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What are some anti-fapping technologies that aren't useless if you have root?
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the fuck are you talking about
stop paying your internet bill
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Not sure, sorry

Not a programmer or some shit like that, am using this for a decay and never ever had a problem. It's old and stuff but I can do whatever I need to and it's conformable to me.
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fuck *decade
nice blog
Just wait for Wannacry 2: No-more-killswitch Boogaloo

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only qts are allowed, I'll start!
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u w u
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15 games.png
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Almost 2 years of hype for this? Honestly, what a disappointment...
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oh fuck it.

I will pick up Volta and get over with GPU bullshit.
At least Linux users now have a high performance-ish GPU with good open source support.

Literally the one and only small upside to Vega.
>literally an overclocked fury
fuck you guys weren't memeing

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Is there any single best Linux distro on the market?

Been using Ubuntu mate for a while and I'm pretty happy, but I'm just wondering, is there anything better I can switch to?
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Solus is number 1.
The answers to these questions are entirely subjective. The answers you are looking for come from within.
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kys OP.

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... and this is what a recent client wants us to develop.

I can't figure out if it is absolute gold or exceptional insanity. At any rate they want us to build this but they don't have any real capital. We quoted them 60k to build it. I'll dump their additional information ITT. It's pretty entertaining I think.
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Company name/motto
- making the world more open and secure

What does jacket mean?
jacket: prison slang for ones legal history

Basic site features:
-All users claim their accounts rather than create them. By entering their birth date, name, and providing a photo id, along with a valid cc they can then use their account, judge jackets, comment, etc. All site features are unlocked to them except premium usership.
-All jacketbook profiles are generated via the background checking API. Only jackets in the USA will be initially featured on JB. The whole system will undergo updates on a quarterly basis. This makes the information instant, and free, totally ad driven.
-Users will be able to add things to their jackets such as: property holdings, business holdings, cars, boats, and planes they own. They can even add criminal charges to their own jackets. i.e. "Theft- When i was in high school i stole someones pen" - etc.
-Non-premium users can only judge jackets once every hour on startup and then every 3 hours after the site has traction.
-Users can submit evidence regarding their court cases and can provide an explanation in their own words as to what had happened. Two features: evidence, testimony.
-Judged jackets are highly important and will be on a real time feed aggregator on the main site design.
-Judging a jacket with one of two buttons: guilty, or not guilty. After a button is selected the user is prompted to write a statement of judgement. (Only one comment per charge on a jacket is allowed and comments (judgement) cannot be removed.)
-There is no reporting system.
-All comments on JB are the intellectual property of the poster.
-There are no fake accounts on JB.
-Court cases from the past, present, and future can all be judged/voted on.
-Ad blockers are disabled on jacketbook.com - site is unviewable with an adblocker.

JB premium account features
-see phone numbers and addresses
-no wait time on judging jackets
-free printable background report acceptable by employers
-unlimited user messaging
-see credit reports
-premium account seal on jacket
-access to the mobile app
Jacketbook rating: JBR
-This is a 'social safety' rating.
-The point system is still being debated but essentially someone with a clean jacket would have a 100% rating.
-Someone with a dirty jacket, say 10 criminal charges, might have 60% rating.
-The lower the rating, the more dangerous the person.
-A JBR is on every jacket beside the users name.

Information provided in jackets
First, middle last name
Also seen as names- former maiden names, alias
Date of birth
City of birth
Divorce/marriage records
Social media accounts
Criminal record
Driving records
Property holdings
Vehicles owned

*The JB database updates the 250,000,000 jackets quarterly.

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Which programming language is the best? Javascript, Python, or Ruby?

And if your answer is Ruby, why haven't you killed yourself yet?
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Ruby without a doubt.
Like Trump tweets, only sweeter.
>JavaScript, python, ruby
> """"""""""""""""""""languages""""""""""""""""""""

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Is KeePassXC a good password manager?

