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/Cyb/er/sec/urity general is for the discussion of anything and everything related to cyberpunk and cybersecurity.

What is cyberpunk?

Nothing to hide? - The importance of a cyberpunk mindset applied to a cybersecurity skillset.

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Harden your OS, reroute your DNS and fire up the VPN!
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lainchan is shway as fuarrk
What made you choose to pursue a career in security?
where the fuck is og OP edition

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oh boy.png
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How can we make women better coders? After decades of special programs to develop and nurture women in software development, they're still not rising to the top. What can be done to correct this problem?
>Every year, tens of thousands of would-be programming masters sign up for the competition—solving programming puzzles in record time. Only the best of the best make it to the final stage, where they’re flown down to wherever the event takes place to compete in person.
>It’s a test of pure skill—and the impartiality of the results speaks loudly. Women, as with anyone else, have entered the competition, but none so far have ever made it to the final around.

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I bet they're all from China or third world Europe again.
Less women are better coders, because less women are coders than men. tada
>How can we make women better coders?
shoehorn them into "tech" jobs seems to be the retarded lefty solution

YEAH, that fixes the "issue"

why do women have to be better coders?

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>not using the #1 all-in-one voice and text chat that's free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone.

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no friends to talk in discord
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>no friends to talk to irl
People are too clingy. Most of the time I just want to chill and do whatever on my PC, not hear some Chad/Stacy complain about life or go on babby's first adventure on the internet with them (I get my fill of that shit at work).

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Install this if you don't want to be part of the botnet.
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Proper way to do this.
Don't worry, OP. I have a systemd service running it so I can escape the botnet. :^)
>Install this if you don't want to be part of the botnet.
>Talks about botnets on the internet, which is literally a botnet

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>Linux is still unusable for gaming
>or watching videos thanks to screen tearing

I started using Linux in 2015, and I think I'm pretty much done with it. 2 entire years and nothing had changed. I think I'll use Win 7 as long as it's supported, possibly even longer. It's not like I have a choice.
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>he uses bare Linux kernel
Well you can disable screen tearing faster than you can say "fuck Windows" if you suffer from it.
how is it unusable for gaming? it has steam and lots of games.

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When applying for tech jobs (CS, Electrical Engineering), how bad of an idea is it to put your (professional, headshot) photo on your resume?

I'm reformatting mine in LaTeX and finding a ton of great templates with space for a picture. I understand the concerns about discrimination and the potential for ACTUAL into-the-trash-it-goes but I'm curious if anyone does this, and thinks it actually did help them get a position. Studies show people remember you WAY better having seen your face.
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>how bad of an idea is it to put your (professional, headshot) photo on your resume?

It's a good idea in general, not just for tech jobs. That is, if you're not ugly as sin.
If you look at the resumes on sites like Indeed, none of them have photos.
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photo is a bad idea imo but some nice drawings wouldn't hurt

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name a better browser

protip: you can't
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Literally any other browser.
Any other browser that supports extensions

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use KDE
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OP here, meant to say i3. Pic unrelated
this. except, it still is a buggy piece of shit, sadly.

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My older Brother is planning on building a Mineral Oil Submerged Computer. He has already bought himself a case for it (38*38cm wide and 43cm high)

I think it is a stupid idea, because we have wooden flooring and if the oil spills it would be ruined.

Also, is a Mineral Oil Submerged Computer actually worth it's risk?
Is there any risk or am I just paranoid?
Is this type of cooling so much better?
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It is a really dumb idea and shouldn't be nessecary at all if you have proper cooling. Let me guess .. X299?
It's silly and stupid, but sometimes people take risks for the enjoyment of silly and stupid things.

Consider putting some kind of tray under the computer which doesn't look too terrible. It'll catch slow leaks at least.
He has fairly shitty gear for such a commplicated build and not thinking about buying btter one.

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Stop underestimating the danger of hard AI
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this is like market psychology 101

>dude you don't want to fuck with this technology im developing it's like too powerful for you to handle just forgot I'm working on it
The fearmongering of AI is being done by the tech industry to try to plant the idea in investors and consumers heads that they still have a ton of potential and power, when in reality we are years away from the tech bubble bursting.

Someone is going to develop it, it's best that the right people develop and understand it first.

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How long until technology starts integrating with the human body?

How long until I can pickup incoming phone calls with a face palm?
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you wont even need to lift a finger. we'll be making phone calls just by thinking of it subconsciously like Terry.
Technically it's already possible, but implementing it is a pain.
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what do you need 16 cores for?

go ahead and name 3 uses
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1. shitposting
2. on
3. /g/
what the fuck does this mean?

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Mozilla pajeets will try to censor this thread because they now can't deny their so-called ''free'', ''secure-friendly'', ''made by professionals'' and ''pro-human rights'' browser is nothing but a cover up for organizations funded by Soros and Google
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>post "Who could be behind this?"
>Accidentally forget the (This post is purely satire) disclaimer from the end
>Firefox(tm) sends my data to Google
>Googles AI marks my post as hate speech and automatically sends a head up to the relevant authorities
>My door is broken down as the police arrive to arrest me
>Charged for thoughtcrime
>This is the future you chose

Posting this from jail
Meanwhile I'm using incognito mode in Chrome, laughing at your dumb ass who can't even stay anonymous on an anonymous image blog.

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Anti Google thread, remember when we prank iPhone user ? and we called it Apple Wave? How bout we do the same to google? Pic somewhat related
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>disagree with Jobs' vision
>get fired
Could you explain the picture? Is it some hint at affirmative actions for homosexuals?
Wait...i-is apple suddenly..../our guy/ now?

>/g/ loves to say they are against botnet
>rarely talks about DNScrypt
explain this
>b-but it's hard
It's literally a GUI client for windows and 3 simple lines set-up on Linux.
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I am interested enough to ask but not interested enough to research.
What does DNScrypt do?
I am interested enough to reply to your question but not interested enough to answer it
I am interested enough to shitpost but not interested enough to contribute to this thread.

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