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multiply integer a with integer b without using the * operator

language of choice

hardmode: decimals

faggots cant do this
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duh just add b to the product a times or vice versa.
decimal point needs to be shifted until you get integers, then shifted back.
write it faggot
not your code monkey.

>Fill in name
>Fill in valid email
>Fill in password
>pic related, "You are not allowed to perform this action"
Why won't they allow me to be their customer lmao
Turned off uMatrix and never been on twitter before so cant be banned or something
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ask your mom
They know that you're one of those guys.

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what about the HBO leaksw
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Who gives a fuck, every HBO show I've seen in my life was garbage. It's so fucking plebian it hurts.
anyone have the scripts that were leaked?
Suck my dick and I'll point you to the right sub reddit.

Is this the start of B L E A C H E D tech? Has Microsoft finally uncucked itself from SJWs?
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what's wrong with her upper lip
now I can't unsee it

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Hi /g/entlemen.
I couldn't find any reliable source of information online, so I'm asking you:
How can CPU's heat hurt my laptop?

I used NBFC to keep my laptop fanless until it reaches 55°C when it starts cooling all the way down to 45°C. It's usually around 50°C.
When I'm in game, it stabilizes at 72°C.

Are those temps "ok"?
What would be the downsides of having it running at 60°C all day long ?
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halp i dnt wannna destroy my pc
those temps are basically perfect for laptop CPUs. is it intel or amd?
If it's Intel CPU, undervolt it with XTU.
Also use a coolingpad to get temps under 60C

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What does /g/ use for secure chat?
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smoke signals
more code via blinking

>it worked in Vietnam

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gtx 10.jpg
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What can I still upgrade without bottlenecks?

i7 2600 3.4GHz

GTX 750

4GB DDR3 PC3-10700U
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New video card, more RAM, SATA SSD
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>tfw SATA II bottleneck
>tfw can't boot from pcie ssd
why even live?
are you joking?

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After a few hours of searching Google, I've got no ideas left, but maybe one of you guys can help me.

Today I installed my new 2 TB HDD and Windows started messing up the disk order as you can see in the screenshot. Previously, C was disk 0 and D was disk 1. Now with the new drive installed Windows set the 2 TB drive to disk 0. The BIOS lists the drives in the correct order just like they're connected on the mainboard:

SATA 0 = 500 GB drive
SATA 1 = 1 TB drive
SATA 2 = 2 TB drive
SATA 3 = dvd drive

I also tried switching the 2 TB drive to a different SATA port but it always ends up as disk 0. Any ideas how to fix this?
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works for me
PMed you the solution
A year ago I had the same problem while plugging in a new SSD and couldn't find a fix. After I wiped my Windows and installed it anew, the problem went away

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Need advice on how to procede with this.
So, I was shooting some photos last week and while transfering them to the computer, a power outrage made it suddenly turn off, now when i put the SD card in, i get this. Tried opening it on the Mac i have too with no sucess, what's the best way to go? I was thinking TestDisk but has anyone here ever managed to get data back this way or something?
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Install Gentoo
>a power outrage

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read wiki shitbrick.

What cool new projects are in the works? What other software for it is a must have/use? What are some cool files you have downloaded? How can it be improved? How can one search for files? What have you learned that others probably don't know about it? etc.
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Why even bother with IPFS, I can get unlimited storage on Google cloud.
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they should manage to interoperate with bittorrent desu. then it might have a chance at being popular.

captcha: torrent grotte
IPFS vs NFSv4.0?

which is better for a fully linux/android home (security wise)

i would rather not use samba because of vulnerabilities and i dont use windows

Shadow DOM is coming. And with it comes the ability to define and then close off from meddling as much of a web page as wanted.

Every good reason for the Shadow DOM is bullshit that could have just been applied to any element with a function call.

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Good thing I'm on Firefox.
What does this mean, tl;dr

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Hi /g/

So i want to make a new crypto coin just like a personal proyect

I dont really know where to start ?
What kind of languaje i need to know ?
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>So i want to make a new crypto coin just like a personal proyect

Translation: I want to scam a bunch of crypto investors with a new shitcoin and make quick cash.
Python has a library for everything you need, so for a hobbie project is probably the easiest route.

You basically need to create a blockchain network (the topology is pretty simple) and choose a "puzzle" strategy (just use AES, there is an implementation on pycrypto).
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>What kind of languaje i need to know ?

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Why doesn't your processor have 32 threads?
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Does 32 threads total on two CPUs count?

I still haven't found good use for the 16 threads that my current processor has

File sharing by Mozilla; Free and Private
what do you think ?

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into the traaaaaash
Smells like botney desu. I don't trust them anymore


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Don't know what you're loling about there WAHluigi. On-board GPU storage is a gamechanger.
Simple and effective
I think it's stupid

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