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What could possibly go wrong.
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Yeah but why?
So Google can have a plane-crash-ticker. Will post news-updates before the plane even hit the ground.

Do you use phone case? Do you have the trouble that dirt often gets in between phone and the case?
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I have honor 8 and it's slippy as fuck.
But cases are ugly so no.
No, I never take it off, if I can't see the dirt I don't care about it
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Slippy is one thing, the fingerprints are annoying altough they evaporate in time. Still the best looking phone in the market

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What is the best cloud service where I can store my files (photos, pictures)
I want it to be secure and have at least 5 gbs of free space on a free account (no trial)
And I am also gonna encrypt the files with axcrypt, is it a good encryptor?
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Kinda insecure if you ask me
50 gbs free is kinda sketchy
I mostly use it to just put shitty programs and software in it and download it when I need it

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Are the japanese now obsolete?
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not as long as this shit resolution is the only option

step up chinks
Woah the future is now
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You could probably combine the results with waifu2x to have it better. Also, shit taste ITT.

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Guys I'm freaking out here. I'm using dban to wipe my hdd but it's taking 12 hours. Is there anything quicker? I'm short on time here
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Hammer and microwave
the human digestive system
The fast this is to delete files
Then overwrite the entire disk with /dev/null
Then do the dban or overwrite with /dev/random
If at some point you run out of time, you have at least done the first parts.

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Do I go for it? It's actually a lot cheaper than I expected.
For reference, a 1080 is ~$1000 NZD
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make sure to buy a 1000watt PSU too
>fucking 40% mark up
what the fuck
I have a 750W and 1700X

System load (including Vega) is maximally 600W

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>credible news gathering
>Le Monde and Wall Street Journal
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oy vey just believe what you are told
did you notice the part about "building tolerance and not hate"? by hate they mean ANY CRITICISM of SJW and PC culture.
if you think that fags shouldn't be able to rape little boys, you're just full of hate.
But the WSJ is a parody site right?
They mock how some on the SJW's react to """news""" and then pass it off as comedy.

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firefuck arrows.png
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So this... is the power of Mozilla Firefox
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Switching back to the default theme just makes it worse...
wtf are they spending all that donation money on?
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you could have spent the time shitposting here to file a bug report instead

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>What keeps you awake at night /g/?


>What keeps you going?
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knowing my life is heading downwards and that I can stop it but i am not even trying to.
I know that feel bro
> at night
Morning here. Greetings from Kolhapur!

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We're about to see a massive flood of non stop Vega threads either praising and shilling it or putting it down and shilling Nvidia. Can we just have a single sticky thread for this product launch and moderators delete all the cheap bait threads?

How could you ban people for "quality of posts" when you allow this board to end up like this? Threadripper only just happened if you want a case of what will happen to /g/ when more details about Vega are made public. It happens every product launch.

We need a sticky thread for every product launch, especially if the "quality of posts" ban exists.
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You don't even need to be following tech news, as soon as you see the board begin to flood with something, for example when people obsess over a Firefox nightly, just create a sticky and wait for the excitement to die down.
monday is going to be a pain in the ass trying to filter everything.
Bad news for you:
/g/ mods are boring
/g/ mods never do anything useful
/g/ mods never tell anyone about what they do
/g/ mods are basically non existant

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What's the best Web Browser?

Getting a new computer on Tuesday and the first order of business is downloading something that is not Internet Explorer and then deleting Internet Explorer because Internet Explorer is shit.

I'm thinking of trying Opera
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just tried opera for a week and just went back to chrome
I use firefox nightly and like it a lot. chrome is a botnet

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What is your current graphics card? Are you happy with it?


>GTX 1060 6GB
>Bought last year
>Paid over $300 CAD
>Super happy, everything works, price even higher now
>Low temps, perfect 1080p performance
>Can even mine skunkhash at 19/20MH/s
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>chinkpad integrated graphics by Intel
>Werks for making manuscripts in latex
>Werks for making graphics in chinkscape
>Werks for making memes in gimp
If you play games you need to get \out\>
Yes. Never experienced the 3.5 GB thing.
>Geforce 9800gt
>Bought it many, many years ago
>When shit run on it, shit run well enough on it
The lack of DirectX11 is pretty much the only complain i have about it.

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If Vega released last year it would be pretty cool
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>drivers will fix it

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Why do people still buy this piece of shit OS?
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I didn't buy it, but it just works (for me).
Dafuq is up with your white balance...

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Will I look like a autist if I have a desktop in college dorm? Pic related : muh case
Not a gamer either, just a incoming CS student.
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You will look like an autist no matter what you do, you're browsing /g/ and that is a telling sign.
Go nuts mate, you have nothing to lose.
>lol I have a qt 3.14 gf
So I should grow a beard and start wearing red and purple shirts?

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