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Where can I buy any mini keyboard with a trackpoint? This one seems to be discontinued. I need something smaller than the one offered by Lenovo.
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yeah, try buying it. It's nowhere to be found.
Ajazz geek ak33. Its a cheap chinklet mechanical keyboard, I got mine for €20

>be me, newfag and hobbyist hacker
>go to public library to get some work done with a colleague who lives nearby
>see a computer and wonder if I can open cmd as admin (windows 7)
>win+r; cmd
>opens cmd as an admin user called "LibraryAdmin"
>not a one off, all machines were signed into the same account
>decide to perform an nmap scan on the router
>pic related
>they left port 22 open
>this isn't even funny, just sad
>try to ssh into the router because why not
>asks for password
>[email protected]
>they were using some kind of virtual router and I just ssh'd into it as root
>gotta love public libraries
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There's nothing wrong with poking around and seeing how things are set up, but don't be a cunt, it's a public library. People use those when they can't afford a home computer and internet connection.
Yeah, I didn't do anything and I notified the staff, but this is just embarrassing

Is this a decent SSD?
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yes it's decent. Go for it.

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Anyone here apply for a Secret /Top secret security clearance? If so, how long ago did they ask questions about? I used to be a massive hippie who both took and sold drugs. I heard through a few people they only ask within 2 years. I've been straight edge for a while now and wanted to know how long I need to wait until I can apply. The final goal is top secret full polygraph
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I'm guessing you don't start by telling the world
>Don't start by telling the world
>Posts about it on anonymous Japanese image board

I have a TS SCI and a CI poly. If you don't have any record of drug use, like criminal charges, you don't have to cop to anything. They are generally looking for use within 7 years. The process isn't as deep reaching or as intimidating as they make it sound. You won't fail the poly if you don't get nervous. It's very easy. If you are going for your Full Scope, they will ask you weird questions about fetishes and junk, basically to see if you have any lifestyle quirks that enemy countries can use for blackmail. They won't eliminate you because you beat off to weird shit.

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Logitech G402.jpg
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I'm looking for a new gaming mouse fit for FPSs that's $60 max, but preferably $40 or less. Apparently, the Logitech G402 is very good in this respect, but I'm sceptical about it as I've had negative experiences with Logitech mice in the past. Should I spend the money, or is the Logitech 402 just a meme?
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Take a look at the logitech G pro, it's got a flawless sensor. Otherwise, your other choices are the Zowie Fk/Ek-1, the steelseries rival 700 (if you can cop one on sale) or the Logitech G403 (if you can cop one on sale)
I have the g502, and while it's pretty ugly it's been a great mouse for the past few years I've owned it.
g403. got one the other day. top quality mouse. probably the best there is right now.

Can someone tell me how to see what is actually in these lennartware add-ons? Why does Red Hat/Fedora have such shit documentation? Is there some rule that if you actually make money off of your OS it's documentation has to be dogshit compared to enthusiast distros like Arch and Gentoo?
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Come on faggots. One of you must know this shitware well enough to help me.
its auditable anon :^)

just trust us ok?

t. poettering
>Implying even half of systemds code is readable

>be me
>have to wake up this morning
>put my phone alarm and sleep securely
>wake up
>it's 7:30
>I must be working at 7:30
>get up so angry to my phone
>unlock it
>"Application 'Alarm' stopped working. Do you want to close it?"
Wow, actually Android is such a piece of shit
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>be neet master race
>never had this problem
Is it McDonald's without a roof? You're fully retarded, man.
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I am thinking about writing a program in C that does Gauss-Jordan elimination. Would this be a good project for a beginner or a cluster fuck?
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What, like matrix shit?

Shouldn't be too hard with 2d arrays
In C? I guess it should be pretty horrible if you do everything from scratch. But yeah, go ahead, could be fun.
It's a good training exercise if you don't copy-paste from stackexchange.

If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what carrier you will be using it with, along with wanted features, budget and size.

