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How would you program happiness in AI?
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bool happy;
print("I'm so happy!")
Wanting to do the thing that makes them happy more.

>make waifubots happy to be with you
>turns into a yandere

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Is it true that current devices (especially cellphones) are designed with a hard coded life expectancy of 2 years? I had a Galaxy S4 for 2 years give or take and its motherboard died, so I got an S5 (big mistake) and it was ok, but now it recently turned 2 and the phone started shutting down when having 20% battery. I bought a new battery, which fixed the issue...for 3 months, and now the same shit happened but at 80% and the battery fucking poped. My friend told me that they really don't last more than 2 years.

Why's that? My brother still has a functional first gen iphone, hell I don't think its even first gen, I think it's BEFORE that, like the prototype
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It is called Planned obsolescence.
I still have a working S4 been using it since s4 came out

I still have a galaxy s2 and a HTC G2 working fine to this day.

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Name a better audio brand.
>Hint, you can't.
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Not audio only, but Razer makes some sick headphones.

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Just had an interview for a web developer position at a very large institution.

I said 4chan as an example of a website I use to stay current. How fucked am I?
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If he didn't react right away, you're likely fine.
You could have busy said tumblr or something.
He laughed, but I think it was a good laugh.
I should have, but it slipped out. Plus it's the honest truth.

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>50TB SSD finally on sale

How many are you buying /g/?
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none. all movies suck, I only play games 10+ years old, and everything i do is editing text files, in some sense. I think I should go back to floppies.
Ayy lmao
>I think I should go back to floppies.
i like this idea
how expensive are they now?

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How can I begin modeling a program in Python to increase my edge in NLHE cash games?
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kill yourself nigger
gb2/b, frogposter, you don't belong here.
>write pseudocode
>put it in .py file
>run it
thats it pretty much

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Anyone else /watchposting/?
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No, I post from my fridge.
stupid watchposter.

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ITT freeware or paid software for LInux.

WPS Office is an office suite will full MS Office document format compatibility http://wps-community.org/downloads
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>Software for Linux
Best joke ever
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Renoise is a digital audio workstation (DAW) based upon the heritage and development of tracker software http://www.renoise.com/download
>free botnet

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What does /g/ think of void linux?
is the only good reason to use it no systemd
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It's an independent distribution. I'm running it right now. It's fairly easy to install and gives a lot of packages. I hope it becomes one of the "main" distributions
libc musl, amazing package management.

Zach is that you? Fuck off

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So what's /g/ favourite window manager?
I've been using i3 for awhile and so far it's surely worth it's money.
Xmonad, on the other hand felt a bit clunly but I know that there are lot of fans of that WM.
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it just works and is easy to configure
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You and I should be friends. (I could really use some.)

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I need a cheap laptop, I plan on installing linux on it (I'll try gentoo probably), and need it only for programming using vim, downloading stuff, and probably some shitposting. What do you suggest? Should I give in to the Thinkpad meme?
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Macbook Pro with retina display TM
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yes, get an X220

Post your IP besides loopback
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Fite me nignog.
fug xbbbbbb

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Time to get serious /g/.
We need a comprehensive guide, listing all the things to look for before buying a ThinkPad.
>Physical Inspection - parts which commonly break
>Hardware - ???
>Encrypted shit - BIOS, etc
>Software - most come with Windows so we need quick ways to check things while buying.
Let's compile a checklist that we can quickly tick off while buying a used MemeMachineā„¢
>Better if we can get a model specific list. Example: The palmrest near the card slot on the x230 known to break, supposedly.

inb4: read the buyers guide faggot.
That's not enough.
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missing screws
cum stains
locked bios

* only in america
Yes but how exactly to check? Like how you know if computrace is enabled?
Yes OP, cum stains is a very important one. You must always check that there's enough of it under the keys for proper tactile crunchiness when typing.

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Why aren't you browsing /g/ from a T420?
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I'm browsing it from a T430 :^)
Because x220 is love.
Because I'm browsing via my dual xeon desktop

Say goodbye to the years of work on accessible web design documentation.

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How do we end the web era?
By removing the SJWs and feminazis especially from the Industry.
I don't get it. It looks almost exactly the same.

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