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Is this the worst piece of software ever created?
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Only if you prefer playing PS2 games with their shitty native resolution and erratic frame rate

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thought i had figured out this fl studio torrent, didn't work (when you close the program, a dialog box opens showing you purchase options)

can anyone recommend one? i'm terrible with this stuff. i need like a walkthrough over skype
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I recommend you kill yourself, you colossal fucking retard.
tried but it didn't work help plz
You see OP you're going about this the wrong way. First you need to

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Hey /g/, poor college student here, having some trouble picking out a cheap desktop. Which is better/are there any real differences between the obvious dual core i3 and quad core i5.

An Optiplex with a quad i5/i7 is ideal, but are the Chinkcentres any good? Do I just get the HP? Will OP ever stop being a faggot n00b and just fucking Google it?

Will post pics of the computers I'm looking at on Craigslist, eBay seems to be about the same on pricing unless I don't want a HDD.
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If you're really poor and want to go cheap, the answer is to get the cheapest one. Get your homework done and you'll soon not have to worry about what computers are most affordable.
>buying prebuilts
>i5/I7 is ideal
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I'm in college in IT so kind of willing to spend the couple extra dollars now.

Here's the Optiplex. I'm most interested in this one but don't know if there's a real difference between most Optiplex' besides different processors.

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What's the point of having a desktop PC if you're not a gaymer?

why not a prebuilt laptop from a reliable brand + external monitors?

For normal tasks like programming, it's more than enough.. it's portable and more reliable than building your own thing
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Business laptop + docking station master race

the best of both worlds
can you recommend business laptop
and docking station ?
If you aren't a gamer then all you need is an iPad. Programmers get used ThinkPad's anyway.

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Has anyone made iphone/ipad games/apps on mobile cross platform for visual studio? What have your experiences been like?

Is it better to use C++ or C#? Does Xamarin only support C#?
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> ITT I didn't research
is it better to use Swift for Windows to make iOS apps?

have you used VS mobile cross platform features?

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I'm looking for a long term host for my continuing music project. I'd like something with unlimited storage and bandwidth. Uptime is not a hyperpriority as I make shit music and nobody will listen to it anyways. Trying to find a review website for hosts is an incredible spamchore, and I trust you guys. Who will be around in five years? Dreamhost? Hostgator? Dunno. thx /g/.
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try Vultr.
Google Drive

good evening /g/

I was wondering if there was a way to track a persons location by entering in their email address?

subsequent question:
what is the most effective way to slash and burn any and all info the internet might have saved on you? I'm applying for a job that has reasonable security clearance and I don't want my stupid comments as an edgy teenager to ruin my chances. thanks!
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bumping for info. pls :(
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And pretty much no. The internet never forgets.
are you sure? because I remember there being some website where if you typed in an email address it would give you a general location of where the person who used that address was accessing it from.

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sept 11
should we tell him the new iPhone is $999 for 64GBs as well?
I own an SE. it's paid for so i'll probably just keep it for another year.

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Actually it's a phone, retard.

top fucking kek
Do the BOGO if you really want it.

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>his username is lain
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You don't seem to understand.
faggot op

we're all lain
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Those disgusting 3D whores wouldn't know who lain even is. Don't worry, lolibots will replace them soon enough.

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Why do you think it's unfair to give quota to women in tech? I believe all employees living in California working with software/technology should be required to hire 70% of women.
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Go away /pol/.
but I'm in the best place. /pol/+technology = 4chan masterrace
>employees should be required to hire
t. brainlet that can't english

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>upload the Emily Bloom folder to iCloud Drive
>Apple ID suspended
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B-but Apple respects my p-privacy! They would never look at my stuff.
tfw i download illegal shit from google drive and no one bats a fucking eye
proof or it didnt happen

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Can you really torrent without worry if you buy a VPN?
I got my second warning email thing telling me to please stop and I've heard everything between "relax its just infinite wrist slaps" to "yea they shut off my internet"
whats the deal
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Most vpn do a decent job of masking your information, but that's not to say it can't be discovered by third parties.

Also, if you made something, Tyrone, would you want to be paid for it?
They will get paid, not everyone is going to pirate. (comma)
But some of us pirates are smart pirates, we get a lot of knowledge from not paying for every book, movie, music, programs, that we maybe wouldn't have money to, not my judgement, kek.
We have to me more responsible pirates and give money or pay the works of the people who create good stuff, even not buying it and saying to people it was good creates income for them since some of the people we influenced will watch it, and some of them by not pirate ways.
just get a vpn you can run an ssh tunnel to. that way if your isp finds out what you were downloading, either youre fucking dumb or they were illegally grabbing and decrypting your packets.

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Why evan use Windows anymore?
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League of Legends
Nothing. Using Windows makes me feel like some CIA nigger is breathing behind my neck.
I don't like Unix-like systems and ReactOS isn't good enough to use yet so I suffer with the botnet in the meantime.

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I currently have a i7 4790 and was thinking of upgrading to 7th gen or some 7700 i7 in a few months. Is it worth the upgrade or are those two similar in performance and wouldn't be worth my money to upgrade to?
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Wait for Ryzen 2 newfag
Wait for the 8700k or Ryzen 2.
Haswell is still good. Why switch?

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