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>this entire fucking website
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Got me started a couple years ago
Now I'm shit posting from my IT job
kek nice
Better then 'Koding with Karlie'

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I'm trying to watch a .mkv and just don't want to use VLC
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Do you even know who the CEO of apple is?


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yes but meme does not equal bad
Laterally Arch but better (if only it had an AUR, bit you can very easily create your own packages)
I've heard it called "Gentoo for people who don't have enough time for gentoo".
Been using it myself for a few months now, can confirm that that's pretty accurate.

Its biggest flaw is the lack of documentation, so if you're new to Linux in general and need a detailed guide for every problem, you may have some trouble if you decide to tinker around and rice or break some shit. But if you know what you're doing, it's really quite nice.

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1) you don't own more than 1 monitor
2) if you keyboard is black and not LED gay garbage
3) if your PC is led-free too
4) if you don't have toys, amiibos or any other underrage pedo basement dweller shit
5) if you don't have anime or razer wallpaper
6) if you actually like comfy set ups without the gay stuff
7) if your place is clean
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you're being a tard

t. someone who passes all of your "criteria"
what is your favorite anime? and can you clean my room.

Says the guy who has one of those gay headphone stands

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Any former IT/security guys here who managed to leave these memetic fields and become developers? Every dev job I search for, even the most junior requires at least 1 year of experience.

I'm sick of IT and security. Been doing it for the past 4 years. Last year I enrolled in a java course and fell in love with the dev world. For the past 4 months I've been constantly self learning Android and Node.js in my little free time.

How do I break out of the IT/Cyber bubble and get a real creative job? I also wish to freelance in the future.
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Go do some basic shit-work in webdev to build your portfolio and then apply for every job where you meet the educational/vocational requirements.
You never did security, it security isn't really security
If you're not finding your own 0 day you aren't doing security work
Apply anyways, you'll get an interview somewhere if your resume is decent.

If that doesn't work, try becoming a system administrator or getting into some other position that does actual development.


>YouTube today is launching a new sharing feature in its mobile app, previously in testing with users in select markets. The feature allows YouTube users to send their friends videos and chat from within a new tab in the mobile app – effectively turning YouTube into a mobile messenger of sorts.

>The feature has been in testing since the middle of last year, and, at the beginning of 2017, rolled out to users in Canada as something of a “soft launch.” It later expanded to parts of Latin America, the company tells us.

>Following the feedback gained from these long-term initial tests, YouTube felt it was ready to debut the sharing feature to a global audience. That roll out begins today, but won’t reach all YouTube users worldwide for a few days. In other words, if you don’t see the sharing option yet – just wait, you will soon.

>Since its debut in tests, YouTube says it has made some slight changes to the user interface for sharing, including the way the chat interface appears to users, and it made the video stick to the top of the chat when scrolling down. It also introduced the ability to allow replying and chatting while users are watching a video, which gives the feature more of a real-time feel. However, it hasn’t gone as far as to integrate the emoji responses and co-viewing found in the company’s experimental YouTube app, called YouTube Uptime.

>The idea behind the sharing feature’s development is to transition some of the social activity that takes place around videos – including the sharing of links and chats about the video themselves – back into YouTube instead of other messaging apps. It’s unclear if it will be successful in that regard. People’s preferred mobile messengers already have their established social graphs, and YouTube is having to build its social network of people’s friends and family from scratch.
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>Facebook turning into YouTube
>YouTube turning into Facebook
who will win?
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This is what happens when you let women in your company

>tfw finish my simple home automation project

What's the best IDE for arduino? getting tired of the default one

Also can i use #define in place of const char*?
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Just install avr-gcc and write for the arduino in C, there is more control.
Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought Arduino was just using a modified/stripped C. Can't you just use any text editor plus the compiler?
Arduino still alive in 2017?
LMAO, what you do? A 3x3 led cube and call it a masters project?

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Well now that the Threadripper benchmarks are out and it's a huge piece of shit for gaming, what are low IQ gaymers like myself supposed to wait for now? Will the Coffee Lake 8700K be something to look forward to or should I not get my hopes up?
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>and it's a huge piece of shit for gaming
Are you even looking at the same benchmarks? It's as good as Ryzen, I don't know how you were expecting any better when it's basically the same CPU, only two of them now.

Remember to sage and hide!
>Will the Coffee Lake 8700K be something to look forward to or should I not get my hopes up?
Will probably be another shitshow rushed housefire like X299 to be honest.

intel has a big financial problem with Coffee Lake and it isn’t the mediocre specs. As SemiAccurate has been chronicling for months now, it is about their cost structure in light of the continuing process failures.

there it is we are watching someone going bankrupt alright not the one that /g/ thought so tho
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>Note: The following is analysis for professional level subscribers only.

Thanks for the paywall article, faggot.
i highly doubt intel will go bankrupt THAT quickly , it will hurt em , but AMD has suffered way worse and managed to survive on wall lower margins
but who am i kidding , this is /g/ , everyone is BANKRUPT AND FINISHED

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What's the cheapest PC you can build using modern parts?
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Do I have to actually build it? Because the answer is a used corporate workstation. I could literally get them for free with some luck.
https://pcpartpicker.com/list/LW9hzM this desu
define modern parts

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Any tech gifts worth around $100 that would qualify for a /g/man? It's my birthday soon and I don't know what??
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>buying yourself gifts
This is an 18+ board
Sure, pretty much any computer peripheral. Get some really swanky keycaps if you already have the keyboard, for example.
He could be talking about making a wishlist. Though that's also pretty sad for a grown adult.

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your own discretion
Your butthole.
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None of them.

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Windows fag here
Could you guys tell me what are the benefits of Arch Linux? I'm intersted in testing them but have no idea if it's worth it or not.
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Dont bother
AUR is really nice, but Arch itself is a piece of shit. I can only recommend it if your time is useless and have a ton of free time.
Can you recommend me some "worth it" Linux-based OS?

Post your work bench
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>3 monitors
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You are useing the loudest fucking keyboard in a work place?
Anoying out of every one
I would punch you in the fucking knee caps
and key your fucking car
but your suck a fag with that blender bottle that you probably pay for ubers or a gay subway with niggers
fuck off you at&t customer support faggot


Is there an app, computer program, raspberry pi program, ANYTHING that does a very simple thing.

Uses nice sounding text to speech to wake me up and tell me the basic things.

The weather today is x°c with a % of rain and etc...

Oddly enough not even the spy giants google, apple and amazon alexa don't have this simple feature.


I don't need the fancy house, the fancy woman, the fancy windows.

Just an program that tells me. It's 8 AM wake up the weather is X°c.
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I bet you could do this with Tasker on mobile. You can generate your own synthetic speech samples and save them as a series of audio clips. Tasker simply has to initiate playback of the right ones in sequence depending on the time and weather, which it can

I just stopped typing mid-reply because I figured someone else has already done all this. And they basically have.
I know it can be done with a lot of things, windows task scheduler plus my own C# program or Java.

Or I could fuck around with mobile apps and combine them.

I'm just curious if there is such a thing or do I need to actually develop it.

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