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Why does short message service protocol have a max. size of 160 charakters?

>inb4 because the protocol was limited to 140 bits

yes, but why? Was this a technical decision? Or was this simply deemed to be the right amount for marketing purposes? Why was it never changed?

pic not related
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SS7 Mobile Application Part payloads have a maximum payload length of 140 bytes and were sent in GSM between unused signalling cells.
How about you searx it, nigger
>Why does short message service protocol have a max. size of 160 charakters?
Because it's a deprecated price of shit and no one should use it anymore

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This language is like Ruby, with babby-tier helper functions that reduce everything from a for loop upwards reduced to a single word except you're the one manually writing out and defining everything

This is object oriented programming Java style where you write out overtly verbose functions (throwing the idea of inheritance out the window) except it's more redundant and convoluted than that because you have to define where it's being pulled from

An example from Stack Overflow, the man wondering why `setState` is returning `undefined`

class Counter extends React.Component {
constructor(props) {

this.state = {
count : 1


delta() {
count : this.state.count++

render() {
return (
<button onClick={this.delta}>+</button>

Turns out


Should actually be

this.delta = this.delta.bind(this);

Why I can't even begin to justify because this Fischer Price babby's first boilerplate example is so many levels of redundant and roundabout I'm not sure where to begin

I don't understand how someone stupid enough to think this is a good idea is smart enough to make the language and see it through.
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shame it's not going away anytime soon. to me even PHP is a real blessing compared to this fuckery
Just use arrow function
Or install Typescript
The problem with JavaScript and anything that derives from it is that there's simply TOO MANY WAYS to do things

You'd think that would be good, but it's fucking confusing when you're looking at code someone else """wrote""" (they copied off SO) and it's blatantly obvious since every single function and method are declared differently

function nigger(a, b) {

var nigger = function(a, b) {
// shit

data() {
// shit

data(() => {
// shit

While there are different use cases for each of these, any normal person would pick one way to use something and then stick to that specific way

>apple ecosystem
>plug iphone into my macbook, instantly recognizes it, less of a connection and more of an extension of two devices clearly owned by the same person
>every song, movie, TV show, etc. syncs without hassle
>akin to eating at a five star restaurant with business executives and venture capitalists

>chinkphone + chinkpad """ecosystem""""
>have to do literal backflips through hoops on linux to even RECOGNIZE the joke of a phone you've plugged in
>even then, you can only browse endless useless system files and charge its explosive battery
>akin to dumpster diving with heroin addicts

So why haven't you joined the Apple world, anon? You really think you won't be grossing people out when you take that rusty Thinkpad to Starbucks and it fills the room with its Chinese musk?
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Reading this post
Tried to transfer an .mp3 to a faggotphone a couple years ago and they still are incompatible with everything that doesn't have the apple logo.
No, thanks, i prefer to buy staff that work.
>t. assmad mactoddler

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Is there a way to disable images being loaded when you are on the internet? An add on of your browser or something in the settings?
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Why add-on? It's supported natively in all the mainstream browsers.
It's not good on some browsers... E.g. ff derivatives
It's good though on opera
In ff there is a wonderfull addon called quickjava
You can enable/disable img, gifs, webrtc, js, java,e.t.c. with a click of a button. Put it on the addon bar(suppose you have one) and you are able to do the work.

How can i get Morrowind to work on PowerPC mac powerbook G4 specifically
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install gentoo
perhaps this...
try OpenMW?

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>pink wojak
You sure you didn't want to post this to /biz/?

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/g/ will defend this
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no u
no we wont

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this is blatantly trolling now, every fucking other fucking captcha is this shit and its ALWAYS the first one and it NEVER passes

ive tried clicking the top left car and then not, same shit
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Use legacy CAPTCHA.
you can usually just skip the first one since it's a dud
maybe unselect the street sign

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Any alternatives to this? I'm trying to wean off google
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Crocodile Note
The fuck? Literally anything

I mean I use keep as well but a pad and paper or an email draft can basically replace it, minus reminders.

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First thing I hear when I walk in is this Mike Montiero guy bitching about Trump and "the rise of American fascism".

How can we stop the politicization of tech; it's annoying as fuck.

Also give me redpills for my coworkers to see entryism in action, if you have any.
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my fascist phone is rotating the image
>slide is about niggers
>picture if from the cat lady march on DC judging from all the pink pussy hats
>picture if from the cat lady march on DC judging from all the pink pussy hats

You have no idea how butthurt that march made blm

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>he uses multiple single line comments to write multiple line comments
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Yes, sometimes.
>his language has multiple line comments
Yeah. // looks better than that /* shit

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Hey, anon, why did you take up a worthless and jobless degree like computer science?
A computer science degree is almost as worthless as a video game degree, or even worse, liberal arts!
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Engineering is where its at
You must be a NEET
with computer science i can make software products, what the fuck can someone with a liberal arts degree make?

Do you not like youtube's new layout?
You do not want the botnet but you still want to watch youtube videos?
Do you like the terminal and text based programs?
Do you like using MPV???
I present you, mps-youtube
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>he doesn't have his subscriptions fed to him through RSS and then auto downloaded with youtube-dl

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teach me your ways

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i was reading yesterday the gv100 whitepaper
when suddenly

Quality of Service is how quickly the GPU execution resources will be available to process work
for a client upon submission of the work. Volta MPS provides control for MPS clients to specify
what fraction of the GPU is necessary for execution. This control to restrict each client to only a
fraction of the GPU execution resources reduces or eliminates head-of-line blocking where work
from one MPS client may overwhelm GPU execution resources, preventing other clients from
making progress until prior work from another MPS client completes
(page 32)
they literally emulated async and still is almost 60% behind amd on it
cant wait to see their "async" in work while cloging poor 4 core cpu's
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>they literally emulated async and still is almost 60% behind amd on it
It actually sounds like this would be used for VDI environments.
this is literally how async works since its inception
they created an abstraction layer cause obviously they lack the hardware
i doubt they will bring this on the consumers anyway it will tax the system like a mothefucker
>this is literally how async works since its inception
So? And it doesnt matter because absolutely no one uses AMD for VDI workloads. This is for the Tesla V100 which will be extensively for VDI.

I'm a faggot and I have a small blog that nobody visits, but I want to have some kind of analytics to see how many and from which country people are maybe visiting me. What is alternative to pic related that respects Freedoms(tm)?
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Logs on webserser
webanaltyics dosnt work if you disable javascript / block analytics in hosts file
if you just want the simple shit get something that visualizes your webserver logs.

AWStats is the classic.
W3Perl is that other program.
GoAccess is the new kid.

If you only got shared hosting botnets are the only option for you.

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