Any other recommendations?
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single point of failure
What other solution do you have smartass?
It's not realistic to have and remember shitload of passwords for all your websites without password manager.
Using the same password for everything is much more insecure than keeping keepass database with multiple passwords.
I'm not autistic enough to note all my passwords on paper and read it from there every single time.
Not him but you must have a pretty shit memory if you can't even remember your own password.

How do you breathe?

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Daily reminder that centralized services such as 4chan are always the way to go for optimal free speech and controversial discussion
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Go back to i2c, faggot
Nah man. The community should have the ability to remove comments that don't contribute to discussion. "Free speech" just means you can't be imprisoned for it.
>free speech on an anime site
For what purpose?

My phone came with some smart features, and one of them is its ability to automatically turn itself off and on whenever you want it. So it's possible to have it turn off around 10PM and turn on around 8AM, whichever days you like, or even all week.

Since while it's off, nothing drains the battery, it means I save 10 hours worth of idling drain, which is around 4-5%. So my phone has to be charged like once a week, and it's easier to keep it in the 30-80% sweet spot, which is really nice.

My question is, is it worth keeping this routine? Does it cause less wear having it turned off for the night or is it just placebo?
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No, just enable airplane mode
this is for people who have no life or some shit like that?

my phone is on 24/7 and i run fuck huge batteries, 7800 mah or 9800 mah are my main batteries with a 6000 and a ton of 3000's if i need to go sleek. i keep 2 fast chargers, 1 20,000 mah power brick in the car, and another 20,000 mah power brick for backup.

i also leave my phone plugged in when i'm asleep.

i can't remember the last time i had a dead battery.
lol, you must be a poor maggot.
I turned my phone off for the last week, so nobody can reach me.

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Was this Microsoft's swan song?
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What's a "swan song?"
the great, final deed before death
What's a "swan song?"

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>media calls something evil
>government agrees
>companies agree
>its banned from discussion
>its banned from search results
>its banned from storage providers
>its banned from domain registry

Its cool to ban nazis from the internet because they deserve it amirite? But what happens when other subjects start getting banned? Is anyone else worried?
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No, we're fucked. We've been fucked.
It's already happening.
You can't even hold a negative opinion on gays without committing social suicide.
this is why we need to fight back from the oppressive liberals

yesterday Jason Kessler got attacked and had to flee from a lawfully permitted panel, the police did nothing and the people were not arrested. the left cheered this as good, because "fuck nazis" right? well im sure theyll care once it starts happening to people they agree with. its a dangerous precedent to set

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Arthur Clark iMac.jpg
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He knew Macintosh was superior to PC.
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and look where that got him, he's dead now
and he was gay
>only great contribution in his field was writing a short story which was then adapted into a movie which he turned into a book
2001 is kino as fuck, but I can't imagine someone watching it for entertainment. Shining was Kubrick's best movie.

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So I'm doing a web dev. degree, I'm mostly using adobe products and I code alot. I plan on doing a software engineering degree after this. I've been using a PC my whole life and I've recently started using linux. But I want to switch to Mac OS and dual boot Archlinux/Ubuntu/ElementaryOS, what should I do? Should I just stick to a PC?
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Make your own decisions
Stick with what you use best and don't let the /g/tards meme you into stupid shit. They're all NEETs who live off disability.
>Web dev
>Code a lot
> Software engineer

God the memes are creating life.
Didn't know software engineering was a major it's kind of idiot. Only thing I know is computer engineering

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Poor volta they said
Wait the drivers they said
4x more power efficient they said
Good crypto card they said

There are literally no reasons to get this card
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If it's terrible at mining and supports SR-IOV it's basically the HBM card I've always dreamed of.
Going to wait until it hits rock bottom on price and snatch one up to replace my fury.
>Now that the NDA has lifted, I have received confirmation that SR-IOV is not currently supported on Consumer ASICs like the RX Vega.

Yet they are sold out on major sites, while you are here complaining and shitposting like a cute little snowflake

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