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Oh boy, they are not trying to hide it anymore.
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trying to save this shitty thread
Is this a lobotomized version of tay?
Tnx mate

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I want something along the lines of:

>No Ad Filtering detected

>We have noticed that you do NOT have an ad blocking software enabled.

>Please install/enable one to continue reading MyEbinMemeBlog.com

Basically, the opposite of what what's intuitive. Surely someone on /g/ must have done this reliably.
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OP here
NVM /g/urus, solved it. ;-)
Just use fuckadblock but show your page if it detects ad blockers.
Fuck off.

How legit is oceanofgames? All the games I've downloaded work but a few people have said it's full of virus so I wiped my HDD.
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Go back to your manchild board
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Texted you, frend. ;-)
I've never gone on /v/ once

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didn't read. I know go is trash but what's up this time?
Assembly and C++ is all the computer devs need.


Stubbid Go, hehehe..

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>be me
>buy cheap 30dollar gpu
>try to setup gpu passthrough in linux
>20page long documentation
>try anyway
>follow every step accurately
>at the end get more than 20 different kinds of errors
>checkout forums whats wrong, try to get past every error
>new errors start to appear
>go to forum
>"install an older version dude"
>still get errors
>spend the entire day since morning till midnight just with this
>give up
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OP here
NVM guys, got it working. ;-)
>30dollar gpu

awww sheeeiiiit nigga

buy a $3 gpu. xen and qemu just love that cheap sheeeeeiiiiiitt
tough luck OP... try this download

Rust or C++?
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Rust will surpass C++ in the future
C++ is imploding from within
Nothing useful has ever been written in Rust

Prove me wrong

What's the point of using K9 Mail over GMail or the default e-mail app?

How will I be able to use my calendar app and link other apps to my e-mail? K9 Mail doesn't allow that for some reason.
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You don't get the auto sorting into different labels. My mail getting separated into Primary, Promotions, and Social has been so fucking helpful.
K9 uses IMAP push rather than real push notifications which consume far more battery.

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Make Web 1.0 sites.
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Enjoy writing millions of static pages, dumbfuck

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Is there a more recent version of pic related? If not, posting for posterity
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list is pretty much up to date desu; want new books you should check /dpt/
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what's c++ equivalent for this ?
I sure hope you supplement that book, anon. Unless you're writing code for a platform that has only a C89 compiler.

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Hi /g/

I have an Fantec USB 3.0 external HDD case with asmedia ASM1153E as usb controller.

It powers off the HDD after ~15min in Idle which is very annoying.
Is there any way to disable this power saving "feature".

I run Windows 7.
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go to your windows power options and disable HD sleep after inactivity.
It specifically or all your drives? There's a setting in power management that disables drives after x minutes of inactivity, and it defaults to 20. Make sure that's off
there is an option in power management, I use linux so can't tell the exact route or screenshot, but if I remember right, power management, advanced options, idle disk time, and set it 0.
The words may be different, because I didn't used english version

Go Fetch
Windows / GNU+Linux / Mac OS / Android
Everyone is welcome
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old skool like
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isac's fourth pc.png
3MB, 3072x1080px

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Basically, I just got a new tv off a friend and I wanna swap it for my old monitor
My screen resolution matches the moniters and my driver is up to date
Problem is that the display is still not displaying shit properly (pic related)
Please explain this to me like I'm retarded, how do I go about fixing this?
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Its not your PC causing this issue. Its the TV's picture settings. They may be on zoom or some shit. Go into the actual TV settings.
Have you tried changing the settings on the TV? Theres probably a way to set it to fit the screen instead of fit or whatever. Thats more than likely the problem.
Thanks anons
Well looking at the tv menu, there is an option called 'picture zoom', when on it the display says 16:9, which I imagine is the issue
Trouble is, none of the buttons on the remote let me actually change anything about it when it's highlighted

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Ok, so I want to find/replace a multiline string starting with a certain word and ending with a certain word, the number of lines for each string are unknown. I can't seem to figure this one out. Here's exactly what I want deleted;

<title>List of animated television series</title>
<comment>/* Other lists */ removed lists include compilation series of theatrical shorts such as ''[[The Bugs Bunny Show]]'' since they often feature some new wrap-around anim
*[[List of American animated television series]]
*[[List of British animated television series]]
*[[List of Canadian animated television series]]
*[[List of French animated television series]]
*[[List of Italian animated television series]]
*[[List of Flash animated television series]]
*[[List of animated television programs with LGBT characters]]

==External links==
* [[:ja:?????????????|?????????????]] - Lists of Japanese animated television series on [[Japanese Wikipedia]]
* [http://www.toonopedia.com/ Don Markstein's Toonopedia] – Very large index page
* [http://www.bcdb.com/ The Big Cartoon Database]
* [http://80scartoons.net/toons/ 80sCartoons] – Nostalgia for those who grew up in the 1980s in [[Western world|the West]]
* [http://en.accessup.org/anime/e_anime_date.html Anime sorted by release date, JP Works DB]

{{Lists of television programs by genre}}

{{DEFAULTSORT:List Of Animated Television Series}}
[[Category:Animated television series| ]]
[[Category:Lists of television series by genre|Animated]]
[[Category:Lists of animated television series]]</text>

The string starts with " <page>
<title>List of " and end with "</page>"
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Any help would be helpful.....derp
What kind of regex? You want to delete the whole thing?


newline characters are in SOME types of regexes, but not other types.
1. get written material about regexes
2. read them
3. ???
4. profit!!

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Should I buy a DAP or use my phone with a dac/amp combo?
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That looks so stupid.
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If you could live with rubber band cover some of phone screen then DAC/AMP combo with phone is fine.
why don't you just use the dac in your phone?

>We are looking for a developer for a senior position. You will work with .NET technologies, mainly C#, in a Windows environment.

/g/ will refuse this well-paid job because muh windows botnet proprietary software jew shill freedum, and will stay NEET at home shitposting about Haskell and ricing their Arch homepage.
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>well paid
nice meme

I will refuse this job because I can instead find a python job working remote where my contribution will have far greater impact than selling overpriced software to tech-illiterate normies.
C++ or die

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