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Generally curious

How did /g/ learn how to use vim/emacs?
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Basic vim is as easy as any other text editor.
But you just keep learning more and more things it can do.
too much free time
just diddle with them for a while like i do with chino every night

Did I do good /g/? How much is this worth?
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good thread
The box? Around $100.
give it back, Jamal.

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well /g/? Why would firefox shoot themselves in the foot like this when people are looking for alternatives to googles bs?

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My dick teamed up with your mind and nobody cares.
Fuck off this is important.
There's your containment board, white trash.

Hey /g/, how does a website know if I'm streaming a mp4 from a site vs if i'm just downloading the mp4?
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Don't think it actually can. You are still downloading even if you are streaming.
generally streaming uses an embeded player

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>when threadripper is so fucking good you want to upgrade from your 1700x

holy shit brehs who knows this feel
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Wish I even had a 1700X, still stuck on 2600K until I'm un-broke. Next year.
Nigger don't remind me
I'm still stuck with a Core2Duo
D2500+HD5450 here, what's up?
And yes it's a desktop PC.

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Hello! I have a Mac book pro 15 2015 with iris gpu / 16 GB ram from my work. Have never used Mac OS ( OSX) before I got it, but it's a great experience. Before i used windows and Linus on private destops and notebooks.

Now the MacBook GPU sucks. And I am considering going on with my own projects to leave the company.

So I am searching for a good Private laptop that could substitute the experience I have so far. Light, good battery, great screen etc. The OS is not that important to me, thought.

The problem with MacBooks is: expensive! Particularly with a dedicated GPU. Also I dislike the 2016/2017 models being slimed down.

Is there any decent alternative from the hardware perspective? Don't care about brand, OS etc.

What I would love to have is:
- 4 cores (surface has only two) with at least i5 (i7 would be better ...)
- a decent GPU ( at least 1050 to run basic VR, probably faster)
- if no decent GPU, at least thunderbolt or USB c to use external GPUs
- decent battery life comparable to a MacBook pro
- at least 16 GB of RAM with an option to stick it up
- optional a slot for an M2 SSD ...
- not heavier than 3 kg, under 2 ideally
- hopefully cheaper than a MacBook pro
- a proper screen ( no 720p shit, best case at least 1440p)
- a decent trackpad

I was looking a lot around but a decent, not overpriced laptop with 4 cores, at least external GPu support slotwise and a decent battery life is impossible to find below 2000-3000 euro ... And that sucks

Maybe anyone has an idea?
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buy a macbook
there is no alternative
best design + most reliable Os
Well - that's why I am asking lol

The OS is fine. But I could not care less about the OS. And it froze multiple times already. I have audio bugs, it once discharged on my back, it rebooted spontaneously few times.

Most likely if I would buy a MacBook, I would do dual boot. The model I have is having to little storage so can't test. The vr support in Mac Os is still fishy. And I couldn't care less, so long I have application windows I can drag around and multi tasking. Sure, the overall experience is nice. But if I can get something comparable ( hardware wise) way cheaper, I would so go for it ...
Get a laptop that you can hackintosh.

>if no decent GPU, at least thunderbolt or USB c to use external GPUs
Get an adapter for a port like ExpressCard. You'll be able to hook up an external GPU to pretty much any laptop on the market.

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>copy files to backup drive
>everything but "size on disk" is different

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because of differences in rotational velocidensity
Because the sector sizes for your drives are different.

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Shot this drone down. What do now?
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Napalm bomb your neighbour for violating the NAP.
report it to the authorities
put it in pooper

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>he actually used a molex to sata adapter
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why would use molex for anything but fans
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>he actually used a wired power connector
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Molex to SATA lose your data

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How can LineageOS compete?
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Isn't this just Windows Phone with a gay theme?
fuck off kike shill

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>entire gaming industry is changed
>all software has to be rewritten
>polygon graphics are over
>polygon graphics experts out of a job
>modern graphics cards now completely worthless
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At least say you ate shilling for euclideon so I don't need to click this shit
sage & hidden

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Is Intel potentially open to lawsuits due to these CPUs not performing as advertised if you only use the 140W TDP cooler that they claim is all you need?
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nice try shylock
at those lowered clock speeds it would be nowhere near close the 1920X

Installing Windows on an old machine I found in my closet today.
Any advice?
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What were you doing in the closet?
>Any advice?
Don't post on this site using a trip. If you want an identity, there are plenty of other sites that will accept you.
Looking for a thumb stick

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But how?
Check below the graph, it's obscured by the red line.
in the trashcan it goes

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Sup /g/

If I wanted to emulate the FM radio signals that a FM antenna picks up, how would I do that?

I want to build a media server that plays to a FM radio in a giant retro cabinet that I picked up. I want to be able to turn the dial to various frequencies and pick up the media stream that I am emulating on that frequency.

It's just a signal coming down the FM antenna, right? So why couldn't I emulate them?

(don't be a retard and suggest other options like rebuilding the FM tuner with an arduino so I'm sensing the position of the tuner, or using a dozen mini car radio FM transmitter adapters)

I want to be able to take an existing FM radio, connect into the antenna, and broadcast to it directly.

How should I do this?
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Possibly related:


>Second: FM radio signals travel much better through wire than they do through the air. Connecting the transmitter built inside your Sirius unit directly to your FM radio antenna plug by wire will deliver a far more powerful signal to your FM radio. This will make sure the signal is loud and free from hiss.

So I guess the question is, how many FM signals could I stuff down one wire? Just one? Two? More?

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