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How do you deal with dry eyes /g/?

I have naturally dry eyes and even when I dont look at any screen for a long period of time they are still redish. But loking at a screen for a long time makes my eyes feel like I have sandpaper on the inside of my eyelids.

Do any of you have the sam problem? What do you do to prevent your eyes from drying out when sitting behind a screen al day?
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Eye drops? Maybe air humidifier would help too.
You should just consider using eyedrops every hour or so idk

I'll try that, but I cant seem to find any drops that are just for dry eyes, every drops have some extra shit I dont want if I will use them all the time.

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Hi /g! I need advice on running an Android phone while providing the least amount of data to Google/ marketers. What settings/ programs should I consider? Also general Google/marketers obfuscation thread.
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Install Lineage OS without Gapps and use apps from F-Droid.
Install a non-GApped ROM (e.g. PajeetageOS should be fine). Your primary way of getting apps will be F-Droid. If you still want to use apps from Play Store, install Yalp Store. If you want to use apps that require GPS/GSF, make sure signature spoofing works on your ROM (use haystack or needle to patch it) and install microG. Install AdAway and get a list of Google tracker domains.
I have a generic low-end android phone running a close to stock Android 6.0 (pic related). Would it work or only on officially supported phones? (I have a Nexus 5 with cracked screen but incline towards throwing it away as the panel would not justify the cost)

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What exactly can a hacker do if he knows my public IP address?
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Make a bunch of computers in china slow down your internet
wouldn't you like to know ;)
Hacked ;)

How do you guys tag your flac and mp3 files? Tagging songs with multiple artists or compilation albums (movie soundtracks) with different years for each track is a pain in the ass (and to keep your music player sorting them properly)

heres what i do
%title% <- track title without featured artist's name or any of that "ft." bullshit
%artist% <- featured artist
%albumartist% <- actual artist of the track
%composer% <- producer or co-producer of track
%albumcomposer% <- the producer that produced most of the tracks on the album
%date% <- year the album was released
%trackdate% <- year the track was initially released if part of a compilation

What do you fellas do? Also what players do you use - I use deadbeef.

would really appreciate any insight on how other people tag their music and if theres anything better i can be doing that will make things easier
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also i only use ft. if an album contains two artists throughout with one being more dominant.

i like to keep all my kanye albums together.
I try to follow the musicbrainz recommendations. Using the artist field for a track's featured artist is stupid and wrong.
>%artist% <- featured artist
>%albumartist% <- actual artist of the track
You've got these flipped around.

> There hasn't been any official announcement from Oracle, but unconfirmed reports put it at 1,000~1,500 Oracle staff losing their jobs, particularly in the Solaris and SPARC divisions.
> For those unaware, Oracle laid off ~ all Solaris tech staff yesterday in a classic silent EOL of the product.
Good night sweet prince.
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I wonder what will happen to ZFS now.

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I want to use the translation captions on Youtube but it can't detect the language. How do I manually set it?
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This is a guy, isn't it?
probably not.

Why not use KDE?

It's by far the greatest Linux Desktop Enviorment.
There's no contest. How can anything be compared to KDE in terms of polish, features, and the fact that it just FEELS LIKE A 2017 ENVIORMENT

No other linux DE feels modern. Just Use KDE.
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KDE may be the best DE anon, but WMs > DEs

install i3-gaps
but DE includes its own WM. How can a subset of something be greater than its superset?
Pizza with shit on it is worse than pizza without shit.

so you dun did it, /g/, i installed linux
>dual booting from the same SSD drive
>windows 10 for gaming
>by default boot to arch linux on gnome 3
>no clutter
>gotta add bluetooth drivers to get audio over bt

what's the NeXTSTEP? install gentoo?
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Get bored, delete to free up space, fuck up bootloader, reinstall windows
All home folder contents are symlinked to the windows equivalents for max comfy

ooo quit spreading FUD wintoddler can't even read i have windows already kys am i rite?

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Starting from scratch. Thanks.
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renpy or just fukin draw pixels to the screen

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No replies in the DB for this post!

There is literally nothing wrong with systemd.
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GOY. This message is approved by Lennart Poettering.
This. systemd is the last nail to in the UNIX philosophy coffin. Whatever the spergs here say, it's going to be adopted and used. C is going to die off, and C++ is going to replaced by Java, Python, C# and other humongous shit. Linux now is a giant monolithic kernel. MIT won. The right thing won. Fuck UNIX.
Even if there was no shady shit behind it, there would be wrong things about it, as it is the case with any software.


>EXCLUSIVE: Four TURBOCHARGED NUC coming in Q2 2018 (including a Skull Canyon successor). Stay tuned.

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>Q2 2018


And by supercharged he meant throttlecity, right?
>And by supercharged he meant throttlecity, right?
Ye, gaybook-tier throttling.
I have a NUC.

The graphics are shit.
It's not passively cooled. (see the ventilation stripes on OP pic?)

Apart from that it's awesome.

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i = important

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>still use the term "webmaster" on resume
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It's a descriptive term anon. Means managing a website, possibly with some code editing involved.
I use "FrontPage WebMaster".
[email protected]

who gets this mail?

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My router that was given to me by my ISP does not have an option for port forwarding.

Can I solve this by disabling my router's firewall completely at the times I need?

> I need port forwarding for pen-testing and Metasploit.
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what stops you from using your own router?
Sure completely disable your firewall... What your IP BTW?

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