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I don't even understand why linux is a thing.

Can't you see that windows is better?

>windows has more programs
>windows has more games
>windows comes with your computer.

I rest my case.
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>windows comes with your computer
Nothing "better" about an operating system that exists to show you a web browser and very little else (games).

By that metric Android is a better OS than Windows
I agree android is way better than windows.

Most people just use a phone why even buy a computer

How the fuck do I protect my programs from cosmic rays?
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Put some polarised sunglasses on them
error checking memory?
with cosmic ray shields du

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What's the best ide for productivity using linux?
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i use eclipse
Qtcreator if writing C++ which is the only thing you ever need. The other ones are garbage written in java. If you for some reason write C then you should use emacs.
here's an idea for productivity for you OP: stop posting on /g/ and get to work, that'll be an actual productivity increase

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Digging around in an old "junk" box from my attic and i found an unopened 56K USB modem i forgot i had.
Bought back in 2008 i think for god knows why.

any use for this? or is it literal junk now with zero possibility for usefulness?
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Keep it just in case.

I stil lhave a 3850 new in the box that I bought somehow and never touched.
hmmm this is making me want to buy an emergency dialup modem. what should I get?

Make sure it's hardware based and not one of hte fucking emulated on cpu ones

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>TCP/IP protocol
>HTTP protocol
>PIN number
>ATM machine
>DVD disc
>DAT tape
>AC/DC current
>HIV virus
>LCD display
>LED diode
>MRI imaging
>UPC code
>VIN number
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this doesn't bother me at all
>VIN number
Vehicle Identification Number number
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>MOSFET transistor

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Hey /g/

I have a technical background however I do not have a lot of knowledge with regards to IT for a company and especially anti-virus/firewalls/anti-malware etc.

My father has asked me for help because they had some problems with email they received from clients that contains virus/malware in the attachments. He said its looks like a legit email and attachment from a client. Currently they do their own email server hosting and have some firewall and anti-virus. However this did not stop these attachments.
They have an outsourced IT company and the IT company have suggested to switch to Sophos for firewall and anti-virus and a cloud email exchange to prevent future disasters.
Is this a normal solution in business IT? I feel that there should be nothing wrong with an own hosted email solution.

So what is the state of business anti-virus/firewall/malware solutions?
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>outsourced IT
You get what you pay for, and you'll find no help here
Cool. Thanks. I have never seen any discussions on anti-virus/firewalls here in a long time. Was just taking a chance.
>doesn't use process whitelisting
Basic AV is useless against ransomware and memory-only malware

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I'm noticing a lack of guts thread,so /guts/ thread.
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go with a colorscheme already.
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2017-07-01 (guts).jpg
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What are the most comfortable kinds of desks for gaming
I've got this sewing desk which causes me to elevate my hands up bring bring me pain after awhile. As well as my palm pressing against the corner.(more pain)
So what desks do you guys use recommend?
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low and large ones
The ones you make yourself.
I use an L desk but it's not that great. I did the mistake of buying a big mousepad and now my secondary monitor on the side is sitting on the mousepad because there's no other comfortable set up.

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I have windows 7 ultimate on my laptop originally windows 8.
I get this blue screen when i have like 2 hours using.
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what do you want from me then
Install Gentoo.

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How difficult would it be to reimplement Maplestory, the client part that is, even an older version? Do you think there will be interest in this when Nexon finally discontinues it?
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Looking at the screenshot makes me uncomfortable.
more v innit
There's already a fair amount of private servers.

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are desktop computers finally a history?

>ten times lower power draw during idle than average desktop
>8 cores for heavy workstation like work
>gaming with eGPU now very possible

is this true path of enlightenment /g/?
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Don't forget to close the door on your way out.
You should try starting your thread with a picture other than the gay nigger frog. I almost took your thread seriously.
>Thinks gaming is for unproductive children
>Spends his time making angry rants about what other people like on a kazakhstani blacksmithing mail pigeon service
If you're on 4chan whining about "manchildren" and "gayming", you are a manchild.

>fell for cs meme
>waste literally over 100,000 dollars
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you paid more than $100,000 to learn something?
How much did Bruce Lee pay to learn kung-fu?
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stupid frogposter

Follow your leader and end yourself.

Why TonyMac is such a jew? Why can't I just download anything without registration?
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>oh no, I have to spend 20 seconds to get free shit
Registrations are free.
t. forum owner starved for users

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old computer games.jpg
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What is /g/ opinion on using "Insider" builds of Windows 10, beta versions of macOS, and non-LTS/unstable Linuxes?

How much of a hassle is being a guinea pig for the OS developers? Are such builds stable enough for daily usage?
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I've been a macos beta tester since mavericks and I've never had any issue save for the mega sync client stopping to work from version to version of macos until they update it
im on the windows one and used to do test out longhorn and stuff when those were still being put out by disc. never had an issue that I can recall.
Depends on what do you mean by daily usage. Using cutting edge rolling Linux for daily personal use is totally ok. For work I rather stick to Ubuntu LTS. You usually just need the stuff you already have to still work without issues rather than getting latest features with the risk of something breaking.
Also being a huge corporations's guinea pig for free sounds like a stupid idea.

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Anyone know of a solid notes app that doesn't ask for suspicious permissions, doesn't sell data, and stores notes locally, and in an encrypted state?
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> Being this autistic about your shopping list

Pick literally anything, no one cares about your notes
A piece of paper?
emacs' org mode is easily the best.

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