Good resources:
>reviews, specs, comparisons

>Frequency checker

>Chinkphone news

>Recommended Chinkphones $80-$300 as of a long time ago (outdated)

>Post a mini-review of your phone
>Discuss upcoming and current models
>Ask for help related to phones
>Tell us how much shekels you spent on good/bad phone
>PRAISE THE CHINKPHONES unless you live in America you shits

Moto X4 press renders leak alongside specs, expect dual rear cameras and IP68 certification

Nokia 6 becomes first to get July security update

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active receives FCC certification

Sony ‘might’ have a truly bezel-less phone at IFA 2017

Lenovo’s Moto X4 Tipped to Arrive on Google’s Project Fi in Q4 2017

Confirmed: OnePlus 5's Display is Upside-Down - Likely Causes Jelly Scrolling

OnePlus 5 vs iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy S8 Camera Comparison by Krystal Key

Previous Thread
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Been thinking about upgrading my S6 to an S7 because they are so cheap now.

I still really like my S6, it's fast, has a beautiful screen, looks great and takes great pictures.

Battery life could be better though and I wouldn't mind expendable storage + waterproofing.

Anyone that has made the jump from the s6 to the s7 and was it worth it?
S7 is massively better. S6 was a blunder.
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Not a phone but should I go for the Mediapad M3?

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so one of the ops in IRC told me yesterday that they aren't planning on re-enabling registration or editing in the foreseeable future.

should we dump the wiki and make a new one?
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>make a new wiki
>something goes wrong with it
>make a new one
>year 2035
>/g/ has 10 wikis
We can just ignore the old ones like JavaScript libraries
the current wiki would be fine if the admin wasn't a retard that thought disabling registration entirely was the only to stop the indian spam.

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>instert disc
>scratching noises
>beep sounds
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>Insert zip disk
>Pentium II struggle with reading 250MB
>Chugging and farting sounds
>dial your ISP with the modem
>plugging into the matrix sounds
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>insert disc

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Are there any modern feature phones that support J2ME?
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>supporting an outdated runtime
Well, there's no other standard for feature phone software. I would love to be able to play some Quadrapop.
This thread again?

It's called backwards compatibility, you can still run CP/M in an emulator on Windows 100 too

What exactly is the state of Linux GPU support. For ex, Unreal users report lower frame rates than on Windows. So the problem could be with Epic GLSL code ( they do mention that their code was automatically generated from their HLSL code, so it shouldn't be to efficient ), the OpenGL library and NVIDIA drivers. Where exactly do you think is the problem here?
Also, I want to do GPGPU in OpenCL but Vulkan mentions that it's also for computing. Should I understand that Vulkan superseded both OpenGL and OpenCL?
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>I want to do GPGPU in OpenCL
check out ROCm

It seems to be multi GPU oriented, I'm aiming for GPU/CPU systems.

Is rocm a driver? Does it run in parallel with NVIDIA? This is important since my code will definitely run side by side GLSL code.

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What's the best ultrabook for programming/relatively low level vidya that'll be future proof? was looking at either zenbook w/ 4k and 960m primarily, as well as xps 15 and x1 carbon, which didnt catch my eye as much. any suggestions would be appreciated, i do need portability though (which is why i chose ultrabook over just a skinny laptop) and battery life for studies.
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>i code at starbux
>Muh life story
If you're going to ask for perchase advice at least be confident about it.

Just be gone summer fag.
Xiaomi Mibook Air 13.
>What's the best ultrabook for programming/relatively low level vidya that'll be future proof
holy shit
this whole fucking line
fucking wew

I need 2.1 Speakers for a medium sized room with a projector for some loud movie audio.
Fuck surround, not worth the hassle. Just a good ol' powered 2.1 is good enough. Go.
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Post more first
>Fuck surround, not worth the hassle

Ain't even starting to explain how fucking dumb you are, dumb facebook normalfag. Enjoy missing most of the sound effects and having to pull the volume to max to hear dialogues. I bet you watch movies dubbed too.

>/g/ is NOT your personal tech support team or personal consumer review site.

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