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I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with Remote App in the workplace but for those of you who do support it and work with Azure AD - What do you think of Remote App being replaced with XenApp?

I've never used any Citrix product before so i'm not sure if it's better or worse. Either way, i'm not looking forward to fixing what isn't broken in my environment.
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oh wait I forgot half the people here re-install linux every day and argue about Apple products instead of working in the industry lmao
dont work with the same tech as you (cant help) but i get the exact same feeling when i ask this sub almost anything
Yeah. Serious discussion not allowed.

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I honest to Odin had less issues with Windows Vista...hell even ME than this fucking dumpster fire.
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Countless BSODs, system restores all fail, having to wipe my hard drive 3 times, unable to use any VPN service, can't install Visual Studio, video card drivers are shot...I feel your pain anon.
Add to that: fucking issue with 1700 update where you cant click on basic necessities in the search menu like CMD. Also had to wipe once cuz got the issue where no text appears in your icons or in Windows explorer. Gonna be downgrading to 7 very shortly.
unironically works for me :^)

So i've been using pic for about 2 years rooted and i've been really happy with it.

Anyone else still using this masterpiece? Are there any phones out that offer a significant performance increase or is it like processors for the past 5 years?

Feel free to post your favorite phones of all time.
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Phoneposting from my M8 right now. It'll be a sad day when I finally replace it. I can probably get another year out of it though.
i originally ordered a m8 but i didn't get to use it cause i broke it trying to fit a sim card in it. so i got a lg g5
i am really happy with the g5.
its antenna just sucks ass i never get a good connection in places i used to with my old shitty phone.
Same. I'm going to use it until it can't hold a charge. Do you know if the battery is replaceable?

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This red is TOO FUCKING BRIGHT and the contrast is TOO FUCKING MUCH!

What the hell were you thinking!
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Yeah this fucking sucks. Broke all my reskins and plugins too. God fucking dammit.
Ah yes, the joy of having to fix all your old tampermonkey scripts all over again

Thanks (((google))) and (((mobile))) users they're pandering to with this

Hey /g/

I enjoy buying and selling Bitcoins, however, I am having an issue where people are reversing their paypal payments and then I end up paying up in order to keep my paypal account. Is there anything better than xcoins? Picture related on my most recent loss.
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use coinbase you idiot . stop buying from scamers
Don't do whatever the fuck you're doing
Do something that won't fuck you over like a smart person
>>>/biz/ could probably help you more

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What kind of fuck up resolution is this?
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[spoiler]If this is a 1440p video the uploader just upscaled the video to that resolution so that youtube is using higher bandwidth than normal 1440p, ends up with better quality[/spoiler]
so this only happens at 1440p?

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What are some ways I can make my firefox more secure? Already use AdNauseam, cookie autodelete, decentraleyes, and https everywhere.
I remember a post a while back that gave some firefox variable changes to stop tracking, does anyone have a link, or any other suggestions I can implement?
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privacytools.io has a bunch of about:config settings, as well as good add-ons, messengers, email clients, etc.

Honestly, though, the best thing you can do is use NoScript and the about:config settings they have.
You can't, firefox is backdoored by Soros
>open source

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Is there anyway to save BBC iPlayer videos without recording the screen?
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I can download the videos but they only last a certain amount of time on my p.c. before they stop working in BBC iPlayer Downloads
you need to scrape for the raw media files

it looks like someone already made one on github, so there's a place to start


>pulseaudio disconnects all bluetooth devices
>connection established after a million restarts
>no high fidelity
just another day on linux
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I thought that was deprecated along with WEP
oh fuck off
Lmao fake and get, you can't use Bluetooth on a computer

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>got wifi extender from someone I had fix it
>somehow lost the power cord and guy who fixed it doesn't have a spare
>needs a nine volt adapter
>find a 4.5
>find a 12
kill me please
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use a resistor
how about an ethernet cable, did you find one of those

So, did the NSA, CIA, etc. revelations over the past several years actually hurt the US tech industry?
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It didn't do jack shit. The general populace doesn't give a single fuck. They are immune to change; afraid of it. The response (or lack thereof) is complete proof that every dystopian future you can imagine is well within the realm of possible reality.
They cost Cisco billions in sales.

The NSA is the enemy of American tech corporations.
>They cost Cisco billions in sales
Still the wage enslavers expects me to have a ccna

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I am just buying a 2nd hand rig with:
i7 2600
8gb ram
Hitachi HDS721010 1tb HDD
even it comes with fucking cd reader

for only 250 €

Gpu is a shit but going to replace it for a GTX 770 which will buy 2nd hand too so add 75 € more.

How fucked am I with that old frankenstein monster for 325€?
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Add a decent 128gb SSD and you're sitting pretty for what you paid.
>Gpu is a shit but going to replace it for a GTX 770 which will buy 2nd hand too so add 75 € more.
How much is a 1050ti in your country? Wasn't even the 960 a better specced card than 770?
As with all PCs it depends on the condition of the parts and what you will use it for.
Don't expect to play new games, I'll tell you that much.

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Any major disaster will ruin the tech industry
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Your life is a major disaster
Tech industry is fine relatively speaking
i wish.
even as civilization is crumbling people will be tweeting about on their fucking brand new $1000 smartphones

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About fucking time. Have expect less shilling and much less pro-Android/Google/Windows posts. Why can't it be like this all the time?
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Back to >>>/pol/
Back to >>>/street/
How did you get past the shutdown?

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Uni just started and we have to learn Assembly and C because they form the basis of hardware communication with OSes and because of that its for some reason important to know them so you know how everything works

I kinda get the logic, my professor said having 10 years of java work experience doesnt mean shit and doesnt mean you are a good programmer

ANYWAYS, what stuff should I do to prepare for these? I heard C and assembly are both ultra cancerous and super annoying to learn. How do I prepare
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>reddit spacing
>retarded opinions
>fell for the college meme
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shut the FUCK up idiot

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