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What is the best way to convert a smartphone into a laptop?

Pic related. It's https://www.sentio.com/
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windows 10 mobile continuum
Install taskbar on f-droid
Plug phone on tv
plug keyboard and mouse to phone
Install wps office

Alternatively you can:
Install FOSS vnc server on your phone
Install tightVNC client on laptop
Done :)
>Install FOSS vnc server on your phone
there's no vnc server for andoird

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Like, regulary? What does it bloat? Or can it be even prevented?
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Registry and DLL hell.

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Well first of all, windows was originally built on an architecture that used C++ and kernel in C. Mac uses more stable unix / objective c quirky but controlled environment.
Windows bloats because of registry issues, bad data mapping onto hard disks(fragmented drives), bios malfunctions and corruptions in early years, and not to mention the ever inescapable bloat ware that is ore installed to keep your computer "up to date" ...to put it simply, it can be slowed, but the aging and impending doom of your systems inability to allocate memory properly and keep away the "bugs" will concede to be your inevitable downfall

Poorly coded software that fucks up everything, installs endless outdated libs and frameworks, shits all over your registry which then gets too big for its own good, does the same thing on your filesystem which it fills up with temporary data that's never cleaned... Windows is also to blame, it piles up tons of logs and data you'll never read nor need and that should be disabled by default, it keeps backups of past updates for no reason which a fresh install all compiles as a single one...

You could avoid it by avoiding bad software, but then you would only be using paint and notepad. Or you can prevent it with tight administration, but while it's worth it for a large company, that's a lot of work for your sole home computer, and formatting once in a while is much quicker.

Is it legal to stream and upload local police via SDR?
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Why would it not be?
yes. those are public airwaves.
Sweet, thanks

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What's a good Pale Moon extensions/themes/addons/configuration, whatever?
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just use firefox's

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How can hacking / creative coding be used for the forces of good?
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By making animu real
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Basically companies pay you to find flaws and exploits in their software and systems so that they they can fix them before some malicious hacker finds it later on down the road
Or if you want to be a white knight vigilante faggot you could just hack people that no one likes and fuck with them or help catch criminals and shit
You can join Anonymoose and fight the capitalism.

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Some cryptonigger in my town is selling his old mining rig and is selling GTX 1070 cards. They're about year old and he's been mining with them.

He claims in an ad that they work fine (he's selling them because they're not as profitable anymore).

Do silicon chips degrade over time? Is it worth it buying old GPUs that have been run hard (I'm guessing 24/7) for a whole year? How quickly does the silicon degrade and begins to fail?
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The fans will probably maybe fail. The silicon is fine because miners usually undervolt and underclock to keep temperatures and power bills down.
They have no moving parts which degrade, only heat can damage them, still the chips can take some damage and continue dunctioning by turning off the damaged parts which leads to a loss of performance. To keep a chip alive as long as possible either cool it very well or turn down its clock speed and voltage, there's no real way to tell whe your chip will fail during normal operation, could be the day you bought it, could be in 30 years.
TLDW: no.

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Why are people so stupid?
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>Why are people so stupid?

Why are you fucking blind?
Lmao file size is a dick waving contest now

"Yeah man i have this .jpeg of a dog saved on my 1tb HDD, it's the only thing that fits but I just will not skimp on quality sorry bro"

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that is a logo
What if I'm running Leenoox?

So delta.chat uses autocrypt in order to do the whole crypto magic (PGP) seemlessly. It uses email in order to be able to communicate as if you were on telegram. So it has the benefits of using the most old school tech and being able to communicate efficiently.

There are some downsides, when you are talking to non-delta.chat users. THeir mail will be spammed in the inbox. When they respond they will not see the particular thing you are responding to.

Pretty much gave up on email a while ago, it is things like this that make me think its not completely over just yet. It is decentralized, and the problem of different clients will be something that will be solved pretty quickly in the near future. I don't think it will be hard to package that program into different operating systems. All they need to do is make it a chrome app, and pretty much you are now cross platform. Done.

Here are some links for people to read regarding autocrypt that I found on the interwebs dealing with common questions regarding what I am talking about.








I think it shows promise especially once they clients working everywhere. Improve the multi-device ability on same account.
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Why should I use this instead of or in addition to Telegram, again?
>Why should I use this instead of or in addition to Telegram, again?

Not to shit post on what you said, but literally I just gave a ton of links on top explaining what the difference is. Primarily, to use telegram YOU need to be on telegram. To use email, well you don't need anything other than email, which is universal. So it adds the functionality of chat like client to email that is the entire point at least.

Also Telegram for group chats, IS not encrypted. They use encryption that is novel and not well tested, do I need to keep going? I use telegram, only because it is convenient. But once they make this email thingy take off, it will be so much better than anything out there. Nothing is faster, more efficient, than email is. Better battery life, better bandwidth saving, and on top of that having the convenience of not having to convince someone to yet again join another network. All they would have to have is some compatible client that gives them the chat like experience. Like I said the current downside, is that there isn't such a client for all platforms, but that should be resolved quite quickly.
Never heard about this until now. Looks interesting! Thx OP

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ITT: ideas of apps/services that you can't program or be bothered to program yourself

Mine would be an app that permits you to send text messages from a computer through bluetooth, no text goes through some botnet server like Pushbullet or Airdroid
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a program to make my wife real
Airdroid is botnet? Fugg what can I even use?
No, Pushbullet is a botnet on top of the Android botnet smartypants

I made some css rules for 4chan.
>Inb4 minimalism is gay
PS Stylish is a botnet, use Stylus
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Dumb phoneposter
How the fuck are you able to use .css for android?
Looks like shit

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2bh you guys may be confused as to why I simultaneously shill various operating systems and why I at other times mock others for using those same operating systems. The truth is, I don't even use computers and I thought we were all just tech illiterate people roleplaying as computer users.
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2bh more like 2 cute feet (。>﹏<。)
made me think
>why I simultaneously shill various operating systems
Because you're bought and paid for, and your masters tell you to.

>why I at other times mock others for using those same operating systems.
Because of your guilty conscience.

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This is the absolute current state of Intel
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the absolute state of the west
Who in the fuck is Bob?
fuck the west I want to move
>europe is cucked too
well what the shit now

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Smug grenouille.png
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>thousands of lines of code
>doesn't do anything

OOP in a nutshell
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OOP is not too bad with functional desu
frogs are fucking stupid
>frogs are fucking stupid

>Surrendered to Germany in just 6 weeks

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car charger.jpg
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Can someone tell me what this connector is called, there is a cigarette adapter that hooks up to this but I keep losing it.
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Looks like a 5-port USB hub of some kind m8.
5.5mm 12VDC.
5.5mm 12v DC

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