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I need an Android ROM.
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uh, lineage?
piece of shit

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/mkg/ - meme% keyboard edition
>Buyer's template:
>Where to Buy:
>Keyset wiki
http://keypuller.com (https://web.archive.org/web/20161101152119/http://keypuller.com/)
Last Thread >>62025794
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Why is there no keyboard better than my Model M?
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But that's just your opinion tho nice quads.
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The model F exists

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So, they finally released Ventrilo 4 after all these years. Think it has what it takes to compete with Discord, Teamspeak or Mumble?
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Dear God, tell me that's just a faggy skin, and not the default interface.
By "4" they mean 2004, right?
I can't find the server download link anywhere, anyone know how to test it?

Uptime thread
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had it up for about a month, but it ran out of charge
using a moto z play w/ tumi powermod so it doesn't happen often
how do i find this?

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How disappointing is Oreo?
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Its major feature is a VPN that tunnels all your network traffic through Google servers
Oreos used to be good but it's a trash cookie now.

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>dad asks to use my computer
>sure dad.png
>he yells to me from across the house
>"Hey Brian! Whats 4chan?"
>stay silent in a panic
>realize hes using palemoon and not IE after hiding the palemoon icon and leaving IE open for him
>1 more "Brian!!"
>"Oh nothing dad... Just some stuff for work, Please leave that alone"
>walks up to me later
>"Hey Bry, Sorry for searching through your stuff, Ill be more careful from now on"
>feel regret for yelling at him
>"Its ok dad, Love you."
think he found my JAV folder?
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He's probably happy you like straight porno. Ask him if he's into Jav and offer to put some in his Dropbox.
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It could be a good bonding experience between you and your dad.
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>not grabbing his hand, sitting him down at the computer, and playing your favorite porn vids while you jerk him off
Your father deserves better

https://youtu.be/vB4vQrh1Ejg WE WUZ KANGZ
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If Egyptians were black, does that mean that the Jews were enslaved by niggers? Lmao
I don't get how there are still people who believe Egyptians were white before the Greeks.
The Jews weren't even enslaved though. It was just shekelstein making up some shitty folklore while he got lost in the desert for 40 years.

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will it replace 1080p?
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eventually, yes. Once the price goes down. Same thing that happened with 1080p vs "standard def"
Is this 1993 again?

meh i dropped some big coin on a 52" lg `1080p 120hz lcd in 2008....its not going anywhere - i am happy with most 720p torrents and i dont stream and i barely have the bandwidth and storage for 1080 let alone 4k... and people thought i was wierd to use a big tv as apc monitor back then, fucking plebs every time

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WIll c++ ever die?
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No. Now fuck off.
only when C++++ comes out
>WIll c++ ever die?
not without pajeet

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Google's forcing me to enrol to vote on gay marriage. This sucks... I should have switched to Bing!
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Stop using google already.
Not forcing you to do anything, cunt.

FreeBSD best OS
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FreeBSD has the best logo. Too bad the OS doesn't live up to it.
It's not the best OS but it's good for what it's aimed at.That is networking.I have my seedbox/NFS share box running it and have a way better experience/speed than on Linux/Windows.
shitty driver and no support.
Call me when nvidia release deep learning sdk for bsd.

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So my parents told me that everytime they turned on the pc (it runs Windows 7) a black empty command line would show for a few seconds on the desktop, and I tried to understand what could cause this.

So I went to msconfig and saw 2 strange programs, the second one is a js file that I can't find in its path, the other one seems to be a powershell script (the bottom image shows the full script )

So from what I can understand, the first one is a script that downloads the js file, while the second one runs it.
Obviously I disabled them from running on startup and the black command line is gone, should I be worried? How can I check if I am infected by a virus or something?

I also tried checking the registry keys in the programs' path but couldn't find anything
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Yes you're infected because Windows is malware


Solution: install Gentoo
use junkware removal and adware cleaner. scan with malwarebytes and hitman. still cant clean it? scan with kaspersky removal.
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>hostel in ramallah

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That logo looks so fucking good
I welcome back the return of gradients

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Screenshot (34).png
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Is this card a good upgrade for my build? Im wary about that price.
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Just get a 8gb one or wait for vega prices to drop.

Have you tried looking in shops instead of online? Sometimes you can get lucky if you search around a little. But those prices might drop, who knows.
I have a Nitro+ RX570 and love it with passion, but then again i got it for $210

I would get a 1070 if I could find one at that price

get nvidia, better OS and software support

>390 starting to show it's age in 2017 games
>AMD keeps gimping the 390 with every new driver update while ignoring bugs
>want to buy a Vega card, but have to compete with miners eating up all the stock and deal with inflated prices due to low stock and high demand

Who else is seriously considering switching to Nvidia?

The 1080 is becoming more and more appealing....
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If you wait long enough you'll be too old to care about gaming anyway. The miners are actually forcing you into normielife.
Hello shill
>this thread again
you don't have a 390
Not once have I had any slowdowns with my 390
fuck off

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