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how do i brick my surface pro 4 without looking like i did it on purpose?
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install gentoo
ask mommy to let you return it, kiddo
there is spyware that can fuck your shit up on older windows versions, like formatting the drive and everything so you can't reinstall

go crazy with that. delete everything, fresh install to be safe. then fuck your shit up with activation cracks, install everything

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Somethings been bothering me for a while about future tech.

Why is it when everyone in the robotics field develops AI they have The Terminator and Robocop as their ideal futures and not Ironman?

Why is does it all have to replace humans rather than do the same thing technology has always done and compliment people?
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what you're talking about makes no sense. it would help if you could cite some examples because right now it just reads like you read too many comic books and watch too many movies and had this abortive thought that you discharged onto the board.
All the big money is in implants and censorship AI.

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What are the best drives for setting up your own file server/NAS? Is Seagate Ironwolf reliable or just a meme?
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Never again
Not like WD is any better
This an only this.

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Are those chink turntables worth anything? I want to buy my first player and I'm on a budget.
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Probably the worst thing it will scratch your disc and make it sound worse
That's what I was afraid of. Can you reccomend some alternative?
>>>62330553 (You)
>That's what I was afraid of. Can you reccomend some alternative?

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>iPhone 8 is going to be able create an animated poop emoji based on your face
Android BTFO
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This is seriously innovative courage. I'm so excited for this year's Apple Steve Jobs Edition iPhone.
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Android doesn't need this feature since its users are already animated poo

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>get thinkpad with Windows 10
>want to 'downgrade' to original Win7
>have original OEM key sticker on chassis
>there seems to be no way to actually do this at the current time

Am I going to have to buy Win7 to avoid sketchy botnets?

inb4 loonecks
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What's the problem?
Also what's wrong with Windows 10?
OEM key for what Win7?
Download Win7 iso and install...

Are you actually retarded?
Just go to the windows 7 page of microsoft and download yourself a new copy of windows 10

On the left, Firefox 55.0.3. On the right, Chromium 61.0.3163.79. Both are showing the exact same webpage, and both are at exactly 110% zoom. One of these looks like hot garbage with raccoon nipple gravy smeared all over it, and the other looks slightly less so. I needn't explain which is which, as it's painfully obvious.

How does I make Freedom Browser™ look like Spooky Botnet Browser™ without installing Gentoo or killing myself?
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The Apple Macbook Pro with Retina Display doesn't have this problem.
Yeah, I'll bet it doesn't. I'll also bet that I'm both unwilling and unable to purchase an Apple product. I'm using the Gadzooks/Lunatix operating system for autistic children, and my autism wants Firefox to not look like shit.

firefox isnt a freedom browser, they censor and suppress people's opinions all day.

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Do you actually contribute to stack overflow or do you just abuse it to copy and paste together a solution for your homework?
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I copy-paste from MSDN mostly.
>I am a little microshit babby
kys. This site is for 18+
All of my code is more or less copying code from SO and doing some modifications so it will work with other copied code snippets.

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>waited for a root strat for my phone for over a year
>there still isn't one
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Why did you get a new phone?
Why did you get an unrootable phone
t. guy with officially unlockable bootloader
it was cheap

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show me you RGB color scheme
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wtf am i seeing
earth to space man
show yours
flash might wake mommy typuings already so loud cause i had to get the clickys


I been struggling with how to download this book


I think it's a bunch of images but I can't figure out how to download them all.

Any advice? (I have macOS)

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Dude i have no idea what that means
if i wasn't to lazy i'd read https://automatetheboringstuff.com/chapter11/ and write a small script to download that book. it's just a collection of images in png format. you can inspect the page and go thorugh divs.

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Can someone please post that cool pasta in order to allow me debloating firefox ? Thanks.
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it's called a real browser
There is not everything. I remember seeing a screencap here or a post who was more detailed.

Thanks !

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>be a non-murifat
>pc partpicker says my build is 800usd
>check local websites
>similar parts costs 1000 usd

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Nice blog.
Feels good to be the best country in the world.
we also have such retardedly fast shipping that i'd bet anything even now at 1am i could order all of those parts and have them by tomorrow night. probably at no extra shipping cost.

bless amazon


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Any SAP users / consultants here?

What do you think of it?
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kill yourself
>kill yourself
12 year old detected

surely someone must have some exposure to SAP?

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Anyone here on usenet? used to be on it? post your uses and experiences here
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been on it since about 1988. it got shitty around the beginning of eternal september, then most of the tards left for the web. now there's only spammers and crazy people left. all of the intelligent posters gave up in disgust.
>been on it
>now there's only spammers and crazy people left.
you are...?
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