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hey /g/ , what is the best free program to create my own server and ditch google drive?
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I'd recommend NextCloud.
I find apache2 easy as fuck to install.

need to get hired quick as fuck
got any suggestions for fast hire jobs?
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>/g/ Technology

>>>/adv/ ice
Five Guys Burgers and Fries
practical nurse. You'll be wipinh old peoples butts sometimes but otherwise it's really easy.

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im trying to change to a better browser than firefox. what I have read lurking in /g/ it seems waterfox is the route to go but im having issues installing the tar that I downloaded.I copy and pasted the commands into the terminal I could find on the net to no avail. Any info would be greatly appreciated and I apologize in advance for my newfagishness.
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try GNU IceCat instead
just unpack the archive and run the binary
All right, you need to add a PPA and do another few things. It's actually pretty easy, and I'm using Waterfox on Ubuntu GNOME right now. Give me two minutes and I'll have your answer.

>be me, go to goodwill, find old portable tv and think "this could be a cool little monitor"
>buy for 4 dollars, bring home and search for how to connect this thing to my computer
>discover that google has no answers and most people want to know how to connect it to a cable box
>turn to /g/ for wisdom and help
the back has an external antenna input and so I bought a 3.5mm jack to RCA cables, where do I go from here?
>pic related
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here is the back
and the 3.5mm to RCA cables
no helpful advice?

Are e-readers going the way of PDA's?

I haven't seen any innovation for almost a decade now. They still have anemic storage space, and slow-as-fuck computational components. The screens themselves still have monstrously low refresh rates, and we haven't even seen a consumer-oriented ereader with color e-ink despite it being demo'd for almost 5 years now.

It's like the major players producing ereaders just collectively gave up on them.

I daresay in another of decade of "innovation" in this market I'll have the option of buying a kindle paperwhite 4 that's really just a paperweight 3 with waterproofing.

When will we see prices come down and innovation happen?
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what the fuck do these things even do that your phone cant i have never understood that
Let you read something for more than 6 hours on a charge.
The screen is a better medium for lengthy reading times, screens a bigger as well and can accommodate text in a much better form factor. I may be wrong but I believe the battery life is significantly improved over IPS and OLED panels used in phones.

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Why does /g/ hate Python so much?
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What doesn't /g/ hate?
the jews apparently

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is that a man or a woman?

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never heard of her
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Where can one acquire the version with GNU/Linux preinstalled?
Imagine if the keyboard wasn't islanded, how much more space it would have for something realistic.

These are just a way for us to improve googles autopilots, right?
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Yeah but here are someones that make no sense. Like "select all parachutes" wtf

Someone parachuting could land on a road, so it is pretty important for an autopilot to be able to recognize one.
Maybe it's the actual autopilot in realtime.

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>/g/ will never be this happy about a new computer

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Bitch just you wait for my X1 Carbon to arrive and I'll Livestream it.
There will be ejaculate.
>She will never know the joy of unboxing a new Thinkpad Retro
>She will have to wait 5 days as apple geniuses let her macbook sit in the back only to tell her at the end of the week that her wifi adapter has died and she will have to wait a month and a half to RMA because it's an older model and they don't have any of her's instock
Because I'm not a woman


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>On desktops
People still use vista?

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Does anyone here own the MI Notebook Air? It looks amazing, but with such a low price I can't help thinking it's too good to be true. Xiaomi seems to have an overall good reputation though, so I could conceive of it not being a scam. I can't find a single similarly spec'd laptop for under 1000 elsewhere.
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Don't care, I use Google products, I'm already way too deep into the botnet.
then post somewhere else

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I've been using Arch Linux for a while now, and while I like it for the most part, I've been thinking of switching to Debian. What is /g/'s opinion on the two?
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Why do you thinking about it?
Do you need more stability?
debian just werks a little more in terms of the stuff it has in repos but arch has aur and i can't go back now
I like the fact that Arch uses the mainline packages (for the most part) without making any changes, but that can be a double edged sword. Isn't Debian also a bleeding edge distro?

The AUR is one of the big things stopping me.

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Seriously, wtf ??!!
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get Brave
What's the biggest downside of using Firefox 56? I assume security issues.
HTTPS Everywhere is ready to go (you just have to get it from the EFF website). Self Destructing Cookies is replaced by Cookie Autodelete. Ublock Origin is ready to go, too. Don't know about the other things on your list, as I don't use them.

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What is AutoHotKey?
>AutoHotkey is a free, open-source custom scripting language for Microsoft Windows, initially aimed at providing easy keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys, fast macro-creation and software automation that allows users of most levels of computer skill to automate repetitive tasks in any Windows application.

Basic features:
>AutoHotkey scripts can be used to launch programs, open documents, send keystrokes and mouse clicks and movements. AutoHotkey scripts can also assign, retrieve, and manipulate variables, run loops and manipulate windows, files, and folders.

Purpose of /ahkg/
WE share and discuss scripts!
WINDOWS USERS ONLY. GANOO SLASH LOONIXFAGS NEED NOT APPLY. Don't come in here and derail this general saying how Windows is 'botnet' or how linux can do keyboard automation sooo much better
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windows is botnet and linux can do keyboard automation sooo much beter
Bump because I'm interested
Care to share? I use Debian at work and the first thing that comes up for keyboard automation is some port of ahk.

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