report issued late last night, security researchers from Check Point have published technical details about Bashware, a technique that allows malware devs to use Windows 10's secret Linux shell to hide malicious operations.
>Researchers say that current security software, including next-gen antivirus solutions, fail to detect these operations.
>This happens because all lack support for Pico processes, a new class of Windows processes that Microsoft added to handle WSL operations.

So unless every piece of Linux software adds support for these windows "pico process" Windows can get silently pwnded by cucks using WSL instead of just installing GNU/Linux
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>current security software
>lack support for Pico processes
So just add them to the virus definitions?
This problem at source level, any Linux binary built can do this.
Can the same methods be used to infect Linux OS's?

Super pumped, /g/uys! :^)

Also just noticed it's natively supported in macOS High Sierra 10.13!
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Neck yourself you literal shill
>no Opus
They (including OP) had one job.

If only I could plug my headphones into the phone to hear that awesome lossless music...

Not saying that it's not a great technology with it's uses, but I hate how normies and sub-pajeets now:

>Think it's some out of our world, alien technology when it's basically some algorithms

>Spam this word and (the sub-pajeets) think they're cool "developing it" when at most they call some APIs of frameworks which do everything for them.

>Think if something has ML it's better by definition, ignoring the fact that it's just a tool that's useful in some scenarios and retarded ad unreliable in others. Most retarded ones being those who want to use ML in indie videogames ignoring the fact that it probably won't be any better gameplay-wise.
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I don't know, I think using ML for AIs would be fun.
That's how all of marketing works and always has.
You intentionally pick a clever sounding word most people don't know the meaning of. Because then they can use their half-(or rather less)-knowledge about it and supplement it with what they'd like it to be to arrive at a conclusion that leads to a sale.
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Yeah machine learning and neural networks are the new "omg nerds and kool technology" terms.

Every pajeet using them think they're the smartest fags on the planet.

I can totally see a new Mr Robot season where Elliot autistically monologues quoting machine learning and everyone looks at him thinking "oooh how smart"

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Previously: >>62380989

>Not sure what private trackers are all about?
The mission of /ptg/ is to promote the highest possible standards of tracker service by providing members with opportunities for professional development, by recognizing technical competence through examinations and by advancing the interests of its members.

>Have a question?
FAQ https://pastebin.com/hrXxMHs9
WIKI https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php/Private_trackers

Use >>>/g/ptg as a link to find the /ptg/ thread.

Remember the following:
>Staff occasionally read these generals and have posted here before.
>This is a thread for educational purposes only. Don't offer or ask for invites.
>Staff may pretend to be normal users asking for invites and when you invite them, they ban you for inviting strangers.
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news: ptp is dead
path to OT?
This sekrit club sounds pretty COOL!

What would he think of the iPhone X?
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its what he actually had planned out, if you watch his early videos before the apple explosion he talks about actually wanting a piece of glass which works at wase. I think he would be proud of this X
he would probably think it's top notch
He'd got AIDs.

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Bitcoin is crashing! It's happening guys. All your life savings will soon be gone.
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I'm not even mad I'm happy

Just after the Bitcoin went big last 3 months i went to get gtx1070 but didn't find any , fortunately , i found gtx980ti used for 200$

That's a win in my book

Btw >>>/biz/


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Cancelled from what i heard bad move on Samsungs part imo. There's a huge market for a good small android i have the S5 mini and it's the perfect size plus stock Samsungs are too big for girl hands.
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Girls don't buy Samsung's or android.
>implying manlets dont
every manlet i know owns an android device
The sad thing is that the are retarded loner neets who never go out and actually believe this.

Why don't you use hackintosh?
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no homo.
Because linux is free and bettet
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only use software developed by women

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Are you ready for Threadripper ITX Motherboards?
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that's a big socket.
Holy fuck I want it

We need more competition in the CPU and GPU spaces. AMD is giving Intel a good run for their money at the moment, and barely giving nVidia a run for their money, but I have a feeling, come middle of next year, Intel and nVidia will already have their next lineup out and make AMD a second-rate supplier once more for years to come. Does AMD have what it takes to keep the pressure on the competitors? I'm not so sure I believe they do.
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Cyrix was shit
What we need is socketed consumer RISC-V CPUs that are faster than 1GHz with at least 2 physical cores. I could also settle for MIPS autism workstations with solid UNIX operating systems like we had in the 90s as long as the companies don't go full SGI and charge the price of a small house for them.

I just put in a preorder not too long ago for the Talos II workstation that uses IBM POWER9 CPUs but that shit is fucking expensive. It cost me almost $6500. I mean it's worth every penny but I could build myself a nice x86 equivalent for 1/3 the price. Too bad that x86 is proprietary trash.
I had a Cyrix once. It was complete shit.

How does it feel knowing that your precious company is now on the iPhone 10, and the last good phone they made was the iPhone 6??

iSheep on suicide watch

>display taken straight from Samsung
>ugly chunk missing at top
>iPhone 7s... sorry *8 looks almost exactly identical to 7
>barely on wireless charging
>water resistance still on par to 7 (horse shit)
>no headphone jack
>gimmicky swipes for simple things
>face recognition HAHAHA
>$1000 for literal lazy, piece of shit phone

Farewell iPhone
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Oh look my iPhone 5s (a 6 years old phone) will get iOS 11 while Google Pixel is in its final year of support.
That's why root and ROMs excite

Another normal fagg here
The next Google Pixel is going to come out. Also, the Pixel was one of the best, if not the best phone of its year.

opinions on this /g/?
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>Iphone X
1000 for a phone with no fingerprint scanner and no buttons to control the interface, literally cucked a basic function for a stupid face scanner that won't work on the niggers that steal it

>iphone 8
They just brought out the iphone 7 again
>opinions on this /g/?
>opinions on
>this /g/
"This /g/" is awful.

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Should I get a S8 or iPhone? After my 6p bootlopped and Huawei superdicked me, I got really jaded about Android even though I know it was hardware related from them. But the iPhone X seems underwhelming and I still gotta wait a bit before I can even preorder while having to use this prehistoric HTC phone I'm on right now. But iPhones at least seem to have better longevity in terms of value and Android not being like lol gl after the phone is two years old. Plus I had a S5 and the irremovable Samsung software fucking killed me as well as that stupid ass volume warning every time it would reboot.

But it does seem like a better phone in many regards. But again, iPhone has a lot of pluses too even though the lack of USB C is fucking dumb as well as the lack of headphone jack. Additionally, my GF will think I'm a pleb if I get an iPhone. What does /g/ suggest I do?
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Get whatever makes you happy.
I don't know what will. I'm at a loss and have been going back and forth all night. I also wish the iPhone didn't cost so much more.
anyone else in here

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