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What laptop are you using /g/?

I use a t410, my friend wants a laptop for $1000 and under. Needs to be from 2015-2017. Any recommendations?
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HP Stream 13
Looks pretty shit
Toshiba satellite L40 - 14H

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This shit gave me autism
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you already had it, SAP just helped you discover it.

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>get a bluetooth adapter for my PC to use with my headphones for around the house
>feel like I'm living in cyberpunk land

Post some more so simple, yet so cool tech feels.
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Why don't you just buy one tablet and carry it around?
I still don't get it. How do they help in your daily life? How is having one tablet for every room in the house better than having one tablet that you carry around?
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Okay that's pure autism.

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is there a way to remove drm from kindle books i bought? i remember reading a while ago that calibre couldn't do it anymore, though i've never used it. kindle is awful to use on a desktop
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"remove drm from azw3"
my books are kfx format, looks like i'm fucked. oh well
I know this might sound overly simplistic
But can't you just copy the text over in plain text and put it back in the device with a different extension?

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What are good books on writing a bytecode interpreter? I want to write a scripting language in C or C++. I've implemented a shunting-yard algorithm, but that's such a small component.
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Read the source of other bytecode interpreters.
I've read jvm's before, they're greek.
Check out perl6's one

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Forget about Brave, the best chromium based browser for desktop is Vivaldi. Now that many of you are disappointed with the direction that Firefox is taking, I invite you to try Vivaldi. Has many power-user feats plus Google Chrome extension support.
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best option for linux right now desu lad
Stop posting about fucking browsers
No, the best chromium based browser is either iridium for security or slimjet if you like to have a lot of settings options and also privacy. Slimjet is ungoogled also

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what's the least expensive modern thinkpad I can use? Pls don't suggest older one's
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I'm looking into ThinkPads too. In my opinion, the absolute bare minimum are T420/X220/T520/W520. Third gen would (T430 etc) be better because you get USB 3 without the need to install some house fire chinkshit cards.
Of course it really depends on what you're going to do with it.
i don't want a t420 only looking at modern one's fampai

What do you think guys about Brave? How does it compared to Firefox (Nightly ofc) for example? In performance, and daily use. Let me know your opinions about this browser, does any of you use it, would you use it? Does it worth using it instead of Chromium and Firefox?
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If you download valgrind and then run

>valgrind brave

You will see all the memory leaks and bullshit that comes with this shitty browser.
Fuck off shill
I've seen so many of these types of threads


Your browser a shit

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Currently part of the botnet and thinking of trying Icecat. Is it possible to install it on Windows? Only saw files for gnu and Linux.
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Install Firefox Nightly
Nightly has privacy extensions still despite /g/ lies.

It also has the ability to use Chrome and Opera Extensions now.
its opensource and based off firefox so im 100% sure it can run on windows, question is there a build?
Can you test vimperator or pentadactly?
Im 100% sure those won't run.
And no i dont care for vimium/vimfs

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Well that didn't take long for Soros to buy Firefox. Time to change lads

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>George Soros funded a fact checking software known as "Full Fact"
>Mozilla is launching the "Mozilla Information Trust Initiative" in order to combat fake news
>/g/ sees this as concrete evidence that Mozilla and Soros are working together

It could be true, but it could also be a coincidence. There is no evidence of an association. No proof.

Also I literally just spoke with a Mozilla employee who said pic related
ESR 52 is my last firefox. I just want to see the last few months of functional XUL extensions in real time
Why do we hate Soros again?

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>tfw when you start learning how to program with a great enthusiasm but after a while you realize how boring it actually is

Kill me.
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does anyone else know it feels?

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He hasn't changed any sysctl settings. He still uses cubic!

Post interesting sysctl settings
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Here's what I got:
# settings to compensate for horrible network connection
# avoid swapping on SSDs
vm.dirty_writeback_centisecs = 6000
kernel.nmi_watchdog = 0
# more agressive congestion control
# selective acks
# increase max length of processor input queues
# increase TCP max and default buffer sizes
# increase memory thresholds to prevent packet dropping
net.ipv4.tcp_rmem="4096 87380 4194304"
net.ipv4.tcp_wmem="4096 65536 4194304"
# TCP low latency mode

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Can anyone help me made a program like that on Python?

And no, I am not a programmer, I am a manager.
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Pay us
How much do you want? If $15 would be enough?
This is what you pay people for you dumb faggot. And if your a manager, you should probably learn that hiring people off an iranian basket painting forum is a bad idea

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what do you think there up to ?
- backdooring hardware/ or software
- wiretapping lines
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You forgot to make "is" backwards retard

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what are some cool xposed modules? also is snapintercept broken just for my shitty phone or everybody else?
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>tfw still no official xposed for nougat
its being worked on atm

theres a non official version from abforce

at the moment btw but its not 100% stable on all devices

for some its a drop in replacement


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